Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Decoding the Offense - Week 8

Again. What a mess this offense is without Tony Romo. I have no idea how some of my colleagues can seriously suggest that Brad Johnson was anything but horrible. If the object of the game not to turn the ball over, let’s put a fern at QB.

Meanwhile, here is what the painful numbers suggest.

Under Center, Brad Johnson had 12 pass plays that produced……21 yards.

In the shotgun, Brad Johnson had 24 pass plays that produced….81 yards.

The yards per attempt are so comical that I can think of no other option than to praise him for not throwing a pick.

As for the play calling, it seems difficult to ponder how anyone would call plays for this mess, but Jason Garrett must and he had a few small new wrinkles this week:

“S10” – Shotgun, Barber back and 4 WR’s. They ran this one time and I would look for it more if the team doesn’t have Witten. It resulted in a sack.

“S02” – Shotgun, no Barber or RB, and 2 TE. They ran this once for 0 yards.

And “22*” – which is the short yardage formation that is only different from “22” in that it has Barber at Full back and Choice at TB. They ran this 4 times for 3 FDs from short range.

Bring back Tony Romo, please….

Here is what the Tampa Bay game gave us:

62 Offensive plays – (26 runs/36 passes) Here is how we break it down:

1st Down plays (25 = 6 different packages – 11 runs/ 14 passes)

“12” – 6 (2 runs for 1 yard/4 passes for 7 yards)
“21” – 7 (4 runs for 16 yards, FD/ 3 passes for 13 yards, FD)
“22” – 3 (3 runs for -1 yards)
Knee - 1


“S11” – 6 (1 runs for 9 yards, / 5 passes for 28 yards, FD)
“S11H” – 2 (2 passes for 7 yards, TD – 2 Yard TD to Roy Williams)

2nd Downs (20 plays – 5 looks – 8 runs/12 passes):

“12” – 8 (3 runs for 12 yards, FD/5 passes for 1 yard, SACK)
“21” – 2 (2 runs for 5 yards)


“S11” – 8 (3 run for 11 yards, FD/ 5 passes for 14 yards, SACK)
“S02” – 1 (1 passes for 0 yards)
“S10” – 1 (1 pass for SACK)

15 3rd downs for the Cowboys – 5 looks (5 runs/10 pass) (3 for 15, 20%)

“22*” – 2 (2 runs for 3 yards, FD) 1 for 2


“S11” – 7 (2 run for 5 yards/ 5 passes for 21 yards, FD) 1 for 7
“S11H” – 3 (1 run for 8 yards, 2 passes for 6 yards) – 0 for 3
“S12” – 3 (3 pass for 10 yards, FD) 1 for 3

And 2 4th Downs (2 runs)
“22*” – 2 (2 runs for 3 yards, 2 FD) 2 for 2

Regardless of Down and Distance, here are the yardage results for each personnel package:

26 runs - 36 passes

UNDER CENTER (31 – 19 runs/12 passes)

“12” – 14 (5 runs for 13 yards, FD/ 9 passes for 8 yards, SACK)
“21” – 9 (6 runs for 21 yards/ 3 passes for 13 yards, FD)
“22” – 7 (7 runs for 5 yards, 3 FD)
Knee - 1

SHOTGUN (30 – 6 runs/ 24 passes)

“S11” – 21 (6 runs for 25 yards/ 15 passes for 63 yards, 2 FD, SACK)
“S11H” – 5 (1 run for 8 yards, 4 passes for 13 yards, TD to Williams)
“S02” – 1 (1 passes for 0 yards)
“S10” – 1 (1 pass for 0 yards, SACK)
“S12” – 3 (3 pass for 10 yards, FD)

Personnel Package Description
”11”1 running back and 1 TE
”12”1 running back and 2 TE
”12W” same as 12, just with both TE’s in the backfield in front of Barber
”13”1 running back and 3 TE
”21”2 running backs and 1 TE
”22”2 RB and 2 TE
”22*”2 RB and 2 TE, Barber at FB
”23”2 RB and 3 TE
”31”3 RB’s and 1 TE. Jones, Barber, and Anderson.
“11H” 1 RB and 1 TE, but Witten is playing the “H” or “F” back
“12H” 1 RB and 2 TE, with Witten playing “H”.
“S11” Romo in Shotgun, 1 RB, 1 TE
“S10”Shotgun, 1 RB, 0 TE, 4 WR
“S02” Shotgun, 0 RB, 2 TE
”S11H”Shotgun, 1 RB, 1 TE, Witten playing “H”
”S12” Shotgun, 1 RB, 2 TE
“S21” Shotgun, 2RB, 1TE
“S01” Shotgun, 0 RB, 1 TE, 4 WR


Bob said...


Crisatunity said...

One of these days Bob, you are going to find out that you are a Gen-u-wine "football man". Keep it up.

fickle said...

A test?? I didn't study!! Can we use our notes?

Flaco said...

You were sitting in the press box at the Stars game posting on your blog? There's no rest for the Sports Sturm is there?

Michael said...

does this mean we can expect a fern vs. brad johnson mathematical analysis?

Jay said...

It's amazing that we won that game. Thank God bc we are going to basically forfeit the Giants game this week. At 5-4 with a bye week to get healthy I would think winning the division is then out of grasp but getting a wildcard isn't too crazy if the Cowboys can go 5-2 or maybe 4-3.

Certainly we weren't thinking ab not making the playoffs when the season started but that's where we are. I hope the Cowboys can at least be respectable in NY. If they get totally drilled (a possibility) this game could be a crushing blow.

BIGTEAMlittleme said...

I've listened and admired your hso/work (and your patience with your dead weight partner) for years, but you've missed this one. And, apparently as you've gained so much momentum on your argument, it sounds like you've now convinced yourself your 110% right. It's sad. I heard another repectable endorsement that agrees with me that, unfortunately, BJ is the ONLY viable option....Listen to HOF Aikman on this a.m.'s show...who's "over-qualified", if you will, for giving an opinion on who should start this weekend. His words?..he thinks it's "preposterous" for anyone to even CONSIDER starting Bollinger!!! (who has thrown more interceptions than tds). You've missed one here buddy. Way off. And, worse than that, it means I have to agree with Norm.

Flaco said...

I don't see where Bob mentioned Bollinger anywhere...

BusmasterJones said...

If you know in advance that you are going to do this much work at the Stars game, can I have your press pass? I was on the second row from the top of the AAC behind one net last time I went to a game. I promise not to make any noise.

BusmasterJones said...

If you know in advance that you are going to do this much work at the Stars game, can I have your press pass? I was on the second row from the top of the AAC behind one net last time I went to a game. I promise not to make any noise.

snivlem said...

hehe fern.

there are some photoshop opportunities with this one.