Sunday, November 01, 2009

Email From a Vikings Fan

Date: 11/1/2009 6:54:46 P.M. Central Standard Time

So, Bob, how do you like my "Vi-Queens" now? 2-0 over Green Bay this year. Like you, I am a Dallas transplant, but from Minnesota. You know, for years I've grown tired of your stupid "Vi-Queens" bit, as you try to disguise yourself as a legitimate Dallas sports personality with your stupid Packers tatoo and your even stupider Wisconsin cheesehead accent, acting like you're some authority on Dallas sports, when your only competition in the area are the rednecks and thugs over on 103.9. Well, my Vi-KINGS kicked your ass twice this season, despite all your beloved Packers' attempts to keep Favre out of the NFC north, and if possible, out of the NFC all together. How can an organization be that stupid as to let go of a hall of fame QB and then be so deathly afraid to have to play against him? That doesn't make any sense. I guess that's called cheesehead logic.......or cheesehead stupidity. Well, hopefully the Dallas radio airwaves have heard the last of your pathetic "Vi-Queens" rants. What could we call the Packers then? Well, we all know the references to fudge, but name calling is below the Viking fan. They just prove it on the field by beating your ass into the ground. Well, good luck with Aaron Rodgers. The future looks really bright for you with that "hall-of-famer" at the helm! And good luck getting a wildcard spot, because you're sure as hell not going to win the division as long as your idol Favre is in purple. Oh, that's right, you're a Cowboy fan at heart, I forgot. It's that stupid cheesehead accent that throws me every time. Why don't you go back to Wisconsin and run that Vi-Queens smack up there in the dairyland. I hear it gets a lot more play up that way. You're such a loser.......and so are the Packers.

Dave O. (big Dallas Viking fan)

P.S. In typical Minnesota style and respect, I didn't mention anything about how you chose to name your son.


Dylan said...

103.9? Obviously a mensa member. Imaging how cocky he would be if his team actually had a Super Bowl trophy.

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me how big your "guns" get behind a computer screen.. Why does he put himself through the horror of listening to you if he is so distressed by you.... Doucher!

Tino said...

He's upset about being called Vi-queens but the nicknames they give themselves are just as gay... Purple People Eaters and Purple Pride wow really scary.

John said...

Wasn't step one of the Vikings resurgence sucking bad enough to be able to draft Adrian Peterson?

Breedlove said...

Stay classy America.

The Chauffeur said...

....Packers tatoo and your even stupider Wisconsin....

First of all, douche bag, stupider is not a word. Second, I am a Dallas native and understand the value and the fun in name calling and competitive badgering. What I can not tolerate is false bravado in the face of anonymity.

....but name calling is below the Viking fan.

Have you ever even listened to The Ticket? Paul the Damned Viking ringing any bells for you?

....You're such a loser.......and so are the Packers.

With regards to that statement, let us compare the trophy cases. Oh, I am sorry. Where is the vi-queens case? That is right. You do not build a case until you have something to put in it.

Dan said...

Being another Minnesota transplant living in the Dallas area,
all I have to say is, it was a nice win. As nice as it was,
it doesn't mean squat until we can do something come playoff time.

doug said...

Damnit Bob I told you not to name your son Tarvaris!

Sedentary Jedi said...

First rule of email muscle flexing - never use your real email address. Seriously how hard is it to get a gmail account?

Phil K. said...

"Never argue with anybody who buys ink by the barrel."

Or, in this case, someone who has the ear of the metroplex, unabated, for about 750 hours per year.

What a ridiculous email. I don't have a dog in that fight but it amuses me that some people have so much vitriol in them.

Bubbasgotgas said...


Is this a mature response?

Doctor Jones said...

Ouch, sorry Bob. I'm now a Dallas transplant to New York. Everyone here hates me and my Cowboy love. Now I know what you go through. Still love for Brett? The player and your sons name?

Doctor Jones said...
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Doctor Jones said...

p.s. I've been trying to get my dad to listen to Bad Radio for years but never will because he hates the Ticket (mainly because of the hard line and the old bottle rocket show). But the other day he said he was at some function where Tim Tebow's mom was speaking and he was "like do you know Bob Sturm? He's from the Ticket. Apparently he's a Christian."

I was like, "Yes I know Bob Sturm, I've been telling you he's the best sports guy in the metroplex for years."

So now apparently since he found out you're a christian he's listening to 1310 at noon.