Monday, September 26, 2005

Winning Ugly beats Losing Pretty

I used to preach this on the air a few years ago, and while I was watching the Cowboys take a victory knee last night that mantra popped back in my head:

“In the NFL, it’s not “how?” it’s “how many?””

Here is the point of that little saying. In nearly every game in this league, both teams could claim that they had the right to victory. That is why on Monday you hear people say that they weren’t beat, they beat themselves. Take the Cowboys first 3 games: They could have lost both games they won, and they should have won the game that they lost. Therefore, it is all about closing out the games. With all of the stats in this league that we all discuss and analyze, only one stat matters: Wins versus Losses.

Did you deserve to win yesterday? Yes and No. But, do you get to post another number on your “win total”? Then mission accomplished in San Francisco. Now, on to Oakland.

On to a few random thoughts:

Bledsoe through 3 games is better than anyone could have ever imagined. On the final and the most important drive of yesterday’s game, Bledsoe led the Cowboys right down the field and his stats for just that drive looked like this: 5 for 6, 72 yards, 1 Touchdown, 1 2-pt conversion. I am amazed at his performance, and he is being helped by receivers who are ready to play.

On September 21st, I wrote:

Terry Glenn and Keyshawn Johnson demonstrated how important and crucial they really are. Glenn is a legit deep threat (as long as he stays healthy) and I swear Keyshawn catches anything thrown in his area. He is really, really money. I think the league’s hypesters are ignoring Keyshawn since his falling out with Gruden, but he is as close to Michael Irvin as you can get when it comes to fighting for a ball and demonstrating great hands.

I think I stand behind that.

Larry Allen, after squaring off against a Jose Cortez, is now being excused as this fiery competitor that just hates to lose? Since when? I remember less than 2 years ago his owner scolding him back onto the field when he took himself out and I also seem to remember the annual “I am too fat” sessions in training camp where they have to poke and prod him back into shape. Wow, what a competitor. That was a goofy decision, regardless of what Cortez said to the deep snapper, to assault him on national tv. But, Moose and Jerry were happy to stand up for him...

Bledsoe leads the offense …So much for the “bus driver” label…

"I've never seen us do so many things you'd like to take back and win in spite of ourselves," Jones said. "If you can manage to win a game like we did today, then you have to look at the positives. One of the big positives was No. 11 – I'll draw a big circle around him – because we don't win without him."

The Cowboys needed Bledsoe's 363 passing yards and three touchdowns because the game started poorly for Dallas, which didn't lead until Johnson's touchdown catch. For the second time this season, an opponent scored a touchdown on its first possession.

Dallas pulled within a point on Jason Witten's 6-yard touchdown catch, but Cortez missed the extra point attempt – the first miss of his career – after a low snap.
Allen yelled at him as he stalked back to the sideline, then shoved the kicker in the face after he responded to the criticism. Witten separated the players.

"I didn't have a problem with it. If the ball is placed on someone's helmet, you're supposed to make an extra point," Jones said. "I understand Larry's frustration. That just showed how much he cares. I wish everyone cared that much."

Winning while walking the tightrope

For much of the last week, the Cowboys have been mad at themselves about losing a game they thought they should have won.

Well, consider the Cowboys "even" after Sunday's 34-31 comeback win against San Francisco at Monster Park.

For roughly three quarters Sunday, the Cowboys, seemingly on continual meltdown mode from last Monday's 14-13 loss to Washington, did everything they could to lose.

2 road games; 2 cities that complain about Cowboys fans

At the end of the game there was another debacle, though not of Rattay's making. In his own stadium, operating out of the shotgun, Rattay could not hear. His team was called for a false start. The huge number of Cowboys fans in attendance were making a deafening roar to help the defense.

``I'd like the 49er fans to keep their tickets,'' Nolan said. ``That would be nice.''

Heika’s account of life on NHL benches …and yes, I don’t mind admitting I am jealous…

Dumb and Dumber rises again

Little Rascal passes away …Butch, who we have a wacky liner from…

Fun with Uniforms

This set of standings also checks playoff probabilities: Cool

RotoAuthority with 2 columns of note to Rangers fans (remember the Rangers?) Mench for Zito? …and,
Time to trade Tex?

Packers Summary, Week 3: Loss at home to Tampa Bay. The Pack has now been reduced to having to play perfect at home to beat a team that sucked in 2004. They cannot play perfect with Favre rolling the dice way too often and turning the ball over. Yes, for the first time, I look forward to the future after:

-the firing of Mike Sherman (who should have been fired after 4th and 26 in Philly)
-the retirement of Favre (he can stay as long as he wants, but Green Day is unloading their equipment as we speak)
-the allowing of Ahman Green to sign elsewhere this off-season (he is too old to give a big contract to)

Everything works in cycles in the NFL (unless you like the Cardinals) and there is little doubt that the cycle that began in 1992 is done. Time to start another one.


Great Picture in Picture football tonight:

Tennessee at LSU, 6:30
Kansas City at Denver, 8:00


Anonymous said...

Where's your turnover stat? Did you foreget to track it this week?? You're better than that Bob.

Jason F. said...

Larry Allen is overpaid, over-rated and over-fed. I remember him taking himself out of games and standing with his hands on his hips while plays were still going. Nothing like seeing your QB on his back and the "All Pro" lineman with his hands on his hips sucking air while the guy he should of blocked does his celebration. Phuck Larry Allen, they should of traded his sorry ass to Oakland when they had the chance.

Anonymous said...

``I'd like the 49er fans to keep their tickets,'' Nolan said. ``That would be nice.''

I know that Nolan is new on the job, but try fielding a competitive team first dude.

As for Larry Allen, he should be fined for hitting a teammate. That is absolutely inexcusable under any circumstance.

gooner said...

You think Cortez wanted a 'Do over' when he saw Larry Allen coming his way? That was very funny stuff, how could you fine Allen for that!

Sturminator said...

Turnover stat is usually a Tuesday or Wednesday feature. Stay tuned.

p1dean said...

I couldn't agree with your Sept 21st statement more, Bob...Keyshawn is neck and neck with Harrison for most underrated receiver. And I bet he's
loving having a QB who can zip the ball into such a small area for him to catch it! That 2point conversion was like a magic trick...the ball just appeared between the 1 and 8.

Drew Bledsoe is old Aikman without the back problem. And that isn't a bad thing.


Brandon said...

"Packers Summary, Week 3: Loss at home to Tampa Bay. The Pack has now been reduced to having to play perfect at home to beat a team that sucked in 2004."

I think you're selling the Bucs a little short here. That same Bucs team sucked in 2004 because they didn't have a running game.

Now they do. And they're 3-0 primarily because of a Cadillac.

Brandon said...

"That was very funny stuff, how could you fine Allen for that!"

Let's say that Larry in all of his exhuberance gives poor Jose a concussion.

Who's going to do the kicking?

Anonymous said...

Bob, first of all, my prayers are with you and your family as you accept the Packers' rebuilding fate. I went through the same thing around 97 or 98 with the Cowboys. Also, is that Roto guy smoking crack?! Joe Randa or Lyle freaking Overbay can come in here and match Teixera's production? Please.

Eric in Keller

big smooth said...

whew, what a difference a week makes. everything's great in cowboy nation....the only difference is that yesterday, the breaks went the other way...

the cowboys better be worried about the raiders. they're an 0-3 team that's much better than that record suggests. since they're saving all that travel time this week, they better figure out how to stop randy moss and how to get some pressure on kerry collins or 2-2 could be looming....

Robert Bentley said...

Norv Turner should have a pretty easy offensive gameplan this week, given the Pokes' continued inability to defend the deep ball. Think Randy Moss is licking his chops watching film of the Dallas defensive backs?

Observer said...

I know the answer to this question, but I will ask it in frustration anyway. Does it make sense to say that coaching genius Bill Parcells was put on this Earth so that he could serve as the puppet for whatever divine being manufactured the two-point-conversion chart?

If I were Anthony Henry, I'd be trying to find Carl the Groundskeeper for some help in taking Randy Moss out of the game. Not only would he be out of the game, but he'd never hit a straight golf shot again.