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BaD Radio - Recap - 7/27/11

Wednesday 7/27/11

Episode: 2982

Location: Studio

The Mix: “I want to get the girls tested at the Low T Center before we play them.” - Dan

The Open: “Eff you Ty, why don’t you just die!” “I’m not Ray Charles, I’m alive and I can see.” Dan has an early announcement: On this day, he will not, front any games. Anybody have an idea what the hell that means? There was a play at the plate last night in the bottom of the 19th between the Braves and Pirates, a controversial call was made. Seemingly out, Jerry Meals made a safe call. Here’s the video. The more you watch it though, the more it looks like the tag might have been missed. Dan and Donovan aren’t buying it.

12:30 – Cowboys Talk: Doug Free was signed in the twilight hours of last night. 4 years for $32 million with $17 million guaranteed. That’s one item off the checklist. All around a good contract, he’ll be a Cowboy until he’s 30. With this contract, the Cowboys are still in the mix for other free agents. Unlike some of the other ridiculous contracts the Cowboys have offered in the past (Roy Williams, Barber), this one seems well thought out. They have released perennial underperformer Robert Brewster. Early on, it seems as though Jason Garrett has assumed control of this team in a way that Wade Phillips couldn’t. Talk then goes to new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and his effect on this defense.

12:55 – What’s On My Tivo: We start off with Curb Your Enthusiasm, and this season has approach new grounds when it comes to the topics and awkwardness that they entail. This episode was about a Battered Women Shelter. New periphery characters are being added with even more obscure idiosyncrasies. Now on to Entourage, Bob has been a defender of the show and now it seems that Entourage is betraying that loyalty. Bob doesn’t need Turtle to be skinny and he doesn’t want Ari to be crying. Now to Donovan’s DVR, which is at 19%. No, season 2 of Webster is not on there. Highlights include Basketball Wives, Oprah, BET Honors and the Channel 33 news.

1:20 – Rangers Talk: Knoxy found a Bob look alike at the game, he was bald. Tom Grieve gave a shout out to BaD Radio on the broadcast last night. There were some dugout shenanigans going on last night. Torrelaba hit a home run and sat down next to Beltre and Andres Blanco. Meanwhile, Blanco starts waving his fart cloud towards the face of Beltre and Beltre slaps him and moves down the bench. Here’s the video.

1:35 - The Tom Grieve Show: Last night was a tough loss, CJ Wilson had an uncharacteristic start and the bullpen failed to hold the lead in the 9th. This is a game that they should have won, so Tom thinks that will stick with them a little more, but the still won’t let it linger. CJ was pulled in the 5th after only 80 pitches, much to his dismay, after walking 3 straight batters and giving up a base hit. Tom thinks that Neftali has lost a bit of his confidence and swagger. Tom apologizes for not noticed Fartgate last night in the dugout.

2:00 – Aggresniff: Some more entries into the vault of people butchering the word “aggressive”. Peja Stojakovich has a mediocre entry, it’s probably because English is not his first language. Derrick Rose spouts an “aggreffon” instead of “aggressive on”. Larry Drew yells “aggresniff” twice in one huddle. Paul O’Neil, while calling a Yankees game, lets an “aggresivniff” slip out and then does it a second time without looking back.

2:20 – CJ Wilson: As he was coming off the mound last night it looked like he was ready fight Ron Washington when he took him out. In his post-game interview, he said that he was unlucky and seemed to be deflecting blame from himself. He fails to bring up the fact that he walked the bases loaded in the 5th. Steve Busby was quick to point this out in the post game coverage from last night, saying “it would be nice if some actually came out and said ‘I stunk’”. Sure there were some unlucky plays that happened early in the game but giving up a 4 run lead is unacceptable. It’s never been CJ’s modus operandi to give a cookie cutter interview answer. This is just another case of that.

2:35 – NFL Talk: Carson Palmer presents an interesting story line going into this year. Basically, he wants to be traded from Cincinnati after sub-par career. If he is not traded, he says he will retire from football at the age of 31. On one hand you can’t blame him for wanting to be out of the Bengals organization, an organization that gives off the attitude that they won’t do anything to win. Looking at some of the recent QB signings around the league, it looks like the Bengals could get something pretty good for Palmer, yet they say they are not going to trade him. Donovan McNabb was traded to the Minnesota Vikings and reports are coming out that the Eagles are going to sign Vince Young to backup Michael Vick.

3:00 – Why Today Doesn’t Suck: This WTDS will be cut short by a Cowboys Press Conference. Happy Birthday to Irv Cross, Peggy Fleming, Bill Guthridge, Blazing Boners, Bill Engvall, Carol Leifer and Betty Thomas.

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