Monday, September 26, 2005

Bob's College Football Clipboard (or something):

Last weekend was some pretty strong college football action, despite the fact that none of our local colleges (that I care about—Big 12 only, please) played games of any substance whatsoever. But, we did learn that USC can handle adversity, Wisconsin can beat Michigan despite having a QB who cannot play QB, Virginia Tech is freaking awesome, Tennessee has an absurdly tough schedule in September and may not be that great anyway, Ohio State is good despite losing to Texas, Iowa is not good, Miami is good despite their loss to FSU, and Minnesota has a RB we may want to look at.

Now, here is my Week #4 set of “the 1 player that stuck out to me in a game I watched that I wasn’t very aware of”. Therefore, just assume I think Adrian Peterson, Vince Young, and Reggie Bush are good. These are dudes that have stuck out to me in a given game, and maybe on draft day they will be solid NFL players or maybe they won’t be, but they sure caught my football eye.

LSU Skylar Green, SR, WR/KR #5 vs. Tenn. Speed Burner coming back from Injury. Like the QB, too, but I figure you are up to speed on his fine work.

Va Tech Jeff King, SR, TE #90 vs. Ga Tech. Very solid at everything. Catches, blocks, blocks kick. Once again, I assume you are familiar with his QB, too.

Ohio State Troy Smith, JR, QB #10 vs. Iowa…It appears it is all Smith at QB, Zwick is on the bench in Columbus…

Michigan Mario Manningham, FR, WR #86 vs. Wisconsin. Very promising WR from a school that seldom produces a great NFL WR.

Previous players on the list:

Week #3

Florida DeShawn Wynn, Jr. RB, #21 vs. Tennessee. What a stutter-step for a 230 pound back!

UCLA Justin London, Sr. LB, #9, vs. OU. Appears to be quite the speed LB, who hits and covers ground.

Virginia Marques Hagans, SR. QB , #18, vs. Syracuse – (I realize he doesn’t project well to the NFL, but he is still very good).

Wisconsin Brian Calhoun, Jr. RB , #2, vs. North Carolina – (What do you know, Wisconsin has a RB).

Week #2

Texas Jamaal Charles, FR. RB , #25, vs, Ohio State – (I knew he was good, but wow).

Ohio State Anthony Schlegel, SR, LB , #51, vs, Texas – (OSU LB’s Hawk and Carpenter are great, too; Schlegel is a Dallas guy).

Week #1

Bowling Green Omar Jacobs, Jr. QB , #4, vs. Wisconsin

Miami Ben Olsen, SO, TE , #82, vs. Florida State

Clemson James Davis, RB, Fr , #1, vs. Texas A&M

VT Darryl Tapp, DE, SR , #55, vs. NC State

There, I don’t know if anyone likes this growing list, but at least it serves as my college football notebook to myself…

College Games I care about this week (so-so week):

Florida at Alabama, 2:30 CBS
Michigan at Michigan State, 11am ABC (ESPN Gameplan)
Texas at Missouri, 11am ABC
USC at Arizona State, 2:30 ABC
Virginia Tech at West Virginia 11:00 ESPN
Baylor at A&M, 11:30 FSN
Kansas State at Oklahoma, 6:00 TBS
Wisconsin at Indiana, 11:00 ESPN2 (of course)


Observer said...

Nothing about the crazy TCU finish against BYU? It really hurts to think this could be a team on the margins of top-10 ranking if not for that jaw-dropping inexcusable loss to SMU. You know, if Virginia Tech had lost to directional state technical college somewhere and yet beaten Utah, Oklahoma (IN NORMAN) and BYU (IN UTAH), don't you think they would still be somewhere around top-10?

I don't expect TCU to win a national championship, but crap, can't they do better than 15th on the also-ran list at the tail end of the top-25? I know I'm just reinventing the wheel with this gripe, but sometimes, it still needs to be said.

MR said...

your lucky that they allow tcu to run out the schedule after losing to SMU. i thought they would be shutting down the football program. the reason tcu wont get any props is the way they lost that game a few years ago, when they had the chance of going undefeated. it shows they suck. period. then they had the marbles to turn down a bowl game because they game was on a school day, when every freakin game tcu plays is on a weekday so there sorry ass games can be televised by espn 14. purple is for pussys.

Anonymous said...

Great post MR. TCU is a joke of a program. Regardless of whether they won or lost aginst SMU they wouldn't have deserved a top 25 ranking. The only way they should ever be ranked for the rest of this year is if they run the table in the MWC. At least half the teams in the Big 12, SEC, ACC, Pac 10, and Big 10 could stomp TCU.
This only goes to show why NCAA football needs a playoff, if only for the sole purpose of getting people in the MWC, C-USA, WAC,and now even the Big East to stop acting like winning these conferences makes you deserving of playing in a big time bowl game. The worst part of being from FW is having to put up with the FWST and all the TCU people thinking they are on the level of UT, Tech, or A&M. This is why I am already looking forward to next season when Tech invades Amon Carter and there are twice as many Tech fans as frogs. Please make sure that all the bulbs are new on the visitors side of your scoreboard because I am sure we will need them all.

steve said...

great comment mr.

bob, what about liberties big homecoming game against vmi? are you gonna skip that one?

beat the engineers

Anonymous said...

TCU is better off winning minor conference games in obscurity anyway. Every time they start to get some national attention, they choke. Just be happy to win some games in your crappy little conference and go to a bowl game and occasionally jump up and bite one of the big boys like OU this year. Because you know that you would be on the same level as Baylor or worse if you had to play the big boys every week.

Chris said...

I love it when Les Miles shows his true self... my favorite of last night? The timeout call by Les after the interception.

Good hire LSU, get used to being up by 3 touchdowns and losing the game.