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BaD Radio - Recap - 7/26/11

Monday 7/26/11

Episode: 2981

Location: Studio

The Mix: “Were there any flashers on that team?” - Dan

The Open: “Hello. How ‘bout that ride in?” Tom and Grubes are done with vacation/staycation, the band is back together. Grubes met Dirk at the Addison Improv over his vacation. Dirk is a huge fan of Grubes and his drops. Tom went to LA, he experienced Carmageddon. He went to see Bill Maher live and Mark Cuban happened to be on the roundtable.

12:35 – Rangers Talk: Well the Rangers completely dismantled the Twins last night, 20-6. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, this game was only the 3rd game in the history of baseball in which a team scored at least 3 runs in the first five innings. At the end of the 5th, the Rangers were up 18-1. Derek Holland certainly likes that run support, he leads the league in that category. Link

12:55 – More Rangers: At the game last night, there was an Anti-Wave Warning shown on the video board. There is a ton of comedy in this warning. BAN THE WAVE! This leads Dan to compare the wave to American Idol, the wave is extremely popular in the mainstream. But the people who hate the wave are like a Mad Men audience, small but very loyal. Chuck Morgan hops on the show, he’s the genius behind the sign and all things that go on in the presentation at the Rangers game (the video board, the music, announcing the game, etc.) He says the Wave arrived in Arlington around 1984. The players think that the Wave is ok in a blowout, according to Chuck. Basically, don’t do the Wave when the game is close. It’s about being an educated crowd.

1:20 – Cowboys/Football Talk: Now that the lockout is over, it’s time to trim some of the fat from the roster. Marion Barber, Leonard Davis, Kris Brown and Roy Williams are going to be cut from the team in order to make room in the Salary Cap. The Cowboys have signed 9 undrafted free agents, one of them being a kicker that will come in and challenge David Buehler. The consensus is that the Leonard Davis cut is a good thing, you can find a mediocre guard for cheaper than what Davis was set to make.

1:35 – Free Agency Talk: Dan takes a look at the rest of the free agents around the league. Nnamdi Asomugha tops the list with Santonio Holmes being the top WR on the market. Doug Free is the Cowboys top priority within their own roster. Looking back at the recent cuts, how much are those decisions being made by Jason Garrett? It’s looking like he believes that your top paid players should be your players who produce the most. This is a good sign. Another big question for the Cowboys is the 3rd Wide Receiver. Do you go get someone else or do you promote from within?

2:00 – Gay Not Gay: is it gay to put a tanning sticker on your body when you’re at the lake or pool? Yes. Is there a sports exemption? Dan admits that he’s always wanted to do that. Is it gay to have shirtless pictures of you taken for before and after purposes when you start a workout program? No. Is it gay to post it to Facebook or Twitter? Kinda. Is it gay for two guys to drink wine together at dinner and clink the glasses together before each drink? Yes. Is it gay for a man to take a bath once a week, alone? Yes. Is it gay for a guy to own Season 1 of “Girls Next Girl”? Yes. Pretty gay.

2:20 – Guys Night Out: This Thursday, the Ticket hosts will take on a team of College All-Stars in a game of slow pitch softball. Dan is outraged that they have to play them because when the Ticket wins it will erase everything that woman have worked for over the years. You can feel the sarcasm dripping from the radio. Donovan has been working on his lineup, he’s managing this year. A look at the tentative lineup.

Corby, Donovan, Sean Bass, Dan, Mike Sirois, George Dunham, Bob, TBA….

2:35 – Breaking Bad: Bob wants to give Mike, the cleaner, his proper due. His character is amazing and is played spectacularly. He is sometimes overlooked. A lot of people are thinking that Mike might be flipped at some point to join Walt in trying to take down Gus. Walt tries to convince Mike that after the Gus and box cutter scene, everyone is expendable.

3:00 – Why Today Doesn’t Suck: On this day in 1847, Liberia became a country, established by freed slaves. Happy Birthday to Dorothy Hamill, Bob Lilly, James Best, Sandra Bullock, Mick Jagger, All Holes No Poles 4, Jeremy Piven and Kevin Spacey. The spares include Bubba Wells, Jody Reed, Wayne Grady, Bobby Watkins and Joe Smith. RIP to Gracie Allen, Stanley Kubrick and Sam Houston.

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