Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sunday Bonus Blogging

I believe I am adding a feature to Bob’s Blog that has to do with college football. It is called “the 1 player that stuck out to me in a game I watched that I wasn’t very aware of”. Therefore, just assume I think Adrian Peterson, Vince Young, and Reggie Bush are good. These are dudes that have stuck out to me in a given game, and maybe on draft day they will be solid NFL players or maybe they won’t be, but they sure caught my football eye.

Since I am starting this bit in week #3, I will post a few names from previous weeks, too.

Florida DeShawn Wynn, Jr. RB, #21 vs. Tennessee. What a stutter-step for a 230 pound back!

UCLA Justin London, Sr. LB, #9, vs. OU. Appears to be quite the speed LB, who hits and covers ground.

Virginia Marques Hagans, SR. QB , #18, vs. Syracuse – (I realize he doesn’t project well to the NFL, but he is still very good).

Wisconsin Brian Calhoun, Jr. RB , #2, vs. North Carolina – (What do you know, Wisconsin has a RB).

From Week #2

Texas Jamaal Charles, FR. RB , #25, vs, Ohio State – (I knew he was good, but wow).

Ohio State Anthony Schlegel, SR, LB , #51, vs, Texas – (OSU LB’s Hawk and Carpenter are great, too; Schlegel is a Dallas guy).

From Week #1

Bowling Green Omar Jacobs, Jr. QB , #4, vs. Wisconsin

Miami Ben Olsen, SO, TE , #82, vs. Florida State

Clemson James Davis, RB, Fr , #1, vs. Texas A&M

VT Darryl Tapp, DE, SR , #55, vs. NC State

There, I don’t know if anyone likes this growing list, but at least it serves as my college football notebook to myself…

Will Peerless ever dress? …And will Jason Ferguson ever start?

Stars drop pre-season opener 4-2 to Avalanche …Sellout crowd in Denver…

Speaking of Avalanche, Pierre shocks the world with admission

Pierre Turgeon wants to make one thing clear.

"I'm not Peter Forsberg, that we know," Turgeon said ahead of Colorado's pre-season game Saturday against Dallas at the Pepsi Center.

In other news, girls, I am not Brad Pitt.

Juan Pierre makes equipment adjustment

The grass surface at Dolphins Stadium is in such a depleted state that center fielder Juan Pierre said for the first time in his pro career he was thinking of wearing a protective cup to prevent a bad-hop injury.

''You'll definitely see me going down to one knee to field base hits,'' Pierre said.

``It's [the playing surface] probably the worst I've seen it since I've been here.''

He has NEVER worn a cup? Don’t these guys value their parts?

Chelsea: 5 games, 5 wins, 10 goals for, 0 allowed …is the premiership already over?

PsychoAg writes for Texas Tech Website! …Not bad…

Michael Irvin versus Brett Favre

Irvin contends, Favre stuck his nose where it didn't belong — and Packers receiver Javon Walker will pay a hefty price for it.

"Now, this is a story here," said Irvin, the former star receiver for the University of Miami and Dallas Cowboys. "This boy (Walker) came back into camp because of Brett Favre. The great Brett Favre. This is not some rookie quarterback calling him out when he was asking for his money. This is the great Brett Favre."

"I love Brett, I appreciate Brett. But Brett should know business is business," said Irvin, who was at Dolphins camp on Thursday for a ESPN feature. "You don't mess with another man's business.

"Now, what do you do, Brett? If I'm Brett, how you can walk in the room when you just did surgery to say, 'Hey, man, I'm sorry this has happened?' How could you do it? How could you look that man in his eyes?"

When asked Wednesday if he regretted his previous comments, Favre said no.

"I feel terrible about what happened because it doesn't help our team any," said Favre, who makes upward of $10 million a year. "But he's young. It's hard for him to believe it right now, but I promise you, he'll come back better. His contract situation will take care of itself. I still think he'll make a lot of money."

So, let me get this straight. Javon Walker signs a deal. Doesn’t like it. Holds out of mini-camp. Complains. Favre tells him to shut up and get to camp. Walker does. Gets hurt. And Favre is the bad guy? Sports are screwed up. Oh well, Irvin is going in the Ring of Honor tomorrow night.

I know it is old, but did Henry Melton score? The evidence claims he did:

And finally, sometimes I am asked what sport I followed most closely when I was growing up. Usually, the answer was football. But, a close 2nd can be seen in one picture below:

Good Day.


Anonymous said...

gayest picture ever! i dont even think that can get a sports exception for its gayness.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to request a Jamaal Charles piece in the open on Monday. From the segment about his Ric Renner interview after that high school all-star game.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please clear up the rule on where the ball must cross the goal line? In other words, if Melton is holding the ball out in front of him and the ball crosses the sideline before crossing the goal line, would that be a TD or not? Because if not, that picture is pretty inconclusive since you cant see where the ball is in relation to the sideline.

By the way, ask some people from Grapevine HS what they think of Henry Melton. He's got a little bit of Tate Pittman in him.

Baseball sux said...

Isn't it ironic that Bob is asking if Juan Pierre values his parts, when he just mutilated his?

How are the boys Bob?

Anonymous said...

No wonder Hulk Hogan has yet to give up professional wrestling ...
the fringe benefits are unbeatable.

I love muscled chicks!!

steve said...

outfielders don't need cups, infielders and catchers do. c'mon bob, learn your sports