Saturday, December 27, 2008

Taking Out The Trash

And now, as I clean off 1,000 emails and return from vacation clean shaven, with an empty email box, and an empty blog notebook, you get what we will call:

“Things that have been emailed to me and are now being put together in a blog that will at least burn 30 seconds of your life”

This first one was emailed to me the other day from something called the Dallas Business Journal.

Friday, August 7, 1998

`Sturminator' replacing Miller on `The Ticket'

You may have noticed that Max Miller, evening talk show host on KTCK-AM ("The Ticket" 1310), went on vacation a few weeks ago -- and was never heard from again.
Turns out that Miller was actually given the old heave-ho by station management.
Instead, Bob Sturm -- a.k.a. "The Sturminator" -- has been tapped to try his luck in the competitive evening slot between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, said Bruce Gilbert, KTCK program director.

Sturm will go head-to-head with former KTCK afternoon host, Chuck Cooperstein, who hosts the 8 p.m. to midnight sports talk program on rival WBAP-AM (820).

Cooperstein, incidentally, was fired from KTCK last year because he didn't have enough "schtick."

The evening slot has proved to be a difficult one for KTCK, weighing in at No. 15 in the market ratings. By comparison, the station's morning and afternoon shows are top picks among males ages 25 to 54. They rank No. 2 for the entire week and No. 1 Mondays through Fridays.

Miller's departure was effective July 20, after he used some outstanding vacation time, Gilbert said.

"We decided to go in a different direction, and Bob fit the change," Gilbert said. "He brings a lot of energy, and that's really what we're all about."

Sturm started at KTCK last week after spending four years hosting the only sports show on a Virginia talk radio station. His program is already shaping into a "typical Ticket show," Gilbert said.

"It's about having fun, hanging out with the guys and not getting into trouble," Gilbert said. "We don't miss any big sports stories, but we have a lot of fun along the way."

Weird, huh? I have never seen that article until now. 10 years later.

Here, you can confirm that Mark Teixeira makes more money than you

Buy the every DVD of the Wire for $89

That is 3600 minutes of the Wire!

And now, various youtubes that have no correlation to anything:

Brahmas Goalie Fight

Sidney Crosby Cheapshot?

Sling Shot Man

Scarlett falls

Dude Loves the library

And now, some email:

Mark Titus is a junior walk-on on the basketball team at Ohio State. I just came across his blog:

It's pretty well written and funny. I thought you might enjoy it.

Dallas P1
Dear Bob,

Just wanted to give you a shoutout for following the Reds, I too am a supporter since 1998 after watching Michael Owen make the powerhouse that is Argentina look like their legs were tied together on the pitch.

I just recently caught wind of your blog and I enjoy reading it. I too have a blog and if you ever get a chance, i'd appreciate it if you'd check it out:

anyways just wanted to say I love the show and keep up the good work.


-P1 from Southlake

The Giants signed Derek (no hands) Hagan this week. Hagan was the Dolphins 3rd round pick in '06.

Check out the Dolphins roster;

Undrafted WR's; Greg Camarillo, Davone Bess, Brandon London, Chris Hannon
Free Agent WR: Ernest Wilford 4yrs for 13 million, 3 reception for 25 yds, zero starts and a healthy scratch in 12 games.
Derek Hagan; played one game and then cut 11/04/08

Free Agents: Ernest Wilford. Reggie Torbor back up. Keith Davis cut at the end of training camp.

Lost: Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas

Ex Cowboys: Jason Ferguson, Anthony Fasano, Polite, Akin Ayodele, Al Johnson, Nate Jones and Erik Walden.

'07 Total Defense ranked # 23
'08 Total Defense ranked # 11

'07 Points allowed per game ranked # 30
'08 Points allowed per game ranked # 8

Yeh, Parcells is over rated. The Dolphins went from 1-15 to 9-5. The Cowboys went from 13-3 to 9-5.



There is always controversy when an NFL team stinks it up in preseason….Detroit lions went 4-0 this year! What an indicator preseason is.


I understand your love of The Shield. I too have seen every episode. But, I honestly have to say that I won't miss it. I'll miss their interviews on TheTicket more than I will actually watching the show. It was good entertainment. But, it was finally to the point to where I had had enough. I was ready for it to end. Actually, for about the last season and a half, I was ready for it to end. No, I never got close to dumping the show or anything.. I did have to see it through. But, if it would have continued on past this year, I would have had to have made a decision as to whether or not I wanted to continue watching the show.

Now, on to The Wire. It is the best show in the history of TV in my opinion. It is much more intelligent than The Shield. It is more realistic. No, it's not as violent, but there is more than enough action to keep me interested. Both are acted extremely well and are well written. But, TheWire is just more realistic and more intelligent.

Which would I recommend to a friend? I would recommend both. If I could only recommend one, it would definitely be TheWire. I've known probably 5-6 people that have given TheShield a shot and ended up giving up on it. Each one of those have seen every episode of TheWire. I honestly do not know a single person that has made it through the entire series of The Shield. I just don't think you can get more than 3-4 episodes into The Wire without feeling the need to see it through. Personally, I am watching the last season of The Wire right now. Unlike with The Shield, I am not at all looking forward to finishing this series. Finishing this series will truly be a sad day in my life.

I suppose one of the reasons as to why I just wasn't quite as into The Shield towards the end was because of the killing of Lem. He was my favorite character on the show.... so perhaps that's it.

anyways, baby arm.


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Randy Shipp said...

The Wire collection, sadly, is up to $135 now. Happily, if you can afford it, this is still a great deal. Sadly, I cannot.