Thursday, August 16, 2012

Passing Charts Preseason Game 1 vs Oakland 8/13/12

One "game" down three to go until the numbers start to matter, but it doesn't hurt to get an idea on what to look forward to.  The norm will always be three different charts to look at (full, first half, 2nd half) but being that its preseason and three different QB's were in play and each has such a small part in the game I broke it down a little differently.  You have your typical full game, then each QB has his own chart.  So here we go.

Full Game
C/ATT- 15/27
YDS- 148
AVG- 5.5
TD- 0
INT- 1

C/ATT- 3/6
YDS- 30
AVG- 5
TD- 0
INT- 0

C/ATT- 7/12
YDS- 87
AVG- 7.3
TD- 0
INT- 1

C/ATT- 5/9
YDS- 48
AVG- 5.3
TD- 0
INT- 1

As always feedback is welcomed, let me know what your feelings are on the charts.  Look, concept, things you like/dislike.  If you need any help in understanding them try checking out the FAQs.


Dan Gooch said...
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Dan Gooch said...

i like it. i think the red on green might be clashing a little bit. but overall i love seeing the QB stats like this.