Monday, September 19, 2005

Ring of Honor Night

Tonight is a very big night for anyone who loves the Cowboys. Enjoy it. Those three Cowboys will live forever in your memories, and there might not be a trio in the NFL that can claim the accomplishments that these three can.

Also, please beware of the Redskins. There is no such thing as a sure thing in the NFL.

Lebreton wonders where the rivalry went

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, despite himself, is 11-1 in games against the league's resident Yard Gnome. Jones owns the little guy.

Once upon a time, lest Texans forget, it really was a rivalry. There are former Cowboys who insist that they could see the motel room curtains moving, where the devious Allen had planted a practice field spy.

By 1989, alas, Allen was gone, Roger Staubach had long retired, Tom Landry had been ousted, and Jimmy Johnson was bringing a winless Cowboys team into RFK Stadium to face the Redskins.

If Snyder was a more competent NFL owner, he could change that. When he hired Steve Spurrier away from the University of Florida in 2002, Snyder said, "The Redskins deserve to be back at the Super Bowl, and I am immensely confident that Steve is the coach to get us there."

Washington Post’s Game Capsule for tonight’s big clash…

Peter King MMQB

I think this is the best way to describe what has happened in the NFL the first two weeks: Had I been in a knockout pool, I'd have taken Minnesota over Tampa Bay for Week 1 and Green Bay over Cleveland for Week 2. And I'd have been knocked out twice. That says three things. One: I have no idea what I'm talking about. Two: There's a good chance the Packers and Vikings are a lot worse than we thought. Three: This is really going to be a fun year.

Stars 6, Oilers 5 …Tuesday, Edmonton is here for the home opener (preseason)…

FC Dallas wins finally, and clinches a playoff spot

Favre giveaways stalling offense in Green Bay

Liverpool 0, Manchester United 0 , and Chelsea slips further away…

Look who has a Blog! Roger!!! …since he wasn’t on Survivor, he needed an outlet…

Back by popular demand Aaron Downey’s 1 punch to immortality

Hate Automated Phone Trees? Get a Human by using these numbers…

Movie Wav Files …For pretty much every movie…

Last week, we debated an email that asked us how many NFL players could dunk. I was pretty sure at least 2/3’s of all NFL players could dunk, but I also figured that Dat Nguyen would be one of them that could not dunk. I stand corrected

Nguyen has come a long way since being recruited by Slocum on a tip that this Vietnamese-American could dunk a basketball from a flat-footed start. But when Nguyen was redshirted as a freshman in 1994, he weighed a fat 240 pounds and was extremely lonely away from home.

And, now some weekend email (or at least I waited to the weekend to answer it):

I haven't heard this talked about lately, but please put someone’s head on a platter for the Doug Davis move. Unbelievable how dumb this looks now.

Doug Davis

Ranks 10th in NL in IP (202.2) * Ranks 6th in NL in SO (183)
* Ranks 1st in NL in BB (88) * Ranks 9th in NL in BAA (.235)

John Hart is incredible.

Brandon Horton

And, for you two or three that aren’t convinced that Hicks is making money:


In your ongoing quest to prove that Tom Hicks is one of the worst owners in Major League Baseball, some more evidence has just been announced.

ESPN has announced a new eight year, $2.368 Billion television contract for Baseball. The contract will average $296 Million per year, over $100 Million more than they averaged in previous years. So, lets take a look at the national media contracts MLB has and how they benefit the Texas Rangers.

We are talking national media contracts, not talking anything locally....

ESPN TV deal - $296 Million
FOX TV deal - $410 Million (due to renew in 2006, and will take a huge bump in pay to renew)
ESPN Radio deal - $11 Million
ESPN Internet Deal - $30 Million
XM Satellite Deal - $60 Million
TOTAL - $807 Million annually for NATIONAL media contracts. Divided by the 30 teams and each team gets roughly $27 Million per year. When the Fox contract is renewed, that number could easily jump to $30-$35 Million per year.

So, as Tom Hicks continues his quest for the $50 Million payroll, it is entirely conceivable that 70% of the players costs could be taken care of before one fan buys a ticket, one beer is sold, one local television is turned on, one car stereo is tuned to KRLD, one fan purchases a jersey, one advertisement deal is done, before anything.

Tom Hicks could very well become the best at what he is doing. He could very well put more money in his pocket than any other owner in baseball.

Chris Braaten

But, wait. There’s more:


Was amazed once again with Hicks comments. I get the feeling the more he repeats the lies he puts out, the easier it will be for him to believe he is telling the truth.

Two points:

1) When Hicks says the team doesn't have the attendance level to make for higher payroll, tell him the Rangers are sixth in the AL with nearly 32,000 per game. They also have 120 luxury suites. And this is for a sub . 500 third place team. Seems to me they have plenty of attendance.

2) When he brings up not being able to afford free agent pitching, bring up the deal the Indians gave to Kevin Millwood. Has the best ERA in the AL, and the Tribe got him for peanuts. The Rangers showed no interest, even though they had far worse ptiching coming into the season than the Indians. Millwood had had a few injuries, but he had a good history as a starter, and was worth the risk. But not for a team that puts profits first.

Tribe beat the A's again tonight. Have the headress on.

Dan McGraw

On to college football:

This is utter hypocracy. If Texas lost to TCU (at home) and barely beat a Tulsa team (at home), that Minnesota dealt with efficiently, after 4 consecutive top 3 recruiting classes then Mack wouldn't hear the end of it. Yet the Dallas Morning
News says:

"There is no question that OU's talent level is down this season. The Sooners lost 10 players in the NFL draft. Nine of those 10 were on NFL opening-day rosters.
OU is left with a bevy of young, inexperienced players who make mistakes. Or even worse, they just may not be as good as the players on the other side of the line of scrimmage."

EXCUSE ME!!!! Just not as good as the players that line up on the other side of the line of scrimmage. So they are gonna try to play the not enough talent card. Not enough talent to battle perennial juggernauts like TCU and Tulsa. Give me a break!!!!!

How is the DMN gonna play the not enough talent card with OU? These guys recruited the #1 QB (Bomar) and the #1 Runningback (Petersen) in the same year, yet they dont have the talent. If this was Mack Brown we'd constantly hear about how Mack doesn't develop talent or isn't a gameday coach (points that are still consistently made despite Mack's streak of 9 win seasons).

Mack has lost plenty of talent year after year, but hasn't sucked against a team (Tulsa) that North Texas will destroy.

They need to call a spade a spade. During the first two weeks of the 2005 season Bob Stoops has done a very poor coaching job, Period. I don't want hear any crap about being out talented.

Two words: National Title. When Mack Brown wins one, then the media will love him and make excuses for him. Bob Stoopes has that, and therefore is afforded plenty of slack when his team goes south.


CIS Group is sponsoring a charity golf tournament on Thursday October 6th at Doral Tesoro in Fort Worth. All proceeds are going to the National Military Family Association ( We would love to get some P1’s to participate, sponsor or donate rounds of golf to local military personnel. Would it be possible to have you announce this? My contact info is below if you have any questions…Thanks so much!

A loyal P1 myself…
Andrea Harness

Cool. Please support this worthy cause if you can!
And, finally this one:

Just got back from the area last week. Im a local officer and P1. A group of us went on our own time, took vacation, to assist the local law enforcement in the area. It was definitely eye opening. Channel 4,11, and 5 did a spot on it. 4 and 11 before we left, then 5 did a sit down interview with us when we returned.

i heard the hardline talking about celebrities hamming it up down there for some face time, and unfortunately some of this was true. Id have to say that several of them didnt do much to help, but rather detracted manpower away for their personal protection details.

However, we were working in the southern portions when John Travolta and his wife (certainly a nice piece) landed in a helicopter and delivered a huge amount of food and water, along with new uniforms for the officers that had been affected.

The local officers had great stories about the experience, and were quite resilient all things considered.

As a side note for Dan, when posing for a photo with Travolta, I smiled for the camera and stated 'royale with cheese', which he repeated. quite cool.


Don’t forget to read the stuff posted this weekend. I think I posted 3 entries on Sunday, so keep scrolling, dude.


Fake Big Mac said...

George Bush may not care about black people, but apparently, Kanye West loves his porn.,,2004580002-2005420619,00.html

Nice to see that idiot get some good press.

I hate the P1 & love Vegans!!

Big Daddy said...

Just like to point out that Tulsa throttled North Texas 54-2. Ouch. Definetly NOT the highlight of my sports weekend.

Somebody should be getting in Darryl Dickey's chili about the way he's letting Jamario Thomas twist in the wind. 7 carries??? WTF?? I know that Cobb is the elder statesman of the 2, but 2 weeks running he hasn't given Thomas enough carries to even get warmed up.

Not that any of that would have helped on Saturday.

Rant about 3rd rate football school over.

AttnyDan said...

A while back I thought that USC should just be given the National Championship and everyone else was playing for 2nd place....anyone got any guesses on who might beat them?

Tech hanging 80 on Sam Houston is one thing (and yes, I'm not proud of it), but hanging 70 on Arkansas, a legit D-I school...GOOD GAWD!!

OU/Texas = Mac Brown's final redemption OR his final Red River shootout....glad I'm not him.

On a side note, now that Bob is a officially a "steer" (that's a castrated male calf for you city folks), can we make the joke that only Steers and Queers come from Wisconsin?

Neil Payne said...

How many Packers losses do we need to see before we start to blame Bob's tattoo?

Thanks for not getting the Star.

Brandon said...

"Two words: National Title."

Or at least win a conference title.

BTW, there are some Sooner fans who are starting to feel the pass Stoops earned from winning the title in 2000 is starting to wear off.

Robert Bentley said...

Well, those fans need to dump some ice down their jean shorts.
Five seasons without a title is nothing to be grumbling about, especially when you can look in that trophy case at the Switzer Center and see seven of them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but sports is a "what have you done for me lately" business. And 5 years is an eternity in the world we live in today sports (to paraphrase Jerry Jones). Besides, Stoops has brought a lot of it upon himself for being an arrogant ass while they were winning. He's just half a notch below Spurrier when it comes being in love with himself I believe. So now that the shoe is on the other foot, it's fun watching him have to eat some crow for a change.

Jason F. said...

Anyone else smell a comeback when they put the 77-0 with a 13pt lead graphic up?

Anonymous said...

And there is your catastrophic moment ladies and gentlemen.

Greatmondo said...

Jason F,

I HATE those stats. They always jinx my teams with those.