Thursday, March 20, 2008

Name that Team

Quick Pop Quiz:

Name that Team

1) They are sliding late after a promising start of the season.

2) They just made a huge trade that looked great, but now is causing all sorts of growing pains.

3) Their Coach is in danger of being fired if this doesn't turn around.

4) Their Players are accused by some of not having the guts to win when it matters.

5) Their Playoff reputation is what keeps anyone from buying into them.

6) They just got beat at home by a team from Southern California.

7) They play their home games at the American Airlines Center.

8) They frustrate the heck out of me.

9) You would be foolish to bet on them advancing past round 1 this year

10) They might need another drastic overhaul when this season is over.


If you named either the Stars or the Mavericks, you win. If you are dumb enough to love them both, you have come to the right blog. Me, too.

I have a busy morning, and hope to blog more later, but consider this after the Stars disappoint on home ice last night in a 2-1 loss to the Ducks that will likely cost them home ice in the first round against the defending Cup Champions:

NHL Standings March 1, 2008
Dallas 87 points
Anaheim 81 points
San Jose 78 points

NHL Standings this morning
San Jose 97 points
Anaheim 92 points
Dallas 89 points

OUCH! Why must your torture us Mavs and Stars? Have you no mercy? Don't you realize we have Rangers season ahead?

Alas, the Mavs turn tonight, with Boston in.

Hit the restart button on your sports mood.


BMR said...

It’s hard to justify buying Stars playoff tickets when the home team only has one win this month. Maybe Texas Ranger fans have the right perspective. When you have no expectations everything is a pleasant surprise.

Flaco said...

I can't take it anymore.

I'm like a battered wife who keeps coming back for another beating.

It doesn't make any sense.

They have all of my money, free time, and passion and I have nothing.

Mavericks + Stars. I hate you.

A Silence Production said...

go ahead and thow the cowboys in there too...the one and dones

MK said...

The sports gods are not happy with Dallas. Solution: Human Sacrifice. I nominate Jessica Simpson.

Gravypan said...

I nominate Laura Miller. This all started with her after Game 2 of the NBA Finals.