Thursday, March 06, 2008

Dallas....We have a problem.

No Dirk tonight against the Rockets

The Mavs desperately need a win tonight. Sure, they need a 'w' to keep up in the West and try to prevent falling into the 8th seed, but this team could take a massive blow to their psyche if they get beat by a Yao-less Rockets team going for a ridiculous 17th straight win.

Lets be honest about a few things as we watch Dallas and Houston tonight.....First, Dirk probably should have been suspended for his flagrant on AK 47 on monday night. He made the fould out of frustration after going down by as many as 21 in the 1st quarter to Utah. A frustration that has permeated into the fan-base and Avery. It might have been a dumb foul, and it hurts the team tonight as they could get torched by T-Mac, but at least an act like this doesn't feed in to the whole "soft" image.....however it doesn't help this apparent national bias against the Mavs.

Josh Howard will have to step up and be a leader for once. I love Josh and what he has done in his young career. And like you, I am getting sick of this guy turning into a jump-shooter. Dallas doesn't have that bad-ass guard that can beat guys off the dribble, so Josh will have to be more aggressive and go to the damn basket if they are going to win tonight at home. A loss tonight is going to send the city into full blown panic.....the most we have seen since round 1 of last summer.

The homestand is a nice thing to have at this time of the season with 9 of the next 10 at the AAC, but I don't get how everyone is expecting to win the next 10 games simply because Dallas is 25-3 at home. They are facing the Spurs, Celtics, and Lakers all in a row later this month. And after watching how we have handled the "big boys" of late, that is a scary thought being in 7th place.

So much fun to watch Bron Bron. There are multuple times every season I have to tell myself to enjoy this. We are all so fortunate to be able to say that we will have seen this guys entire career. Last night was one of those times.

And we are not even a week into March and the Celtics are already in the playoffs

I know that Bob has gushed about his hero calling it quits after 17 awesome seasons that will result in a trip to Canton. I am not a Packer fan, I do think people overrated this guy a little over the years. But being able to watch this guy play the game the way he did was indeed special. He is walking away as one of the best of all time (where on the list I am not sure) but I will miss seeing this guy on Sunday's and hear Madden have a verbal orgasm over the country boy QB. Favre is having his good-bye press conference today. Should be interesting.

Now we get to see if Aaron Rogers can prove himself under ridiculous circumstances in Packer-land. He has thrown just 59 passes in the NFL since being drafted 24th overall in 2005.

My least favorite owner wants to spend more money - not on pitching.

I hate this guy. The way he handles his teams. The way he insults the intelligence of his fans. When he is no longer the owner of the Rangers and Stars, that will be a good day in my life. Apparently my disdain for the man is nothing compared to the hate that is brewing across the pond. Give 'em hell Liverpool!!

I am a little pressed for time this morning so I will simply line what is going on with Hicks local toys.....

Stars get turned away by a desperate Phoenix squad 2-1. All of the downtime over the next month is a little concerning. they were going up against a nice goalie, but they seemed flat at times. Hopefully they can keep focused with a number of periods with 2 to 3 days off.

Kevin Millwood is getting better.....we hope. Texas was shelled yesterday by the Brew-crew they have the Whitesox. Adam McCalvy recaps yesterday's contest in Surprise.

Since I am stepping in for Bob today, I will beat my chest over my Mean Green winning their 1st round game over Ark. St. in the SunBelt tourney.

Johnny Jones has led North Texas to back to back 20 win seasons....the 1st time that has happened in denton in 30 years. Now they are 3 wins away from going dancin' for the 2nd straight year. However, Western Kentucky will be tough this coming Sunday.
I sadly was not in Denton last night at the fabulous Super-Pit, I had to work watching SMU get beat up by Memphis 72-55.

Alright it's shower time. Have to go to work and have fun without the Sturminator today as he is in Guatemala playing the role of Bono with the little orphans.
Before I go a little comedy on your sports-Thursday.....

Love you all....Sea-Bass


Jake said...

Nice to have a little edge on here again Sea-Bass. Don't speed or the grammar police will pull you over.

No pRon-ific pieces? Hot hots need to be posted on a regular basis.

Mavericks 2009?

cracker1743 said...

redhot Rockets
17-0 (4-0 without Yaouch)
going against a Dirkless Mavs


0-3 this year vs. DAL
1-11 last 12 vs. Widdle Mavs
oh-fer-frickin-ever at AAC

Looks like the perfect trap game. I'm so scared, bebeh. Hold me.

MK said...

The Suns, Spurs, Jazz and Lakers would love to see the Mavs in the playoffs. The Mavs weakness is easy to exploit. Just keep attacking the rim and feeding the low post and Dampier will be fouled out or spent by the 4th quarter. Then Dirk is forced to guard the big men which equals easy baskets for the opposition. As presently constituted, the Mavs have no shot at winning in the playoffs.

Interested to see what Carl Landry does against the Mavs tonight, he could be the X factor for the Rockets.

cracker1743 said...

So...get your asses handed to you, and don't feel like blogging?