Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Big Night at Death Valley

College football game of the year Candidate? I was thinking so about 10:30 last night, 4 hours after the game began in Baton Rouge, as Tennessee returned from the dead and beat LSU 30-27 in Overtime …JaMarcus Russell gave this game away with a horrendous INT up 24-14 in his own territory that was returned to the LSU 1 yard line.

Believe it or not, The Cowboys have room for improvement according to Jen Floyd…

Believe it or not, part 2 Despite Randy Moss and friends being gone, 2 more Minnesota Vikings have been arrested


Brian Davis on Adrian Peterson

Marlins and Burnett divorce

Marlins general manager Larry Beinfest said Burnett has been asked to leave the team and will not be offered a multiyear contract during the offseason. The decision came a day after the pitcher said the team plays scared because manager Jack McKeon and the coaching staff are too negative. Burnett popped off after losing his sixth decision in a row at Atlanta.

Aggies, stop doing things like this! …You make it tough to defend you guys…

Rob Corddry on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” did a funny bit on the Packalope being forced to keep his deer antlers at home.

Click Here and then Click “Sent Packin” to see it…

And the Vikings FM DJ fan strikes at the chance

Superfan Larry Primeau, a k a the Packalope, has been forced to shed his trademark Pack helmet with its deer antlers because new stadium protocols specifically mention "antlers" as potential weapons.

In preparing a spoof on the antlers ban, show producers contacted Olsen, the midday DJ on KXXR Radio (93.7 FM) when he's out of costume. "They wanted me to play on the fact that Vikings and Packers fans aren't very fond of each other," Olsen said.

He happily obliged. "I told some Packer jokes, I said the town of Green Bay smelled bad and just ripped on Green Bay fans."

And here is some Tuesday Morning Email:

I've noticed Fraley has had a new article posted on the DMN web site since 8/14, and he is not listed in the Sports Day Columnists link I used to use. To me, he is as good a writer as we have in town. Given your show's association with him, I figured you might know if he has left town or something. Just curious. Thanks.

Fraley has taken a small leave of absence I have been told. He will still write baseball, but he is living elsewhere with his wife (she has a 10-month job thing in California I am told) until next summer, and will resume his column writing at that time. So, “Just Venting” is on hold….

Instead of those stupid little trinkets they give out to fans at certain home games, the Cowboys should have BARF BAG DAY. During the 4th quarter of the next home game, vendors walk to each section passing out BARF BAGS to those who may feel queasy watching the Cowboys try to hold a lead. They can even have special souvenir Roy Williams Barf Bags where the bottom of the bag falls out preventing it from catching anything. Proceeds can go to the "Get a Strong Safety Signing Bonus" fund.
Jeff Axelrod

No comment.

Let me tell you one thing that burns me up about drafting a Sunbelt player over the best defensive player in the entire country last year and that’s watching Derrick Johnson run wild, picking up right where he left off at UT for the Chiefs. If Ware isn’t as good as DJ, then failed draft pick. Maybe Ware can play, maybe not, regardless, I will continue to compare him to DJ and that will be the barometer on if that was a good pick.

Irving, TX

I do not disagree with you. I think they made the right choice, but after watching Johnson destroy the Big 12 like he did for years, the Cowboys took quite a chance…

Looking at the Jets quarterback situation- does it not speak volumes about the character of Carter. All kinds of replacements being called in- all holding a big bag of nothing. Yet here is Quincy, who just last year played for this team, and not one news story has reported any interest by the Jets in a reunion.

Thanks for listening,

That is a fine point. Dale Hansen must be puzzled how Quincy is not being chased by every team in football, given how great he was. He is now being treated like cancer around the league.

A day late, but, Here is Peter King’s MMQB …And he summed up the Packers problems brilliantly yesterday:

They just aren’t good enough. They had the 25th best defense last year, and they spent $50,000 in signing bonuses in the off-season. They had 3 Top-100 picks, and only spent 1 on their defense, and that was on a small-college safety.

Amen, Pete.


Chris said...

The LSU fans sure know how to party:

it was a stark contrast to the welcome Tennessee's team received when it arrived on campus two hours earlier. LSU fans rocked their buses and broke windows by throwing beer bottles at the Vols.

UT athletics director Mike Hamilton said the Tennessee party had four buses, and he was on the last one, which included other school officials and cheerleaders. "They were throwing bottles at the buses and that kind of stuff," Hamilton said. "The bus I was on, they broke three of the windows."

Vicky Fulmer, wife of UT coach Phillip Fulmer, was riding on the first UT bus and said fans threw beer all over it.


(not that) Dan said...

speaking of college football, did you see where 0-4 Idaho received 5 votes in the new Harris Interactive Top 25 poll?



big smooth said...

that was a heck of a game last night, but i don't think it lives up to texas-ohio st.

you guys have to get someone from that bookstore on the air to explain the boarding of the windows....

Jay Clendenin said...

Aggie picture:
There is no wood on the outside to nail the boards to. I don't think nailing boards to bricks is possible.

Chris said...

Aggie picture:
There is no wood on the outside to nail the boards to. I don't think nailing boards to bricks is possible.


Anonymous said...

Pooooooooooor aggy

Greatmondo said...

Bob, I think Quincy is in consideration...

Len Pasquareli: Heard in the Press Box

Not saying Quincy's not a spare but I thought teams are giving him the Heisman because of the drug problem, not his ability. If Akili Smith
can be brought in to Packers camp and if Jeff George and Neil F'n Odonnel
can be kept on GMs roledexs, then anythings possible.


p1dean said...

Looks like Jet fans will soon be slashing their wrists as the team signed Vinnie Testeverde (yeah) to replace Pennington.


Kevin, the Voice of Reason said...

Dear Brent in Irving,

Take off your Burnt Orange-colored glasses. Derrick Johnson didn't seem to help the mighty Chiefs last night versus Denver, did he? He had two tackles.

Two tackles. And, it's not like he didn't have the opportunity to shine. Denver ran the ball 37 times and passed only 18. So, where was Derrick Johnson during those 37 run plays? The Broncos piled up 221 rushing yards for a good 6 yards a pop. Sounds like DJ spent most of his time being crushed by Denver linemen and tight end...when he wasn't busy making his two tackles.

Also, you might want to open your eyes to a couple of other things before you get on your knees for Derrick Johnson.

First, Dallas and Kansas City run different defenses. Dallas took Ware as a pass rusher in a 3-4 defense; Kansas City took Johnson as a run stopper in a 4-3 defense. Neither has burned up the world yet doing either.

Second, Dallas already had plenty of salary cap money tied up in linebackers with Dat Nguyen, Al Singleton, and Bradie James. They didn't need another high dollar linebacker. They needed a guy who could go at defensive end. Ware can play defensive end and outside linebacker. Derrick Johnson is pretty much just a run stopper with questionable pass coverage skills.

Look, both are young and, barring injury, will have long, productive careers. But, don't get ahead of yourself. They've both played in exactly three pro games. You can hardly compare the two based on that - unless you want to talk about Johnson and the Chiefs' run defense so far this season. In case you haven't checked, it's ranked 23rd in the league. Not so great.

Guess it's time for DJ to step up and help back up all of the crazy talk of his Burnt Orange kool-aid drinking fans, eh?

Word to ya muthah!

Steve said...

Norm is such a hypocrite. He yells about Tech's schedule and how they shouldn't be ranked, and then says Auburn got screwed last year b/c of their schedule.

Who care's about Tech?!?!? If it were USC's schedule, ok. But Tech????

I hate 10-noon.

Revolver said...

I may be wrong but wasn't Quincy Carter diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder? Anyone know what happened with that?

Anonymous said...

whatever happened to that beatch Judy Cunningham? I sent her a nasty email but surprisingly never heard back from her.

10-noon sucks gralls

Brandon said...

Les Miles is the most overrated coach in the history of college football.

The ONLY reason he got that gig in the Bayou was because of his two wins over OU. And even then, I think we can safely assume that if not for the talents of Rashaun Woods, he would have lost both of those games.

CristalDip said...

Well, obviously it's hard to defend the window boarding at face value. HOWEVER, if the windows are relatively new polystyrene cristal windows they could withstand anything the could could stir up by themselves. If the owners of the store knew that, then they probably didn't feel like sinking nails into the brick veneer in order to protect something that didn't need protecting, and just put up the boards because they had to or something...

well, that's a lot of "ifs"... but its possible.


Anonymous said...

I agree that game was exciting, but i don't think it was even the best LSU game of the year. The comeback at Arizona State was amazing.

Eric in Keller

Chris said...

Is Cristal serious?

Anonymous said...

Fraley gone? Good riddance.

MR said...

i used to love norm as a kid, i thought he knew everything, but now i know he is a blow hard. very dissapointing, i cant stand to listen to anything he says, and his interviews with the big names are a JOKE. i say the muser take an extra hour and you guys take the other one. or we could give dale 2 hours a day, just kidding norm is great compared to that fatarse.

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