Tuesday, September 20, 2005


My, My, My.

The Football gods giveth. (Final Play against San Diego)

The Football gods taketh away. (Final 4 minutes versus Washington)

That one smarts. And the Cowboys are 1-1.

I was about to blog my little heart out about the unbelievable night Roy Williams was having. Williams was playing phenomenally, and through 1 game and 56 minutes of the next, it was all good with Roy stepping up and making play after play. But, a game is not 56 minutes long. It is 60, and sadly enough for the Boys, Roy Williams was in on both bombs to Santana Moss. His coverage was late, and with help from Aaron Glenn will be seen as the goat on those fateful plays.

But, let’s not forget that this game was over when Drew Bledsoe hit Keyshawn Johnson on 3rd down and the Redskins had just spent the last of their timeouts. From there, it was over. But, hold everything, Penalty on Flozell Adams. Not good timing, Flo. Talk about a game losing flag.

From there, you had the 70 yard touchdown to Moss, on a classic 2 play drive. And then, after Tyson Thompson’s big return to mid field, Sean Taylor hits Patrick Crayton so hard his family hurt, and saved another 1st down that would have helped put the Cowboys in range for a winning FG.

This one lingers for a while, so it is important that you make San Francisco pay on Sunday.

Clarence Hill’s game summary of the 4 minute collapse

Cowboys drop the ball at their own party

And then Brunell dropped back. And Santana Moss went long. And Parcells, the gruff, platinum-haired Cowboys coach, began employing some of the most questionable strategy imaginable in the final minutes. He did not nurse a 13-0 lead in the final four minutes; he neglected it until it frittered away to a sea of boos.
After Brunell converted a fourth-and-15, 39-yard touchdown strike to Moss -- a game-over down if Brunell had not completed that pass -- Parcells suddenly was not interested in killing the clock and going home.

Four of the next six Dallas plays were stop-the-clock passes, including an errant first-down throw by Drew Bledsoe immediately after Brunell made it a game, with the Redskins trailing, 13-7.

Wilbon on Brunell

But Gibbs's faith in Brunell seemed justified Monday night. After quite a few bad throws and five-yard flips that count for completions but nothing more, Brunell started to catch fire late -- very late. He had that great running-right, throwing-right pass that resulted in a 41-yard gain to Moss that served as a flashback to his glory days in Jacksonville, when he led the Jaguars to two AFC championship games. And on third and 27, after being thrown to the ground like a rag doll by the Cowboys' Roy Williams, Brunell dashed 25 yards and gave up his body to try and make a first down with his team down two scores late. Nobody ever said Brunell's spirit isn't willing; it just wasn't very wise after what we saw from him last season to presume he could find his old form.

One other thing about last night while I am still fired up. In March, The Cowboys signed Anthony Henry to a 5-year, $25 million contract with an $11 million signing bonus . In 2003, The Cowboys drafted Terrence Newman, then signed him to a 7-year, $33 million contract with a $13 million signing bonus . Which of those two players was covering Santana Moss, the only legitimate deep threat for the Redskins last night on the two touchdowns? Neither. That’s right. Aaron Glenn, the third corner was “covering” him. That is like Erick Dampier taking the final shot of a playoff game.

The Stars play a home game tonight against Edmonton which will be televised on Channel 27. I am all for televising everything, but that seems like odd strategy for selling tickets. But, nevertheless, I am pleased to watch hockey again. In related news, HDNet has released its NHL schedule for High Definition broadcasts…Sounds good to me…

Is it gay to grab Dan’s knee on live television?


AttnyDan said...

$@#@!it, Son of a #%@!*, F-ing stupid play calling, $^%# coverage.

Even in Pop Warner we always put our best defensive guy on their fastest wide receiver. What kind of crap was that last night. I blame this one on the coaching staff...period.

I'm scared to ask this, but is it possible that since Glenn is a Parcell's guy, Parcell's trusted him more than his million dollar men? If so, Parcell's should be F-ing barbecued.

Greatmondo said...

This game reminded me of Madden. You know when you're shutting out the computer going out in the 4th qtr, then all of a sudden the computer's QB becomes Jesus in football cleats? Their QB starts throwing 80 yard bombs while your DBs fall to the ground or have collective braintfarts.

I unconciously reached for the reset button last night and threw my controller against the wall.

AttnyDan, I agree. This Parcells' guy ish needs to stop. Were was TNew and Henry on those plays?


Cap It said...

AttyDan, I totally agree. Also:

1. How many times did we see Witten catch the ball on a curl route a yard short? I counted three.
2. Critical penalties.
3. Poor time management in the 4th quarter - specifically rushing the play before the 2 minute warning. I thought they had 2 timeouts remaining there late - if they did, why didn't they use one on the 4th down play?

MR said...

The tyson thompson give up play on 3rd down just to kick a field goal, was a defining moment in the game. if the cowboys can get a td, its 17-0 and its over. also the hurried play before the 2 minute warning. its odd when my wife says, " why are they trying to get another play off, they dont want to leave too much time for washington, do they?" how does this happen to a "hall of fame" coach?

JIM said...

I now submit the quote that should make Cowboys fans sick when you read it:

"Both touchdowns came on the same play," safety Roy Williams said. "I don't know what happened. I just saw Moss blazing down the seam."

After reading that, I need some Rolaids, Xantac, and whatever else sooths the stomach...... I don't need to throw up today, after yesterday's game was enough for me....

Hopefully, the 'Boys win on Sunday versus the 49ers... I can't stand two straight weeks like this....

Chris said...

I can't say anything bad about Roy on those 2 plays, at least he got to the reciever, when glenn was trailing... But, where the F*** was Henry and Newman??????????????????? One of them should have been covering Moss.

I will hang up and listen,

Pissed off in Dallas

Anonymous said...

This one is all on the fat Tuna. Horrendous play calling on both sides of the ball during that final 4 minutes. But after last year's disaster of a season, it's nothing we shouldn't have seen coming from him.

Fake Sturm said...

I dont blame Parcells for throwing the ball towards the end of the game when the Boys still had the lead (We would be blasting him this morning if he would have ran it 3 times up the gut). I blame Bledsoe for not knowing the situation and taking the sack instead of throwing the ball away.

Matt in Dallas said...

Aaron Glenn is the bigger goat, especially on the second touchdown pass. On that play, Glenn is looking into the Redskins backfield as he backpedals--but he waits WAY too long to devote his attention to Santana Moss. By the time Glenn moved his head OR his hips, Moss was five yards behind him. Unless your name is Deion Sanders (circa 1995) or Maurice Green, it's all over at that point.

Anonymous said...

Greatmondo....i thought the same thing. Also, don't forget that right before the first touchdown, Roy dropped an interception that went right through his hands and hit him in the facemask. That play needs to be made if he is really an elite 'playmaker'.

Eric in keller

Anonymous said...

It looked to me like williams had deep covarge on both plays not glenn. that would make williams the goat not glenn. I don't know why you guys are still trying to kiss up to roy williams

Neil Payne said...

The Cowboys won a game last week that they should have lost and this week they lost a game they should have won.

They are what they are...A team that will get 7 or 8 wins.

Looks like too many people drank the Kool-Aid. AGAIN!

p1dean said...

Greatmondo...you're absolutely right. This had Madden catch-up AI written all over it.

Let's see...Monday Night game + Redskins in Dallas + Triplets on the Field together + Vicious sack + 55 min shutout + NO HAPPY ENDING = horrendous case of BLUEBALLS. Good thing you had your marbles removed, Bob.

I wrote this last Sunday, and I hope I don't have to repeat it 16 frikkin times this year, but here it goes...to gameplan against Dallas...Find #31. Throw at #31. Score touchdowns. Roy Williams might be the "Big Cat" of the New Cowboys. The player with incredible ability who makes great highlight plays and then does something boneheaded that costs the game.

Why didn't I just turn it off with 4 minutes left? Why?


btw did anyone else think that Roy's sack celebration looked suspiciously like the Three Amigos salute?

Fake Big Mac said...

Grubes is my hero!!

If he can kill Parcell's press conferences, he should get Catlin's job.

I hate the P1

Anonymous said...

So gay and so funny!

Roy and the boys let that one go last night, but what to you expect from one of the NFL's most over-rated players? After watching last night I had the same taste in my mouth I have had the past 5+ yrs of watching the Cowboys games ----CHOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Andy Douthitt said...

This is a giant kick in the crotch!!

We will always be wondering how, when Brunell just looks so old and feeble when he drops back to pass, he finds enough to complete two bombs to kill the Cowboys on the night when we celebrate the greatness of what this franchise was and still is..
Let's take you out to the action on the field...

Roy Williams is a great player. However, he is absolutely horrid in pass coverage. The best player on the field for the Skins is running away, and Roy is lagging behind... twice.

Normally, in the past decade, I feel so defeated after we lose games like this because we don't have the players to do anything about it, but not this time.

If you look at the defense, other than Moss running away, great game from the D-line and another A+ from Anthony Henry. Did Clinton Portis suit up for the game last night?

As Andy Dufrain said in Shawshank.. "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things."

This team will make the playoffs and be good for a long time.. They show me too many positives not to think so.

One last thing... who dumps Gatorade on the coach after the 2nd regular season game? I hope Joe Gibbs never wins again and takes that franchise further into hell. What a dumbass old fart.. Screw him and little Danny up in his luxury box with all of his bitches...

Don't freak out Cowboy fans... we will be OK

Anonymous said...

Pain= Watching Dan Snyder celebrate
Pain= Is seeing the Skins' and Giants 2-0
Reality= If you can't beat the Eagles at least once then we need 14 more like last night
Stomaching the pain until the return of dominance is better than this mediocore crap from Parcells.

Anonymous said...

touching another mans knee on tv is GAY!whats even gayer is the look on your faces when you are doing the knee touching.

Yogi said...

I cried because I missed BaD on TV.

Then I heard a gay touched another man's knee.

Anonymous said...

does this revive the rivalry a bit?

p1dean said...

I think maybe it revives the rivalry a little. At least until Parcell brings Brunell in to play QB next year;)

I don't think rivalries will ever exist like they did before the whole free-agency thing. I think it's more of a player by player basis (for example T.O. and his star defacement). Of course that is until T.O. comes to play for the cowboys and then his first touchdown will make him a hero.


Robert Bentley said...

Let's take a look at Roy before blasting him:
Great against the run
Good pass-rusher
Not a cover guy

There's a place in the 3-4 for guys like him, and it's the linebacker position. This is not a new idea, but strangely it hasn't been tried yet.