Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cowboys Feedback

The following is a portion of my email from around 3:00 on Sunday....

Greetings! Bob, this team (the Cowboys) has taken on the personality of its coach. This team is soft and unprepared; this is a perfect description of Wade Phillips. He is soft (just look at him!) and always appears to be the last person to know what’s going on with this own team. He lacks passion and interest and so does this team. He stinks and so does his team. Or, should I say, his team stinks because he stinks. Bob, Phillips doesn’t put the fear of God into anyone. He doesn’t scare us (the fans!) and I’m sure he doesn’t scare anybody on his team. If you’re not just a little bit afraid of your coach (like you would be with your father), you’re probably going to lack the proper amount of motivation required to be successful.
hey now,

they might not win another game.
the coach must be fired now!
special teams & o-line coach out too.

this is reminding me of mavs vs golden state playoffs 07.

"you guys" are refusing to see what is happening.

no one will accept it until its done just like the warriors win ove mavs.

please call it as it is.


It's wishful thinking, right, but is it time to "pull the plug" on Wade Phillips?? This team is playing without any emotion. No fire. No spark.

Jerry Jones allowed Parcells in to rebuild the team and then Parcells left. Jones then gets rid of Parcells, but is it time to look at BILL COWHER???

Yep, it's wishful thinking, but the Cowboys mystique is non existent right now.

JEFF, a P-1 in Dallas

I am not sure if you've discussed this guy before on your show, but this Kenny Whatever doing the color commentary with Moose Johnston SSSSUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKSSSS!!!!

He mentioned Isiah Stanback as being from the University of WISCONSIN, instead of Washington.

He said Marion Barber's 25-yard run was his "LONGEST RUN OF THE SEASON". I can buy that if the fact that last week's 70-yard run was a pass play, but C'mon.

Also, I hope you guys discuss Brad Johnson's passes. A Significant number of them are behind the receivers that are running in route. That's why T.O.'s pass was an interception, not to mention it looked like double coverage.

Your thoughts?

Cliff (Disgusted Cowboy Fan) in Ft. Worth
Whether its business or sports, when a performance is turned in like this, it should cost somebody their job. This is disgusting and Jerry needs to cut somebody and that person should be Wade. NOBODY was ready to play a HUGE game for them and we got our a---- kicked by the f---ing RAMS. Jerry needs to send a message that nobody is exempt from this and should just wax wade immediately. Make him take a damn commercial flight home.

Jason needs to take over immediately because this team is responding to nothing that Wade is throwing out there.

All my love

BaD Radio,

Here are some things I've taken from the Dallas Cowboys game through three quarters of play:

Negatives-The offensively line looks fat, slow, and out of shape rather than big and strong and dominate like they did last year. I think this can easily be attributed to a shift in mentality from last year, where they still had that fire that Parcells instilled in the team during his tenure and also the additional incentive the team had after his departure, something no one seems to ever mention, as they all felt they wanted to prove they could win without him there; that he was the one keeping them down and not their, at times, poor play on the field.

Also, when is Jason Garrett going to be called out for getting no big plays with all of the weapons he has (or so we are told) on offense? I mean it seems as though we are out-bigplayed every single game we are involved in this season. Also, this offense looks so shaky and rusty for some reason. It looks like they’re coming off of a bye week every single week. Does this team not practice the plays for that weeks games during the week? It sure as hell doesn’t look like it when you have illegal shifts and illegal formations every single week. So, Terrell Owens can’t be put into motion or put in better position to make plays than he has been? I know that it is his responsibility to get open and beat double coverage (something that Michael Irvin should always be praised for as he, during his career in Dallas, was always doubled, never having a legitimate second receiver to take pressure off of him, but always made big plays) but can’t they do something, you know, creative, to get the guy the ball in space or in single coverage? Again, would someone call out Jason Garrett, who seems to have been anointed the next great thing in the NFL, much like this overrated team has been, without having done anything to earn such high praise.

Another thing I have noticed is that they have taken on their coaches personality, on the sideline and on the field, in that they seem to mope around like the Gerber Baby (Coach Phillips) as if they’d just had their bobble taken from them. It’s as if they are insulted these teams don’t just come in and lie down and let them win. If there was ever a team that truly did read their own press clippings too much and to the downfall of their own success, it has got to be this overrated group of talented players. It sounds so cliché but it is true, this is a collection of talented guys but not a talented team.

They look lost and confused. They look disorganized. They even look a bit scared out there.

Negatives-They can’t tackle. They can’t cover. They can’t rush the passer consistently (other than DeMarcus Ware). They can’t stop the run. They aren’t consistent. They look lost most of the time. They give up too many big plays. They don’t make any themselves.

Positives-They have DeMarcus Ware on their team. Seriously, have you seen any other positives thus far?

Special Teams:
Negatives-They are a complete mess. How Bruce “I have a child molester mustache” Reid didn’t get fired last year is beyond me and how he hasn’t been fired so far is also beyond me.

Positives-Nick Folk is still healthy.

Drew Thomas

P.S. Please tell me Tony Romo wasn’t listening to an Ipod on the sidelines today. I’m hoping that device he had plugged into his ear right before halftime was some sort of communication device to talk to someone of importance or to listen to the play calls being made.
Bob there won’t be any interviews after the game…ya wanna know why? Cause Frontrunners don’t talk to the media when things aren’t going there way..and that’s all these guys are…bunch of Frontrunners

I don’t like the make up of this team….

They will all be pointing the finger at each other soon…..that’s what Frontrunners do when things don’t go the “Right Way”

They also will be blaming it on “injuries” even though I think they are average even …when healthy …They are Overrated…plain and simple.

They are Soft…..SOFT!
a few things i have observed in this game. #1 roy williams is back. if i were anthony henry i would punch his ass for always looking at me everytime he is beat so that the national tv audience thinks its me that screwed up. #2 all week long we've heard wade phillips say they believe in brad johnson but did anyone ask the players, because they don't look like they do. they seem to be running lack luster routes and the looks on the sidelines are that of disinterest. i think our recievers have grown acustom to not having to get off the ball quick because they're use to romo buying them time with his feet and hitting them later when they get free. #3 the defensive line has no push and is depending on the defensive backs to cover to long. also as much as i love nick folk's ability to kick field goals how is it he can't kick the ball off to the endzone? i'm watching brown do it for the rams everytime! i'm just really frustrated and need the greatness of the "sturminator" to talk me off of the ledge....

When a intern coach with inferior talent is schooling you, you deserve to be fired.

When will the Dallas media call a spade a spade? To steal a comment made on the Ticket, " Wade is miscast for this job".




mrowlou said...

These players are a bunch of over-paid egos! No leaders, and no coaches to give them S.

My suggestion, fire a coach, and cut a starter on Monday.


Jay said...

I know there's plenty of blame to go around, I think this week goes to 2 winners:

1. Wade for not being able to get his team prepared
2. Brad Johnson for being awful (tho that's indirectly JJ fault for making him the backup)

This is a QB league and he is terrible. I blame the defensive goofups and lack of preparation on coaching and I think the offense's struggles were mainly due to a terrible QB. Romo gets criticized when he puts up like 3 tds and 300 yards, Brad couldn't even complete a pass today. Man how fast can we get Romo back!!?

Crisatunity said...

The entertainment value of a the Cowboys tanking cannot be overstated. The ratings at the Ticket must skyrocket when the sky is falling in Dallas.

For the record, I predicted today's implosion, and I given that I saw a team that could not cover, tackle or rush the QB (except Ware) on defense or a quarterback that could not throw professionally.

First, the Cowboys will never win a game with Brad Johnson at the helm.

Second, if Ware wasn't out there, they'd have lost by 30 or 40 today.