Wednesday, March 12, 2008

E-Mail Gone Wrong, Part 31

I am not perfect. I have many faults as a human. One, is my email addiction. I am constantly dealing with email. I obviously am not obligated to answer email, but I think it is good business to deal closely with the customer (you) whenever possible. Well, this, over the last decade has turned into a full-fledged addiction. I can’t stop it. I am hopelessly bound to my computer or phone or both.

Another fault I have is getting into email battles. Although I am often capable of a congenial conversation, and also am capable of ignoring most haters, sometimes I just can’t avoid it. Sometimes, I have to open my big mouth back. This seldom helps a situation. But, I still do it. Why? Because I am a flawed human being in many respects.

According to a brief search of my blog, most of my previous published email battles were in 2005.

This from NFL Draft Day in 2005

This from July 2005

And this from September 2005

There may be other email battles since then, but either I couldn’t find them or I never blogged them.

Anyway, in the olden days, I used to give out my opponent’s email address and full name, but I have softened my stance. I don’t wish to have anyone cause this person trouble. I just want to show you what I deal with. And why sometimes it would be better off to just delete the mail from the haters and move on…

For purposes of clarity, all of emailer Dan’s email is in Italics and all my email is in Bold:

Enjoy…if that is possible with this tired head idiocy:

3:06 PM Tuesday

Pac Man Jones is just another example of the despicable, ignorant black athlete that soils today's sports and society in general. It is a complete joke to listen to these ignorant people who barely seem human at times. Why this society continues to make excuses for them is unreal. When are we going to hold these animals accountable for their actions just like we do the white athletes? In instead of making excuses for them, why don't you two start telling the truth, quit beating around the bush and act like men for once in you dull existence. The double standard that prevails in this society just creates these imbecilic idiots and you both contribute to that double standard.


8:18 PM Tuesday

thanks for being mindful of our shortcomings, but I am fine with where I stand on this. I wish he handled himself better, but the honest reality is that one only needs to excel at their chosen profession to be successful. Otherwise, they can engage in any number of questionable activities and survive. Even racism!


8:07 AM Today

Maybe in your limited viewpoint, telling the truth is racism but intelligent people call it realism. If you think for one moment blacks in this country are not the root of most of the problems we have in this country then you are as dumb as naive as I think you are. How many white PacMan Jones are there? How many white Nate Newtons are there? How many white Michael Vicks are there? The list goes on and on and on. Everyday we have to pick the paper up or turn the television and read or hear another black athlete in trouble, either in the pros or college.

Because you come from lily white Wisconsin, I hardly consider you an expert on race relations. Open your eyes and see the world for what it is and not the limited viewpoint that your parents brainwashed you with. It starts with education Sturm and the blacks are either dumb as rocks or could care less about school or getting an education and it shows when they become adults. Why do blacks rank the lowest of all students coast to coast at any level of education Sturm? When you got black athletes scoring in single digits on I-Q tests such as the Wunderlick tests when my dog could score at least a 10, that tells you all one needs to know about the blacks in this country. It is called telling the truth Bob not hiding behind the term racism.

People like you are amazing, you would support the likes of a piece of scum like Pacman Jones playing for the Cowboys but I would wager you would not let the douche bag date your daughter? You truly are a hypocrite.

8:10 AM Today

really? so in your estimation playing for the Cowboys should be the same as dating your daughter? You are pretty sharp. Do you hold your musical artists to the same test? I am sure you do. I wouldn't let any Cowboy marry my daughter, I doubt. You go ahead.


9:27 AM Today

Did I say that? You apparently would let "anyone" play for the Cowboys no matter how despicable their past and probably their future are and will be. Do you really think scumbags like Michael Vick or PacMan Jones or the endless list of despicable black athletes going to change? The point was Bob and apparently it just flew past that intelligent level of yours was, apparently you have no problem in letting crap like that play for your team but at the same time would not let the same piece of vermin date your daughter. Most people would find that hypocritical. I for one and I would venture most white people would agree, they do not want the PacMan Jones of the world playing for their team. Take a poll, most whites still can't stand T.O.

Also, if you would not let a Tony Romo or a Jason Whitten marry your daughter, then you really have a problem. But then again considering your strange morals and values, that doesn't surprise me.

P.S.: I notice how you never address the intelligent levels of the whites versus the blacks. Gee, I wonder why.

9:31 AM Today

Do you remember typing this paragraph?

In a message dated 3/12/2008 9:27:52 A.M. Central Daylight Time, dan writes:
--People like you are amazing, you would support the likes of a piece of scum like Pacman Jones playing for the Cowboys but I would wager you would not let the douche bag date your daughter? You truly are a hypocrite.--

Because if so, why would you type this?

--Did I say that?--

As for your PS, I think it is absurd to address the intelligence levels of an entire ethnic group. That is called racism. I don't expect you would agree, since he who is guilty of racism seldom admits to it. I would also hope that people would not judge all white people on a chance meeting with you.


9:58 AM Today

You truly are one dumb idiot. Yes, I wrote it, did you read it? The point was dumb ass, you would let Pacman play for the Cowboys but you most likely would not let Pacman date your daughter. That makes you a hypocrite.

Why is it absurd to address the intelligent levels of each race. The intelligent level of each race is very apparent and contributes to likes of Pacmans and the Vicks, etc, etc, etc. Just because you point out a FACT about a race which paints them in an inferior light, that is not racism. The FACT is most blacks at every level of education, coast and coast, rank the lowest. This FACT is easily verifiable. I did not say that all blacks are not educated just the majority of them which is the truth. If one says the orientals are the most gifted and disciplined race of people intellectually, and they are, is that racism Bob? Your problem is that you have a very selective definition of racism. Education is the key for any person in this country to succeed. Apparently education is not an important element in most black households or the majority of them are dumb as rocks. It is either one or the other. Let's blame on their culture, okay hypocrite Bob.

P.S.: When every college in this country have lower academic entry standards for blacks then the standards for all other races, that tells one all they need to know about the differences between the races. But let me guess Bob, you don't think those lower academic entry standards for blacks are racist. You truly are a brainwashed, hypocritical, religious nut.

9:59 AM Today

sounds great.


10:10 AM Today

Your the selective racist Bob. What is wrong, can't stand the heat and answer the questions. Typical of a gutless person like you Bob. Much easier to just call someone a racist and run.

I would love to get your ass in the ring in the next Fight night out but just like answering the real questions, you don't have the guts. I will call the program director and leave my name and number and at least make the challenge. Please selective racist Bob, make my day.


10:13 AM Today

yes. A fist fight. That will settle things. Then maybe we can have a duel at the OK Corral. This is how the educated settle disagreements. Perhaps, a nice game of scrabble after that?

Don't forget your clean hood before you leave the house today, bro.


10:24 AM Today

Face it Bob, you are just a selective racist that can't answer the real questions when posed to you. Your a real big man, calling someone a racist and then not having the guts to answer the real questions when posed to you.

You might have a chance at scrabble considering the boring life you lead but you would have no chance in the ring. But then again, you don't have the guts to get in the ring, now do you selective racist Bob. Cat will have my telephone number if you ever grow a pair.

P.S.: How about those lower college academic entry standards for blacks. Not racist?

10:45 AM Today

Look: I am sure you are not that bad a guy. I have heard your opinion. Let's go on with our lives.

Good day.

11:57 AM Today

Typical response from a typical selective, gutless racist. In closing, I will give you a little helpful piece of advice which might help your warped, brainwashed mind. Racism is defined as condemning a total race of people based totally on the color of their skin without provocation or justification. I did not do that. I just pointed out that the vast majority of blacks in this country are inferior to any other race intellectually which is TOTALLY supported by the FACTS at every level of education in this country including colleges where they have to make allowances so that the blacks can get in. Lack of an I-Q leads to irresponsible, moronic actions that we see everyday primarily out of black athletes and others in this country. These are FACTS and I was not condemning them because of the color of their skin.

P.S.: I sure wish you would grow a pair and get into that ring. Alot of P-1's would love to see it. The offer is always open.

Good Times.

Very Good Times.

And, no, I don't know why I take the time to do that.


Matt Steele said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Phil K. said...

We were having a little fun, here, no?

Poncenomics said...

Why didn't you and Dan just hash this argument out on the show?

...oh, wait...guess it wasn't THAT Dan...

Here's what I REALLY want to know: What does this Dan do for a living, that he has TIME to have this e-mail war with you, sending out continual LENGTHY e-mails touting his racist views? We all know you're a radio guy who works 3 hours per day, so you've got time to get into pissing contests with skunks, but what about this guy?

More importantly, what is Dan's life like, that he has enough time to get so worked up over freaking PacMan Jones and is ready to call Cat at the drop of a hat (rhyme intended), then start rubbing his hands together at the thought of punching you, Bob?

I can see it now, Dan fights Bob, decks him in 12 seconds, then grabs the mike and says, "See, this PROVES that I'm right about blacks!"

Bob, do yourself a favor...drop that Crackberry on the floor right now and STOMP ON IT.

Chip's Moody Blues said...

I know tons of white Mike Vicks, Nate Newtons and Pacman Joneses. The only difference is that one set makes millions of dollars and every little slip up is lit up by the media (deservedly so) and the knuckleheads I've had the experience of knowing might make the police report in the local weekly. The things that professional athletes probably do in their alone time would probably make your stomach turn (much like the debauchery that takes place in East Texas with a bunch of white guys), but until they're caught we're fine with thinking they're OK guys, white or black.

Heck, they voted Michael Irvin into the HOF and he's as seedy as they come.

Keep on truckin'.

Michael said...

I love it when people use poor grammar while calling someone else unintelligent. Plus he manages to insult Asians while trying to claim all "orientals" are smart. Classy.

jeffrey said...

"you would let Pacman play for the Cowboys but you most likely would not let Pacman date your daughter. That makes you a hypocrite.


Wow, maybe Dan should become a debate coach.

cracker1743 said...

That was fantastic, getting called a racist and a moron by a racist and a moron.

However, Bob, Eric Bogosian warns you to be careful walking out to your car after work.

Jay Beerley said...

How do these people still exist?!!

And I also loved the poor grammar when making such a lengthy argument about education. It's probably good you didn't release full info on that guy because that probably would lead to something very bad for him.

While totally inappropriate, I pray that was somehow a joke and he was jerking your chain. It will help me sleep better at night.

So how 'bout those Mavs?!

crimdog02 said...

You should fight him at fight night just so that the world can put a face with the racist rhetoric!

Flaco said...



What do dating your daughter and playing for the cowboys have to do with each other?

Bob, you shouldn't let people draw you offsides like that. What a complete moron.

Fake Sturm said...

I am now insane. I cant believe I read through that whole email discussion. Bob Sturm is the blackest guy on the ticket, how can he be racist?

Joe said...

I guarantee you that emailer is an active member of I don't even blink when I read comments from people like that. There are way more people who subconsciously or privately think like that but keep the rhetoric to themselves in these PC times.

I'd love to see this guy if and when Obama wins the election. He'll have a pissing conniption.

Good times.

Also, a small note. I noticed there were way more comments back then than there are now. Why?

Michael O'Shaugnessy said...

As someone with a crazy amount in common with you:

* Born in Wisconsin
* 30-something
* transplanted to DFW
* tattoo'd with "G" on my shoulder
* a white guy that didn't marry a white girl

I can tell you that you handle yourself very well on daily basis, publicly on the radio and with your e-mail content.

Keep it up.

BACM said...

Wow. I thought the Klan was dead, but it appears that douchebags like Dan are keeping HATE alive. I don't care who plays for the Cowboys as long as they win a freaking playoff game or two. I also don't care who dates my daughter as long as they treat her right.

snivlem said...

Yeah, the emailer was just an idiot and uneducated.

StephenP said...

You should have started replying with drops, "Can I stick my tongue down your throat?"

Bill Mullen said...

Dan is right. Just look he backed up his argument with so many FACTS, and these facts were so clearly written in all CAPS, therefore prooving without a shadow of a doubt that he is a racist hick with a small intellect and an even smaller penis.

TheDude said...

Am I alone in thinking this is a troll?

And this person is now laughing even more maniacally since Bob made this public?

Itzadavey said...

I wonder if this guy thinks that Rocker was a pretty smart guy. You want to talk about sorriness at the greatest level? Enron? Some white people are just not as honest about their dirt. Education levels have NOTHING to do with race, but more to do with poverty levels. That is like saying that ice cream contributes to more murders, when its the heat of summer that makes them both go up.

He can't see past his own skin...

Jay said...

Geese Bob, delete those emails and move on. Ouch.

Jay said...

I don't get the argument that So and so is a bad guy so he shouldn't play football for our team. I can understand that argument for your minister, teacher, school counselor, etc. - we expect certain positions in our society to be held by ppl with a higher moral standard. But so we're saying Pacman can't play for the Cowboys if he's allowed to play which means he's persuaded the commissioner to do whatever necessary to stay on the straight and narrow?

OK should he be allowed to do anything? Can he go back to school? "Well our schools don't allow such thugs.." - OK can he pack boxes at UPS? What can he do? Or should we put him in jail for being a bad guy? I mean can he not re-enter society on any terms? What exactly could he be allowed to do? I just don't get that logic. Ya if he wants to date my daughter or be my kid's school teacher then we have problems. But does he have to be a model citizen to intercept passes?

I certainly respect organizations that say we want high character guys - I think Indy is such an organization. But I also think it's alright for the Cowboys or another team to say we will give him a chance given the circumstances, it's a low risk pretty high reward and if he slips up he's gone. And every time he fails it will be harder for him to get additional chances and that's fair.

Finn said...

Wow what a bufoon. I mean I am not to hepped up on the idea of Pac-Man Jones playing on the Cowboys either, but then again I also seem to remember that quite a few athletes throughout American sports history have been complete a-holes, Ie. Ty Cobb, Whitey Herzog, and Mark McGuire, and those are just a few WHITE baseball players. I say let him play and if he f's up kick his ass off the team. Where's the harm in giving the guy a chance?

ReginaB said...

I notice how Bob never really answers any of Dan's questions regarding race which is typical of a race baiter. There is racism on both sides of the fence but we only seem to hear the white on black. I guess all of the black callers into the Ticket aren't racist when they are bashing Dirk when a moronic fool knows without him the Mavs would not win 10 games.

TroyA said...

I have to laugh at some of the comments. I guess it is a mere coincidence that the average I-Q level of the white players in any mixed locker room in this country is hands down higher then the black players. Must be a cultural thing.

BritneyB said...

Why should Don Imus be criticized. It wasn't a surprise that an athlete named Pacman who has been arrested six times was black. Almost everyday another athlete gets into some type of trouble and guess what, the athlete is black 99% of the time.

EmmittW said...

How stupid can you be to get caught twice for same drug felony charge like Nate Newton was? But wait, then there is Josh Howard the all time moron. This idiot goes on live radio show and admits to taking drugs. Dumb and dumber. I really believe this two brothers are as stupid as they look.