Tuesday, October 21, 2008

To Cheer You Up Today

If you enjoyed my previous high school basketball links ...

Here is My 9th Grade basketball Picture: 6'4, 130 lbs

Check out the gun show!

Sign seen at Fair Park on Gameday Set...

This blog lists the signs on College Gameday. ...

The great Nogueira in Studio!

My Stars Thoughts are on my blog at Dallasstars.com - Click Here to see them ...

The Cowboy situation is surely a developing one that will require some time to break down further…sadly, I don’t have much time today, so….

Jerry hints at no moves…Wade hints at making moves

"Absolutely, he's going to finish the season," Jones said via conference call from New York for the announcement of Legends Hospitality Management LLC, a new stadium concessions and merchandising venture. "That isn't even a remote consideration."

Phillips' job security has been called into question after an embarrassing 34-14 defeat at St. Louis on Sunday that dropped the team to 4-3. In his 31st year in the NFL and his third head-coaching stop, he knew the questions would come

"That kind of talk comes up with coaches all the time when things aren't going well," Phillips said. "Things aren't going well here, I understand that. I've been in the league a long time. But it's not going to affect how we prepare this week."
Inside the locker room Monday, players defended the coach and his staff.

"Why is this question being asked?" safety Ken Hamlin said. "It doesn't make sense. We've lost a couple of games, but he's done a good job. It doesn't make sense."
Phillips and the players find themselves answering those questions because a team with Super Bowl aspirations has lost three out of four games and did not play well in its one win during the stretch. That victory came against the NFL's only seven-loss team (Cincinnati).

Phillips made vague references Monday to making changes but admitted there are few personnel moves that can be made. One potential change is to have Phillips handle the defensive playcalling, which coordinator Brian Stewart has handled.

Nose tackle Tank Johnson said he believes the Cowboys are doing too much defensively to be effective. Phillips did not disagree.

"I think overall our execution is more of a problem than anything," Phillips said. "I'm talking about in all areas. We're not executing well enough on offense, defense and on special teams. We can identify those things. Coaches are working all day today and tomorrow.

"And we try to do this every week, but it's come to a point where we need to identify the things that we are doing well and try to do those things better."
The Cowboys, at 12-1, had the NFC's best record in mid-December last season. Since then, they are 5-6, including the playoff loss to the New York Giants. During that stretch, the Cowboys have thrown 14 interceptions, lost five fumbles and committed 84 penalties. Their opponents have thrown three interceptions, lost eight fumbles and committed 66 penalties.

Cowboys thoughts from Michael Lombardi

1. Terrell Owens has not led the Cowboys in receiving yards in any game this season; he’s been held under 100 receiving yards in 10 straight games (longest streak for Owens since 1998-99 when he had 11 straight games without 100 receiving yards)

2. The Cowboys have lost back-to-back games for the first time since Dec. 2006. They’ve lost 2 straight road games for the first time since Dec. 2005 Cowboys have allowed 30+ points in back-to-back games in the same season for the first time since Nov. 2004.

Mission Impossible Theme performed with impressiveness

Mike Douglass Show with Star Wars Cast

And yes, I realize I am not covering college football. My bad.


Andy D. said...

Some observations:

Carrie Fisher=hot
Bob Sturm=130lbs (his hair=10lbs)

Van Deusen said...

Wanted to say "congrats" on the Stars blog. You deserve it. Good luck.

Van Deusen said...

congats on the stars blog, man

Shawn Williams said...

I hadn't heard about the Stars Blog. Congrats. You can never go wrong with Star Wars. I don't think you're into it, but I'm looking forward to Clone Wars this week.

Bryan Acree said...

Kosmo Kramer hair?

Doctor Jones said...

I prefer the kid's "Come Together" performance.

Curtis said...

Bob's picture looks like someone cut his current face out and pasted onto a picture of some random tall, lanky kid. HILARIOUS. And I agree: Carrie Fisher = Hot.