Sunday, July 29, 2007

Support Breakout Basketball

From the guys there:

You've heard Bob say it before. He was just another 6 foot something white guy who could hit an open jump shot in high school. I was the same way in high school and there's something to be said for that. It takes alot of practice to become a consistent jump shooter. I spent hours in the gym shooting in high school and in my tiny East Texas town I was pretty good. I just didn't know 70 miles away Desmond Mason was in Waxahachie working 5 times as hard as I was. Working on conditioning, ball handling drills, guarding the best offensive player in pick up games, and doing all of the not so fun stuff. At the time I didn't know the difference between being good and being great.

After graduation I worked in the high school sports deparment at the Dallas Morning News, before working with Bob as sort of an "intern savant" at the little Ticket. Working as a stringer for the Morning News I went to cover a Lincoln high school basketball game and wound up becoming good friends with Willie Davis. Many of you know Willie attended SMU with Jeryl Sasser and Quinton Ross. I realized at 26 I still had NAIA eligibility and started training for one last push at my hoop dreams. I even became the P1 WAC's official ABA correspondent as I vowed to try out for the Texas Tycoons in the Fall. Willie helped me train and I finally began going through the type of training Desmond must have gone through. I had confidence in what Willie said because he's laced them up with Shawn Marion and been on the Mavericks summer team. I pushed myself harder than I'd ever done so before. I came up short during my college tryouts, but I found peace of mind knowing I could play at that level. I then realized that while in high school I had the passion, but not the direction.

Since then Willie and I have hosted 3 summer camps to give players direction. I was asked to write a little blurb about what Breakout Basketball is all about. To boil it down it's very simple. How many people get the most out of their abilities? Most of us try to hide from ourselves even though we can't. We know when we pull back the reins and hold back. It doesn't feel good to quit on yourself. Willie and I are trying to get to the bottom line. What is it going to take for you to sacrifice? What buttons have to be pushed for you to stop listening to the little voice inside your head telling you to quit, it's too hard. Sure it's cliche and right about now you're hearing Grubes play the Sad Piano music in your head, but it's also true. It's not too hard, you can do it. Great basketball players are not born overnight. Utimately, I want to provide a service that wasn't available to me in high school. To make the best players available, Willie Davis and friends to pass the knowledge they've worked hard to gain down to your son or daughter. Please visit to sign up for our camps, basketball school, and/or private workouts.

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