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BaD Radio - Recap - 7/25/11

Monday 7/25/11

Episode: 2980

Location: Studio

The Mix: “Don’t you want your kids to say they saw Derek Holland pitch once?” - Bob

The Open: “You’re the one who jumped into our conversation, douche”. Back within the confines of the comfortable 12-3, Bob and Dan are in studio for a week before heading to San Antonio for Cowboys Training Camp. Dan is dead set on taking a Segway Tour. They begin to talk about the mall kiosks. The talk lasts longer than I’ve ever spent at an actual kiosk. Bob wonders how LEGO has survived through these technological ages.

12:40 – NFL Talk: It is possible that breaking news could happen at any moment, letting us know that the lockout is officially over. Don’t hold your breath. It seems like the players are making sure that they take their time (a final little jab at the owners). Bob is particularly happy about this and he was on Channel 11 last night with Babe Laufenberg and Bill Jones. Though he loves watching HD, he’s not fond of being watched while in HD. The NFL is about to cram 5 months of free agency and trades into 5 days. It’s going to be like Black Friday at a Wal-Mart. And like the one giant flat screen tv at Wal-Mart, Nnamdi Asomugha is the big prize of this year’s free agency.

1:00 – Cowboys Talk: Since the new stadium, the Cowboys have seemed to be reluctant spenders. This bucks any sort of stigma that this team has been labeled with. A lot of people believe they are close to a deal with free agent, Doug Free. That one seems like a pretty safe bet. The Cowboys do have a history of giving big quick deals to players after one year of production. This might be the case with Doug Free. The difference between Free and Barber and Williams is that if Free is not signed, he’s gone. The Cowboys are seemingly first in line for the Asomugha sweepstakes. He is a 30 year old, top 2 corner in the league that makes $15 million a year. It would be a big signing but it is not a fix-all.

1:15 – Press Conference: The NFLPA has agreed to the new CBA, Press Conference coming soon. Soon meaning now. The Commish spouts his cookie cutter rhetoric. It’s a fair deal with neither side getting everything that they wanted. It was a compromise. Jeff Saturday spoke on behalf of the players and was really sincere and excited to get back to football. A lot of thanks being give to Robert Kraft and his role in getting this deal done.

1:45 – Weather Talk: It’s hot. That’s it. The record for 100 degree days in Dallas is 42 in 1980, we’re now on day 24. Let the Jeterian type countdown begin.

2:00 – Variety Segment: T.C. Fleming house sat for Dan while he was on vacation. T.C. slept in Dan’s bed with his girlfriend while Dan was away. There was a lot of sanitizing of sheets. Dan’s daughters have two drinking glasses that are sentimental to the family. Apparently one of the glasses got cracked. Dan’s wife shed a tear. After last year’s computer chair debacle, who is to blame for this? Dan or T.C.

2:15 – Audio: Here is some audio of a pre-race prayer at Saturday’s NASCAR race in Tennessee. It’s a bit-laden prayer. “Thank God for my smokin’ hot wife!” Now to Jim Knox. Knoxie got heckled on Saturday during the Community Corner. Knox calls them out on the air, yelling “WHAAAAT???”

2:35 – Rangers Talk: The Rangers were shutout yesterday but won the series with the Blue Jays and have won 14 of their last 17 games. They dominated the first game but lost Beltre to a hamstring injury and had a walk-off win on Saturday. Chris Davis has been called up and will trade off with Michael Young at 3rd base while Beltre is healing. Can Davis make the proper adjustments that allow him to be effective at the big league level or will he once again prove that he is a “AAAA player”? The guys then question the career path of Jose Bautista. Is he merely a late bloomer or is there something “unnatural and undetectable” about his meteoric rise over the past 2 years?

3:00 – Why Today Doesn’t Suck: On this day in 1990, Roseanne Barr did a horrendous version of the Star Spangled Banner. Happy Birthday to John Barry, Doug Drabek, Pedro Martinez, Nate Thurman, Saturday Night Beaver, Louise Joy Brown, David Denman, Roger Clinton and Matt LeBlanc. Spares are Todd Fuller, Tony Granatto, Tracy Murray and Ed Sprague. RIP to Estelle Getty and Ben Hogan.

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