Thursday, September 22, 2005

E-mail Gone Wrong, Part 27

You may remember Judy Cunningham from the July 12th blog …She is a classic fan…Well, on Thursday’s show, I said something wacky like, “I have the best wife in the whole world”. I really put about a moment of thought into it, as I love my wife and all but how could anyone know that their wife is the best? Seems pretty arbitrary to me. Anyway, this brought a huge fan like Judy out of her hole.

Most people in the radio business have people who hate them. In fact, I think everyone does, but they likely know enough not to continue a dialogue all afternoon with that person. But, I can’t help it. Partly because I am who I am, and partly because so many of you enjoy it when I post these e-mail battles on the blog. So, I recommend you read the above link first to get some context, but, enjoy the below game of e-mail volleyball between me and the #1 fan of the show:

Judy writes:

To: cunninghamjudy
Sent: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 15:05:51 -0500

Best wife in the whole world........................???? You are a PUSS Bob. Hi to the Messcan.

I really do hate you.

At this point, normal people hit “delete” and move on with their life. I sure wish I was normal…

I respond:

Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2005 3:08 PM
Subject: Re:


Thanks for listening to BaD Radio!


Judy writes:

Ya right.....listening??? I was listening only to cross talk, not you two jerk off Yankee bastards.

Bob writes:

whatever- nice job in the civil war-

Thanks for listening to BaD Radio!


Judy writes:

Put on your sombrero and eat a tamale. Better yet, go to Taco Bell since she can't cook.

Civil War ??? That must be on the X-Box...otherwise you wouldn't even be able to spell it. Dork...............


Bob writes:

your racism is most impressive-

Thanks for listening to BaD Radio!


Judy writes:

I am not a racist............I just hate Yankees, and that is my right as a native Texan. I could throw a few more in there too but I won't. Texans really do hate the Yankee and you need to always.......... until the day you die... remember that. I saw a half breed the other day and that was a lovely thing to see, very interesting. However, not many of those where I live...thank goodness. Keep a plugging....

Bob writes:

you are not a racist and yet you continually (for more than a year) take shots at my Mexican wife and children- whatever you say, Judy- You should be proud-

Thanks for listening to BaD Radio!


Judy writes:

I am. Thank you. Don't think I'm alone either.

I'm out

Bob writes:

of course not- there are plenty of racists out there- Congrats-

Thanks for listening to BaD Radio!


Judy writes:

Do you want mild sauce with that ???

Bob, who should have given up a while ago, writes:

you can't be this absurd- But at least you are white, Judy- Way to go-

Thanks for listening to BaD Radio!


Judy writes:

You got it...... WHITE & WRIGHT and despise the Yankee! ! ! Anything wrong with that? NO there isn't.

The only thing I would like to have from you is.........for bad radio to be off the air at three pm sharp. I start at three and fight through 14 minutes of the irritating Yankee voices just to hear the "real professionals." Why is your voice so squirrelly? Nasal.
Can you fix that.

How about some guacamole with that sir ???

At this point, I went to dinner with my "Mexican" family. We actually had lasagna. It was lovely.

By the way, since we are doing the morning show on Friday, this will have to do for the Friday blog, at least until much later in the day. Alarm set for 4:30. I hope it goes off.


P1 Eric in McKinney said...

Bob, emailers are a lot like most of the dumbasses in Dallas in their big bad SUV's. They feel invincible and anonymous behind the wheel of their car. They have no problems almost running you off of the road, riding your ass, or flipping you the bird. Now, if you were face to face with 99% of these people, you would get nothing of the sort.

Same thing with these emailers. This old hag probably is the geniune article and does feel exactly what she says in her email. That said, I would be large quantums of money that she would say nothing to your face, and that is all you really need to know about that person.

Great Blog, great time at P1 night at Pizza Hut park.

As always, F Dan.

P1 Eric in McKinney

p1dean said...

What an idiot. It's people (and I use people loosely) like this who give Texans a bad name. Unfortunately, I've come to realize that they outnumber us.

BTW...Eric is person she wouldn't say a thing to you. Coward.

Keep on keeping on...p1dean

p1 petey said...

Oh, Bob. Why do you torture yourself with ninnies like this? It's one thing to dislike your radio broadcasting, it's another thing entirely to go after your wife and kids. I doubt putting up with this kind of nonsense is in your contract w/ Susquehanna.

On the behalf of all Dallasites with an IQ larger than their hat size (a group which does not include this lovely, or not, lady), I am profoundly sorry.

Eric and Dean have it nailed. It's easy to be a giant a-hole anonymously.

Perhaps Judy is getting an email avalanche of her own about now. If not, what's wrong with you readers?

p1Sean said...

Ahhhahahahahha you should of said

are you still talking?

then insert the see you later drop

R.H.Walt said...

Actually, it's improper to say "should of". You should say "should have".

Just a thought.


Observer said...

I am also a big sucker for an argument, and I have a really hard time letting it go. Fortunately for our marriage, my wife is wise to this and refuses to argue with me, no matter how trivial. She says her piece and counts to three in the rare times we do argue, leaving me standing in the middle of the road with my jaw hanging down like Ulysses Everett McGill in "O Brother".

You better learn to control this once your kids grow up, though. I've learned the hard way that arguing with adolescents or teenagers means that they win, no matter what you may think about who was proven right or wrong. I think the same is the case with some adults, like Judy.

I hope to hear some "Survivor" talk tomorrow morning! I personally think that Danni must have been tipped off about the possibility of a pro athlete in the game beforehand, maybe in pre-interview questions, because there is NO WAY she should be so confident about Gary's identity. And don't you love how Steph's tribe is one big happy family? It will make the eventual tribal council backstabbing so much more gruesome, just like what happened with Koror in Palau. The fact that they were undisturbed for so long allowed the bonds of love to grow, making it much more painful when the game forced them to rip each other apart.

Patrick said...

Congrats on taking the high road, Bob. You're a class act. I'd have written some much nastier replies and then put her in my blocked list. You're a better man than I.

Baby Arm!

P.S. What does Judy have to do with the Wright Amendment?

Anonymous said...

Aggies only up 13 in the 4th against Texas State as the Aggie D gives up almost 500 yards to the Bobcats.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the Aggies paying off the refs tonight. Unbelievable penalties called. The scoreboard might say otherwise but if you watched the game, Texas State was the better football team tonight.

Anonymous said...

Using the fine words of Snake from tonight's Community Quick Hits:

Judy's "garbage trash spawned from garbage trash"

By the way, Coach Fran is now officially the most overrated coach in America.

Anonymous said...

right not wright you stupid inbred...

CapSMW said...

Thanks for saying what we all were thinking Juicy Judy

Anonymous said...

bombard this grUNT with emails human P1s....

racist gritch.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The delete key is your friend Bob. Otherwise you can easily spend your entire day wasting your time on someone like that. Besides, it's probably some 11 year old doing it as a joke or something anyway.

Anonymous said...

I have personally already signed up for about 50 different porn sites. I've also e-mailed her a few times to let her know that she's so wrong that Southwest Airlines is trying to end her White is Wright campaign...or somesuch.

F- Liverpool and Double F Fernando.

Anonymous said...

Why they give the state hospital inmates access to email is beyond me. Bob, I hope that you do not let this one bad Texan ruin the image of all of us other Texans. Most of us Texans were taught manners and a little southern hospitality. And do people really even hate the yankees anymore? I hate the Yankees baseball team, but as far as hating someone from the north, who cares. Surely there are white trash rednecks in every state, and obviously by "Judy's" comments, Texas has at least one....

On second thought, why don't you just sick your wife on her, find out where she lives and have your wife drive over to her house in her truck with all 20 of her brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, neices and nephews and whoop Judy's ass.... I know from personal experiences that the Mexican woman can beat some ass....

PH Judy


AttnyDan said...

Judy should remember that in a short time, she will be the minority in this state.

Kinda like in Planet of the Apes, Bob will be the subservient spouse and Sallye will be the "head of the house".

In ten years, Luby's will be considered "ethnic food" & my kids will be asking why they always get pulled over by those dang "brown" cops.

Bob, have Sallye put in a good word for me with the new majority...I promise I'm clean.

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to figure out who the "real professionals" are that come on at 3:14. All I hear everyday at that time is the Hardline.

JeradB said...

I need more haters in my life.

That was something that entertained you all afternoon. How could you ask for more?


Jackie said...

I think its cute that you love your wife and are willing to admit it. I also think that your voice is cute and not nearly as nasally as big mac, so shut up Judy.

p1dean said...

You are so right (wright?) Son just hit the age where he can argue about anything! I've finally learned to say "I'm ending this conversation now" and shut-up. But it's hard to not feal like you're conceding the point.

p1dean the p1 who signed the nice lady up for lots of porn...I hope it was of the interracial variety.

p1dean said...

edit...don't know why I capitalized "Son". Must be feeling very religious this morning...and the "feal" typo can only be explained by the lack of meds.

Robert Bentley said...

At least Judy kept it sports-intensive with her Cowboys QB references to Danny White and Anthony Wright. "Anything wrong with that?" I think not.

Evie said...

I think Judy is a twelve year old boy yanking Bob's leg, but who knows. The racist population is pretty rampant in Texas, and that is the truth.

Phanom, UK said...

I bet she's never been called 'The best wife in the World'. Probably because she's too damn ugly, but a white hood will hide a thousand sins...

Fake Sturm said...

Aggsy got outplayed last night by a 1-AA team and should have lost the game. Horrible, horrible calls all night long. And a secondary that would have got picked apart by half the high school teams playing tonight. Mike Leach had to have been getting happy pants watching this. The aggsy might not win ANY games in the Big 12 this year and I love it.

Anonymous said...

one word - Saggers!

steve said...

That lady better get used to mexican's as attnydan said, they are soon to be the majority in this state.

berrick neally was lights out and outplayed reggie mcneal. which raises the question, who is the best running quaterback in the state, YOung, McNeal, or Neally? I'm going with Neally, but i am a disd homer.

go longhorns, put the jaguars in thier place

PlacekickingDip said...

So anyway... Sports?

I was inspired by Parcells clip talking about how an 85% kicker is middle of the pack and tought "that can't be right"

Kickers who, over this year and previous 2 seasons, averaged over 85% on kicks:

Graham (CIN) 88.5%
Longwell (GB) 87.5%
Vandy (IND) 92.2%
Stover (BAL), Hanson (DET), Janikowski (OAK), and maybe a couple others (notice how i ran out of time). Kasay (CAR) was about even, maybe a smidge above 85%.

How much do THOSE guys get paid v. how much the Boys want to pay kickers?

Notable kickers who everyone thinks are "money" "clutch" whatever, that hit less than 85%:


I think it's obvious that any kicker with a leg and accuracy to hit 80% (Akers exact percent by the way) should be considered a top or above average kicker.


stillkickingdip said...

The only other kicker that beats 85% is Wilkins (STL) said...

i'm a proud halfbreed.

mithrandiryod said...

Somthing Dan once said to me when I tried to throw him under the bus on my birthday mentioning Bill Guerin and his shoddy research into his playing career, has given me the words to say to you to tell this woman. *Ahem* "Tell (Insert Name)"Judy" that when he/she's significant and has a radio show to call and then I'll listen."
Good job Bob,

Andy said...

She spelled right with a "w".

And Bob's voice isn't nasal.

What a worthless person.

Anonymous said...

I'm a proud Texas redneck. Judge Judy crossed the line. Sure I wouldn't want to live up in that Yankee country, but who still hates people up there. I've got a lot of other knuckleheads on that list, Judy Clampett just added.

todompol said...



p1dean said...

I've never understood the Cowboy's reluctance to pony up for a solid kicker. If you look at the NFL today and realize that there's a good chance your game is going to be decided by less than a touchdown...why would you roll the dice with some spare of the street? Was it overconfidence in Hoffman?

I pray that that'll change next. PLEASE JERRY...realize what you have in McBriar...that guy's a stud. Now to find a kicker that can have the same effect.

BTW...I heard Norm refer to his "sizzling pole" today and threw-up a little in my mouth.


also...HEY BOB...I used your "Bug me not" link the other day on and got Bill Parcell's email. It was something like (don't remember exactly). Thought that was weird.

p1dean said...

Real Quickly...anyone wondering why Leinart decided to wait a year should check out the picture at the top of Might make a funny caption contest.


Greatmondo said...

Wow man what an idiot. Bob, why did you even entertain that? The Yankee vs. Southerner schtick is laughably old. Who does that anymore?

The funniest thing about the exchange, I thought, was Bob's signature, Thanks for listening to BaD Radio!. I bet that made her blood boil a little more each time.

You should have her call in, that would be Emergency Brake of the Week Hall of Fame material there.


Rick Bentley said...

Man...that was priceless. As someone who hates to lose an argument and could sit there for hours just getting pissed if I were in your shoes, I wish I possessed your ability to throw up the e-mail Heisman, deflecting her criticisms with the equivilent of a series of "See ya laters." I guarantee she was 1000X as pissed that you wouldn't actually reduce yourself to her level. What a scrote-bad that whore is.

Sturminator said...



looks like someone already did above. Hmmm. No idea...


Anonymous said...

I don't know what Judy's problem is. I would rather listen to two "jerk off Yankee bastards" all day long than thirty seconds of Line 4 Guy, who adds as much to "Why Today Doesn't Suck" as Rowdy adds to a Cowboy game. Hmm, I wonder if is still available?

Oh well, guess I'll go wait in line for food, water & gas and board up my windows before the hurricane tears D/FW apart!

Anonymous said...

I was amused to see the first anti-judy post was using yet another sweeping broad brush statement about Dallas SUV drivers to illustrate the absurdity of Judy's own pitiful attitude.

far be it from me to buck the trend.

Bob, steer clear of Boyd, Tx. I think Judy has it out for you.

Party on.

Anonymous said...

The main difference is that the SUV drivers generalization was accurate.

Anonymous said...

Hmm..I kinda like Line 4 guy.

She obviously isn't right (or wright) in the head when she calls the Hardline "real professionals."

Anonymous said...

get a iPod Nano for 7 bucks,

Guy in the next cubical said...

judy's ignorance atleast makes for good blog material.

Helpermonkey said...

Native Texan? Maybe Judy could use a history lesson, or a backhand across her mouth.

TPorter2 said...

Judy, Judy, Judy! Giving female P1's a bad name, again...

There are mentions of tacos and guacamole, but not the obvious "grab a fajita"?

You never listen...

VeryMotley said...

Hey Judy you forgot the Cajuns!!!!! They really suck, spending their hurricane money on boobies and such. Oh wait, they were probably giving it to you!!!

Let Southwest Airlines go if it comes back it is yours..........

SuperDave Osborn was a professional.

Thanks for listening to BaD Radio.
P.S. Dan aint so bad.

To Bob's hot Maxican wife: Tan apesadumbrado para los comentarios estúpidos de Judy. Usted es una señora hermosa.

VeryMotley said...

Maxican means REALLY Mexican