Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I had a feeling about this. And so it ends.

It's a tough thing. Happy Trails, Brett.


C said...


I know it is tough medicine to see one of your heros walk away from the game. In my lifetime I have not seen another pro player in any sport take the field and have as much FUN. It is fitting that his final game was the best in the league this season imho (it trumps the SB to me...no snow in Phoenix). His game seemed to come straight from the backyards of his childhood. The faux jump pass after handoffs, the falling down underhand shovel passes, the incredible arm strength downfield..he will be missed. You can take solace in seeing if his seed, one Tony Romo, can follow in his footsteps to Canton. Peace

B said...

one super bowl victory ????
what a failure

also... the drugs... mark chamura... reggie white.... a dark time for the ass packers

aaron rodgers in the 21st century!!

The Rice Man said...

He's a Legend who walked away a Legend. Career well done!

Who exactly did Atlanta get in that trade? At least they still had Jeff George

Jay said...

His last game echoed his career, throwing dumb interceptions..wait, jk.

I'm really surprised by this. They were so close...and so the Aaron Rodgers era begins. Will he be as great as Favre? The answer..greater!

Derek said...

As a Viking fan, I am extremely pleased with this news. He has haunted my football dreams for far too long. I think he was an excellent quarterback, with incredible endurance and toughness. I do think he was slightly overrated by the mainstream media. I wish him well as a post nfl legend, but will not look back. I can only hope they spend 15 years looking for a QB like they did before his arrival.

Bill said...

Let's wait until training camp or the first handful of games in the season before writing him off completely. I can see a Roger Clemens-like return during the season.

John said...

I'm 30 now and have been watching football as long as i can remember and I don't ever him not being their QB. I love watching Favre more than anyone and the scene in GB, it will be weird next year to see that.

Big Anthony said...

Rice Man, the pick the Packers gave to Atlanta for Farve was I believe one offensive lineman Bob Wittfeld (sp)