Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Fin is Gone

Mavs can’t trade him, so they waive him …To the surprise of nobody…

Nelson said the Mavs worked the phone lines aggressively all day and night Monday in a last-ditch attempt to trade Finley. He added that releasing Finley means he'll probably sign with Miami, Phoenix or another championship contender, but that they would have traded Finley to a lower-tier team if the opportunity presented itself.

"We would have done what's in the best interest of the franchise," Nelson said. "But at the same time, we're human beings.

"We've been through some tough times and good times with Mike. You don't forget those times."

The Suns chose Finley in the first round of the 1995 NBA Draft. But the Mavs acquired him on Dec. 26, 1996, as part of a deal that sent Jason Kidd to Phoenix.
Since then, Finley has spent the past eight-plus seasons with the Mavs, earned two trips to the All-Star game, and helped this team climb out of the NBA basement.

Mark Stein breaks down the options for Finley

The Heat will be tough to resist, with Shaquille O'Neal as lead recruiter and a $5 million mid-level exception waiting … and the bonus of a scouting report from Dwyane Wade, who shares Finley's agent (Henry Thomas). Miami's interest, meanwhile, is a no-brainer. Finley played for Stan Van Gundy at Wisconsin, ranks as a quality chemistry guy and would instantly become the Heat's most dependable long-ball threat (given Damon Jones' likely departure).

The list of the other cuts in the NBA on amnesty day

Raffy says it will all make sense soon ….

Rafael Palmeiro believes he "soon" will be able to explain himself and tell people why he tested positive for steroids.

"My day will come when I can say what happened. As of right now, I can't say anything. Hopefully soon," Palmeiro said Monday, a day after the embattled Baltimore slugger returned to the lineup following a 10-game suspension for violating Major League Baseball's steroid policy.

OK, Raffy. This better be good.

Aikman and Staubach get a Nextel Sponsor

Finally, the deal is done. Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach are going Nextel Cup racing in 2006.

The former Cowboys quarterbacks and their Hall of Fame Racing team reached agreement with Texas Instruments, which will become the primary sponsor next season. The sponsorship branding on the car is TI's DLP Products technology for high-definition TV.

Aikman also announced the team has a partnership agreement with Joe Gibbs Racing. JGR will supply Chevrolet engines, equipment and technology to Hall of Fame Racing.

Felix Hernandez wins again …You have GOT to see this 19 year old pitch. I haven’t felt this strongly about a young pitcher since Dwight Gooden.

King Felix’s Stats

Felix’s first 3 Major League Starts:
8/4 @ Det 5.0ip, 3h, 1er, 2bb, 4k, 81 pitches, L, 1.80era
8/9 vs Min 8.0ip. 5h, 0er, 0bb, 6k, 94 pitches, W, 0.69era
8/15 vs KC 8.0ip, 3h, 1er, 1bb, 11k, 99 pitches, W, 0.86era

You know, this is why Rangers fans should fear their future (besides the other reasons that have been mentioned a million times). Of the teams in the AL West, it’s possible that the Rangers have the worst future when it comes to young talented kids. The Angels are loaded with prospects, the A’s are the A’s (loaded with kids in the big leagues already, with more behind them), and the Mariners have a decent mix, too, with this 19-year old ace. The DVD boys better be good.

Jonathan Jolly, above.

Jeff, who might be a Tech fan, sent me what the Tech fans have been discussing lately on their message boards, Aggies mug-shots under Coach Fran

And now this college football positional statement from the blog regarding the above, and all other fun-making photos and links that appear on this website:

I am Switzerland when it comes to College Football down here, whether it is the Red Raiders, Longhorns, Aggies, Bears, and all of the other colleges. I will not take a side, except that I would like one of you to knock the Sooners off their high horse one of these years to make things interesting. So, if you are offended by the photos and links that may make your school appear law-breaking, gay, or otherwise, please feel free to find law-breaking, gay, or otherwise photos of the other schools to even the score. No belly-aching allowed, no screams of “Bob is biased”. All funny stuff sent to me regarding Big 12 South schools will be posted, but I don’t find them myself. Therefore if there is never any material making fun of school A, then no one is sending me stuff to make fun of school A. Enjoy College Football Season,

Bob’s Blog


Chris said...

detroit Tigers streakers....


Andy Douthitt said...

When a player either retires or leaves after a long tenure, it is our job as sports fans to examine this player in the big picture.
Having said that, Michael Finley is a true Maverick. Put him in the same catagory with Aguirre, Ro, and Harper. Thank you Fin for bringing us to where we are today. Finally, if we can make room in the raftors for Brad Davis, we can make room for Finley down the road just for the fact that when you think of the resurgence of this franchise, he is the first one you think of. Have fun with the Diesel Fin.

AttnyDan said...

Funny pictures & stories about our multiple Texas universities are great Bob. Having said that, how come the only stories coming out of Waco are either Branch Davidian in nature, teammates shooting teammates, Women's B-Ball, Tennis, or the like? Surely Baylor has something funny to offer!! I'll give you the A&M upset, but there has to be more to laugh at.

Parcell's is a beating. Tuna, Dwayne, or whatever, please keep it short from now on.

Fake Big Mac said...

How long is the total 51 million to be paid to Finley. The length of his contract or more years than that?

If he signs a 2 year 10 million contract with some other team, he gets that money too, right?

Wow, Finley has been done so wrong..I hope he can afford his Soul Glow hair products from now on and feed his family at the same time. He's a good guy, but I have no sympathy for him

I hate the P1-bring me a Pizza

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't this be neat in '06: The Mavs beat the Suns in the West Conference finals only to face the Heat. Finley comes into town with a sweet, sweet plate of I-told-you-so and run the Mavs out in a sweep while Fin gets a standing O in front of the AAC crowd. One could only dream.


Brett said...

"All funny stuff sent to me regarding Big 12 South schools will be posted, but I don’t find them myself."

If you want to see something funny, check out Texas Tech's academic repution and Byron Hanspard's 0.0 GPA. I'm sure there's a mug shot of Bam Morris somewhere too.

brett said...

...and just so people know, I do know how to spell reputation.

AttnyDan said...

I guess Craig Miller is in mourning. I just read about the freak head-on (huh, huh) accident that killed the bicycle rider and injured the other one in Allen. It's an utter miracle that more accidents don't happen.

I know they have the same right to the road as vehicles from a legal standpoint, but it is utter suicide to ride on the shoulder of 380, 377 or any FM in North Texas that may or may not have a shoulder.

Yes, if they get hit, it is usually the motorists fault, but is it really "winning" if you collect in a lawsuit after your dead of death?

RickPerry said...

Michael Finley,

Adios, MoFo!

Don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you.

Greatmondo said...

Ahh yes, the silly Mavs fans who hate Finley are in the streets rejoicing.

May a meteor made of crap and vinegar land on your puny little heads.

*Pours out a little liquor for Fin.*
The Mavs will see how much he will be missed this season. Who on this team, besides Dirk, will be the guy to hit the consistent 15-17 ft jumper?


Anonymous said...

Who else can take the ball and choke at crunch time.

MR said...

what other mavs player can get the ball at the top of the key and dribble it, i mean kick it into the seats with his great "going to the hole" skills

Anonymous said...

Wow Brett, that is original. Bagging on Tech's academics is incredibly old hat. No one that goes to Tech will ever claim to go to a school on the level of UT or A&M, because we don't want to.
There is nothing to dog on Tech about because all we do is take overachieving white guys and go win with them. The real joke about UT isn't the terribly liberal student body, but having the best recruiting classes year in and year out, world class facilities, ridiculous alumni support and still not being able to sniff a national championship. Go buy some purple hair dye and get another piercing you hippie.
By the way, if you're an Aggie, I refuse to even insult them because they are no longer belong in the same sentence as OU, UT, or Tech.

Anonymous said...

these finley haters are such idiots. all he did was provide solid 2 guard play, provide leadership, hit some clutch j's and be an all around great guy and face for the mavs on and off the court. morons. anyway, if he goes to the heat, i hope he gets a ring.

btw, anonymous....tech doesn't belong in the same sentance as OU or UT either as far as winning. to say that someone at tech doesn't want to be on the same level as OU or UT is rediculous. who honestly wants to go to a non-academic university. please.

eric in keller

Anonymous said...

anonymous raider....the joke is anyone form tech making fun of UT at all. that is high comedy. someone should make a sit-com out of it.

Anonymous said...

What I will miss most is those days when Junior used to school Bob on the Finley question, when Bob would sound like an infatuated schoolgirl defending her man.

Anonymous said...

If UT or A&M are bagging on Tech's academic reputation, then check the school's graduation rates in the recent years. Also Byron Hanspard!, that was a decade ago.

Also this is the greatest state for college football. What other state has this many competitive college football teams with this much passion. Florida doesn't count, because they can't.

Owen to Liverpool. Please. With Baros leaving, they need someone to put it in the back of the net.
And so I can wear my Owen jersey again.

Tech sux said...

Tech has a good graduation rate because you can major in basket weaving. Texas and Texas A&M make you take actual classes and have real majors. I can't believe people are bragging about Tech's academics! They don't rank in the top 5 academic schools in the state. Rice, Texas, A&M, Baylor, and SMU all rank ahead of Tech. Sorry Raiders.

But look at the bright side. You are better at football than SMU and Rice. You don't have killers playing on your basketball team like Baylor and you don't screw sheep like aggies. Lubbock has fewer California hippies than Austin. These are all things to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is denying that Finley is a great guy and all that. He's not worth that much money. He's just a guy. He's dribbles with bricks in his hands and hasn't made a clutch shot in 6 years.