Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Am A Sieve!

Here is the video from the Bob Sturm vs Mike Ribeiro shootout. I don’t think you would consider my movement in goal to be “cat like”….
Video Here

Hockey News suggests that Hull could be out very soon
Here is the playoff run-in. 5 teams for 2 spots, Tampa and Dallas control their own destiny, but Philadelphia looks like they may have the most coveted finish….Say your football prayers….

WeekDallasTampa BayAtlantaWashPhil
15NYG@ ATLTB@ CinClev
16BaltSD@ MinnPhil@ Wash
17@ PhilOakST L@ SFDal

In case you are curious why we are tracking the following numbers. Well, first of all, what else do you want us to spend our time on? Beyond that, I think it is awfully interesting to see what numbers really mean rather than just listen to some knucklehead commentator spew out something that may or may not be supported by statistics.

Here are the 3 numbers we are tracking this season:

Does having a RB get to 100 yards have a correlation to winning?

In week 14, 8 runners hit the 100 yard barrier. Only Ryan Grant of Green Bay did so in a losing effort. The NFL was once again 7-1 with this number, and on the season, the record is now 73-22, or a 77% win percentage. Pretty convincing.

Does having a QB get to 300 yards have a correlation to winning?

Unlike the 100 yard rusher, most stat heads have never thought that a big passing day connected to winning. Rather, it seems that often 300 yard passing days come when a team is trying to come from behind and get a big dose of passing plays and prevent defense. This week, 300 yard passers were 1-2, with Matt Schaub getting the win, but Jeff Garcia and Matt Ryan did it in losing efforts. For the season, 300 yard passers are 39-22, for 64%.

Does winning the Turnover battle mean you will win the game?

This is traditionally the most convincing of all of the stats, however, week 14 was not overwhelming in its persuasive evidence. The winner of the turnover battle went just 9-5 this week, with teams winning the game but losing the turnover battle including: Vikings, Texans, Titans, Broncos, and Panthers.

For the season, the number is 128-39, or just a hair below 77%. Usually, it is always above 80%. I am not sure we are going to get there this year.

What do Tom Gribble and Toby Peterson have in common?

Chris Webber is insane


Jenny Z said...

HAH! Congrats Bob!! Was the Turco's mask you were wearing there? Hopefully that brings him some good luck ;)

Josh said...

Sturm vs. Ribeiro
Yeah, #63 won Round 1, but does he know the location, MVP, attendance and concession stand per caps from Super Bowl XII?

I submit he does not!

bevo said...

Bob..when I die..I want to come back as you..Funny stuff..

Bitterwhiteguy said...

Hey Sturm, do I get a retraction on this now that TO's starting to tear the team apart?