Friday, December 05, 2008

The Toughest Road to the Playoffs

So, you think you got it tough?

Take a look at the gauntlet that the Cowboys Offense must tangle with the rest of the way. This is the defensive ranking for the rest of the opponents on the Cowboys schedule:

TeamTotal DefRun DefPass DefSacks
New York3594

Table Tutorial

To say that will require some level of high performance from Romo, Witten, Owens, Williams, and yes, Barber (say nothing about the offensive line getting everyone blocked) would be a tremendous understatement.

By the way, here is the remainder of the schedule for the Wildcard Candidates (Remember that only 2 Wildcards are available):

WeekDallasTampa BayAtlantaWash
14@ Pitt@ Car@ NO@ Balt
16BaltSD@ MinnPhil
17@ PhilOakST L@ SF

This will also assist us in deciding if you like the new table (top) or the old table (above). I think I am making some blogging progress...

I dare you to tell me this isn't funny - but old:


Popsicle Stick Chick said...

Mad HTML skillz, Bob, 1 vote for the new table.

Chris said...

like the new table Bob, minus the yellow color.

But they both suck, really you can do better. They remind me of that ugly tie you wore on the Stars bench. ;)

Never seen that Ali-G clip - hilarious!

Go Cowboys!
Visca Barca!

bevo said...

Just watched the game..Cowboys suck..that is a given..but from Larry Brown..the sparest MVP of all time..I say ...Why do you enjoy it so much when they lose?..