Monday, August 20, 2012

Passing Charts Preseason Game 2

Game 2 is in the book and the Cowboys are 1-1 in the preseason as they lost 28-20.  Some things to note about the game.  Cowboys threw seventeen shotgun passes in the fourth alone and out of those seventeen, fifteen were in a row.  You can make a point that this is preseason so you want to avoid getting your quarterback hurt.  Then again you can argue that this is preseason and you don't want your less than confident o-line getting your quarterback hurt.  Chargers had three sacks for 37 yards, that's over a ten yard loss per sack.  That doesn't happen with blind sided sacks those those happen from QBs running for their lives. As the Boys try to work out the kinks with the front five at least their passing game is showing signs of assurance.  Here are the charts.

C/ATT: 31/48
YDS: 285
TD: 1
INT: 2


C/ATT: 9/13
YDS: 75
TD: 0
INT: 0


C/ATT: 7/10
YDS: 83
TD: 0
INT: 1


C/ATT: 9/16
YDS: 86
TD: 0
INT: 1


C/ATT: 6/9
YDS: 78
TD: 1
INT: 0

As always feedback is welcomed, let me know what your feelings are on the charts.  Look, concept, things you like/dislike.  If you need any help in understanding them try checking out the FAQs.  For what its worth follow me on Twitter.

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