Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hump Day - Sorry

A few Wednesday morning links for you:

Tony Romo says he is out on Sunday …to which I say “Yikes” and then wonder whether he is trying to remove the uncertainty so the team will focus, or whether he is really hurt, or whether he plans a change of heart on Sunday after Tampa Bay prepares for Johnson….

The Cowboys spent part of last week hinting that Tony Romo might start against the Rams despite the fact the team's medical staff had projected him to miss three games. Owner Jerry Jones fueled a lot of the speculation with optimistic comments on his weekly radio show Friday.

Now, it seems like Romo is facing the reality that he may miss two more games. Speaking on Terrell Owens' radio show Tuesday evening, Romo all but ruled himself out for Sunday's game against Tampa Bay.

"I'll say it will be Brad [Johnson]" Romo said. "Brad is going to go this week, unless something different happens that we don't foresee. It will be very difficult to change."

I think it was important for Romo to send a message to his teammates last week that he was willing to sacrifice his health in order to help them win. But the "will he or won't he" story line leading up to the game only served as another distraction for the Cowboys. By declaring himself out for Sunday's game early in the week, Romo is giving the team a chance to truly focus on winning with Brad Johnson.

Or maybe he's simply running a misdirection play like his owner. If Romo sits out the next two games, there's a good chance the Cowboys are 4-5 when he returns.
By the way, it also sounds like the splint on his right hand may need to be tweaked. After praising the athletic trainers, Romo said they would go "back to the drawing board."

Roy Williams, done as a Cowboy ….in my opinion….

Safety Roy Williams may have played his last game with the Cowboys.
Williams was placed on injured reserve on Tuesday after breaking his right forearm again during Sunday's loss at St. Louis.

He initially broke his forearm while covering a kickoff against Philadelphia on Sept. 15. Doctors inserted a plate the next day, and he tried to return wearing a protective wrap. After breaking his bone in a different spot, Williams was lost for the season.

Williams' future in Dallas is now in doubt. The Cowboys played Williams mostly on first and second downs. The five-time Pro Bowler came off the field in passing situations.

With a diminished role, the hard-hitting defender from Oklahoma could be eventually released to save room under the Cowboys' salary cap.

Williams is scheduled to earn $4.4 million in 2009 and $4.04 million in 2010 in base salaries. He's also due a $750,000 roster bonus in two years. However, Williams will count $6.620 million toward the salary cap next season and $7.020 million in 2010.

Barry Horn Congratulates Michael Irvin on jumping to 4th

I thought this was blog worthy for a number of reasons:

1. Barry Horn has never wrote a single thing about our show - aside from his absurd report of Dan “fighting” Newy - despite over a dozen occasions of finishing #1. Now, Irvin finishes 4th (behind us) and he is given the headline “smash hit”.

2. This is about the 100th time he has written something about Irvin.

3. Barry appears regularly on Michael’s show – for reasons that I don’t quite understand - and that would seem like a journalistic conflict in some circles I am sure. You know, “cover” radio, and then have a rooting interest in a particular show because they invite you to be a guest. Surely, that would not cloud your ability to cover things like this, right?

Look, in radio, nothing lasts forever – and Irvin may or may not be ready to blow us out of the water soon. But, perhaps let’s wait until he actually puts one in the win column before we champion him as a “smash hit”.

He did lose handily, right, Barry? So, yes, Michael - Congrats on only losing by a Touchdown as opposed to 3 Touchdowns. The parade announcement is forthcoming.

And, yes, I may be slightly annoyed about how our show and our station has been covered (or in our show’s case – not covered) by this “media” writer for the last decade.

Michael Irvin: Smash hit

ESPN 103.3's Michael Irvin Show (11-2 pm) jumped to fourth place in the all-important Men 25-54 demographic with a 4.8 share, That's up from 20th place and a 2.2share when the final hour of The Little Ball of Hate and the national Dan Patrick/Mike Tirico shows filled the time slot last year. That is a 118 percent improvement..

Because I know you will ask: Up against Irvin 11-2 pm, The Ticket's Norm Hitzges (11-noon) and BaD Radio (noon-2 pm) was second in the all-important Men 25-54 demographic with a 6.4 share.

Of course, me complaining about his blog - read by hundreds, not thousands - on my blog - read by hundreds, not thousands, is likely an example of wasting time, but it was on my chest...

Tiger returns!

Four months after his epic U.S. Open victory, Tiger Woods returned to Torrey Pines on Monday without a limp.

He didn't have golf clubs, either.

Hopping from a cart, Woods walked up to 59-year-old John Abel, doffed his cap and extended his right hand. "Hey, I hear you're looking for a caddie. I'm Tiger Woods _ pleased to meet you."

Out of action since beating Rocco Mediate in a 19-hole playoff for his 14th career major, Woods came back to Torrey Pines to deliver on his end of the "Tee Off with Tiger" online sweepstakes sponsored by Buick.

Showing no signs of his season-ending knee surgery a week after the U.S. Open, Woods wore a green caddie's bib inscribed with Abel's name as he guided him around the back nine of the South Course, where he has won six times in the Buick Invitational and once in a U.S. Open he called his best ever.

Funny College Football Quote

Besides winning Saturday's game, Tech's seniors have the satisfaction of having never lost to Texas A&M. The last time A&M won in the series was in 2004 when Tech's current fifth-year seniors were freshmen who were being redshirted.

"One thing I'm proud of is, in the four years I've been here, I've never lost to an Aggie,'' offensive tackle Rylan Reed said. "That was kind of a big deal for me.''

Beckham loaned to Italy …code for: get me out of the MLS, please!

David Beckham could soon be playing in Serie A for Italian giants AC Milan if the club are successful in a bid to land the Los Angles Galaxy star on loan.

The former England captain is determined to keep his place in the national team and a spell on loan in Europe during the Major League Soccer close season could be beneficial.

On Wednesday Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani said he was confident that Beckham would arrive at the San Siro, however it is understood the 33-year-old has yet to commit to the deal, which if confirmed is expected to begin in January.
Questioned by reporters at Milan's Malpensa airport, Galliani said: ''We are speaking with his agent but we believe he will arrive for some months on a free loan.''

''Beckham has chosen Milan. Our squad is ultra-competitive and it will remain this way, but Beckham is something different and intriguing.''

Beckham is under contract with LA Galaxy but their regular season finishes on Sunday after the club failed to reach the MLS's end of season play-offs, however Beckham would not be available immediately because of his key role in Galaxy's forthcoming promotional tour of Australia and New Zealand. Even so, with the transfer window closed Milan are unable to sign Beckham until the turn of the year.

Last weekend Galliani said that Beckham would be invited to train with Milan during the coming months in order retain his fitness and remain part of Fabio Capello's plans for the England national side, much as he did last season when he trained with Arsenal.

Owens to the Star - Sept 24, 2000 – I watched the whole 5 minutes this morning, and the memories came charging back…including Kareem Larrimore


Crisatunity said...

I hadn't seen the Owens/Star thing in a long is a testament to the classiness of NFL players that no on has succumbed to taking him out with a cheap shot, despite all his efforts to motivate it.

Michael said...

The amount of underwhelming reporting in the Dallas Morning News is amazing. I check Barry Horn every Saturday to see what he mentions about The Ticket. Usually he has some Q&A with Phil Simms or something equally useless and not-local. If I want to know what Phil Simms or other national media types think about something, I have a number of national sources I could go to that aren't raising my subscription rate and shrinking their product -- again.

MK said...

As a soon-to-be RTV grad, let me just say what an abortion the Irvin show is. Who needs mastery of the English language and good broadcasting skills when you can just trade on your "good" name?

"You're listening to the Michael Irvin show, please disengage brains...on ESPN Radio!"

How about an internship, Bob?

Josh said...

BaD Radio continues to mine radio gold. I loved watching Michael Irvin play here in Dallas, but my thoughts on listening to his radio show: NO NO NO NO NO NEVER NEVER NEVER NO NEVER!

Doctor Jones said...

I've attended only a handful of games in my lifetime but this was one of them and I've never had a better time in a losing effort than on that day.

p.s. seeing emmitt in uniform makes me a bit sports sad