Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cowboys Passing Charts Preseason Week 3

Week 3 of preseason came and went, but the passing charts are here forever.

Full Game
C/A: 22/36
TD: 2
YDS: 333
INT: 0

C/A: 9/13
TD: 2
YDS: 198
INT: 0

C/A: 9/12
TD: 0
YDS: 99
INT: 0
C/A: 4/6
TD: 0
YDS: 52
INT: 0

C/A: 0/5
TD: 0
YDS: 0
INT: 0
Before you say anything, I know he was 0 for 5, but since these charts are more about the patterns of the QB I included his on completion that was voided thanks to a penalty.  Also I kind of felt bad for him.

If you need any help in understanding them try checking out the FAQs.  For what its worth follow me on Twitter.

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