Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Remembering Cowboys of Old

Catching up with Legend #1: CHutch takes on the Chicago media

"We're evaluating it right now," coach Lovie Smith said. "Next week will be better than this week. We still have time. You take it all the way up until [the regular season]. We want to have our best team going into that final week before we play. As long as we're making progress and not seeing some of the same mistakes, we're fine with that."

Hutchinson's mistakes included two interceptions, one thrown into triple coverage. A fumble recovered by the Bears and three sacks are open to debate on blame going to an offensive line minus All-Pro center Olin Kreutz or Hutchinson's reputation of holding on to the ball too long.

But Hutchinson, who will be eager to rectify his mistakes in Friday night's home exhibition opener against Buffalo, shrugged off pressure over job security.

"I don't give myself the job, and I don't take the job away," he said. "That's the coach's job, and I leave it up to him.

"It's preseason. You make mistakes, you learn, you move on. That's why they call it preseason. I'm going to get better. It's a starting point. It's 11/2 quarters of football. I've had a great training camp, so I'm not going to say that 11/2 quarters is going to count for everything."

Catching up with Legend #2: Antonio Bryant dazzles Browns camp

``When I first came in the league, I saw a tree,'' he said. ``Now, I can see the apples on the tree. Some guys get it earlier. I'm just starting to understand things a little better. As I catch up, it's moving faster. You mature.

``When I first got in the game, I was doing a lot of things off anxiety. When you learn how to bring your emotions under control, then you can distribute that energy where you need it best.''

As for the run-in with Parcells, Browns coach Romeo Crennel spoke with Cleveland offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon, who was with Dallas, to find out more about Bryant's character.

``I asked Maurice what happened and he told me. That was it,'' Crennel said. ``I really wasn't worried that Antonio and I would have a confrontation. If he did, well, I'm the head coach.''

Colishaw says major problems exist in the clubhouse

Instead of meeting with Hart and Showalter and announcing Tuesday that he has "complete confidence" in his manager, he needs to investigate it one step further.

Hicks needs to hold a meeting with the leaders of this team. He can look at the All-Star selections from the last couple of years to see who they are.

Those players, who won't publicly admit to more than disappointment and misery, will tell Hicks their version of the truth. It is far, far different from "losing-streak frustration" in the Texas clubhouse.

That doesn't mean Hicks has to give in to players or let the inmates run the asylum. This isn't about the modern player and his sense of entitlement as opposed to the old- school players who ran through walls and asked no questions.

This is about whether or not Showalter has lost this team and whether he can possibly get it back in the spring of 2006.

Back in March, I wrote about the differences of the 4-3 and the 3-4 defense …Perhaps you would like to check it out…

Another big trade in the NHL, Dany Heatley to the Senators, Marion Hossa to Atlanta ….

Two weeks ago, Dany Heatley asked the Atlanta Thrashers to trade him so he could avoid facing the daily reminders of the automobile accident that resulted in the death of his friend and teammate Dan Snyder in 2003.

The Thrashers obliged yesterday and traded Heatley, a 24-year-old right wing who was the league's rookie of the year in 2002, to Ottawa for right wing Marian Hossa and defenseman Greg de Vries.

"We would have obviously brought him back under different circumstances," Thrashers General Manager Don Waddell said of Heatley during a conference call yesterday. "But he just felt this was a change that would be better for him personally. And I felt this was a trade that would help our franchise in the immediate future."

First, Kramer admits he was offsides, and now, Maradona admits he used his hand

Diego Maradona acknowledged that he struck the ball with his hand in the famous ``Hand of God'' goal against England in the 1986 World Cup quarterfinals.

Speaking on his local television talk show Monday night, Maradona called one of soccer's most controversial goals ``something that just came out of me. It was a bit of mischief.''

Maradona appeared to punch the ball into the net, and officials allowed the goal to stand despite protests by the English team. Argentina went on to win the 1986 quarterfinal match 2-1 and then win the World Cup.

Family Guy video of You have Aids

Snoop sells cars

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Anonymous said...

The only way the Rangers will get out of this funk is to fire one of their radio announcers.

AttnyDan said...

Who is going to live to see the Rangers actually make it (not necessarily win) the World Series?

Big Mac?
My 5 year old?
Little Brett?

My money is my 5 year old & little Brett.

fake Attny Dan said...

Antonio Bryant's remarks sound amazingly similar to his interview with BaD Radio last summer when he said he had grown up, matured, and finally understood the game and how to be a professional. I have no doubt he will implode within a few months. Then we can look forward to hearing these same remarks next summer as either the Browns (wwwwwweeeellllllll!) or some other franchise attempts to unlock this very talented mess of a player, although I doubt he will be anything but a spare his entire career.

Fake Big Mac said...

Doug Christie sounded like a pretty good sport, even with the comment about a yearly honey-moon from Big Mac. However, if BaD radio had the "stones", they would've asked him if he ever thought about smacking Jackie or roll playing with Jumana Kidd.

I hate the P1

Tweener Dip said...

I don't want to dismiss the 3-4 or to downplay its assets, BUT...

I see the 3-4 being way over sold right now. I think it's a lot easier to put together a top defense when you're using a system that few other teams use. You can draft good players (for your system) later, sign good players (for your system) for less, and have an advantage in games running a somewhat "exotic" defense.

I'm not saying that the Patriots don't have a great player scouting and development staff, but it makes it a lot easier when all the 4-3 teams pass on a guy because he's too much of a "tweener" to play 4-3 DE or LB.

Tweener Dip

Anonymous said...

Its also interesting to note that the ravens who were one of the better 3-4 teams, are switching back to the 4-3 said...

great posting,remembering but not embracing the past.

ChozSun said...

I was thinking about the whole College Poll committee and the ESPN poll asking, "Who do you trust most when it comes to ranking college sports".

Well, as we have seen on The Ticket, you cannot trust fans. Way too psycho. I would trust the media and coaches.

But one group that is left out that I think should get consideration: non-fans of college football. These are sports fans who care not for college football so obviously there is no allegiance to any one school to get into the way. A committee of 100 or so non-fans (haters, whatever) could purely look at scores and performances and use that for their ranking.

1. Must like sports
2. Must dislike/loathe/hate/not care about college sports

I will return back to smoking my crack.

Fake Sturm said...

Worst. Idea. Ever.

Ungay Crossdressing P1 said...

Chozsun's idea is:

Gay....very gay

AttnyDan said...

Along that line of thinking, just let my wife and her friends do it!!

They could rank by the cuddliness of the mascot, cuteness of the coaches and how well the uniform colors bring out the pretty eyes of the quarterback.

Sorry Choz, that was a pretty bad idea.

Andy Douthitt said...

5 Ticket Observations...

1. Worst Producer at the Ticket: Danny Ballis Hardline. Knows nothing about sports. Never books guests on the Hardline (when was the last time they interviewed someone with importance). Rude to the P1 callers. Basically, all that he is good for is smart ass comments and music info. for the concert calendar. HAs a bag.

2. Best Producer at the Ticket: Gribble. Without question. His stock is rising every week. Always has a great guest lineup. Sports knowledge is minimal but satisfactory. Good to the P1 caller when they call in. Brings something every day to BAD Radio.

3. Best show on the Ticket: Tie.. Dunham and Miller and BAD Radio. Both shows know how not to be stale. Both shows have the greatest sports opinions and knowledge over everyone else on the Ticket. Both shows include the P1 on a daily basis. Isn't that why your here?? Well done.

4. Worst show on the Ticket: The Hardline. I am sorry to say, but this show is sinking like a stone. Baseball that takes up more than 3 segments a day is uncalled for. Mike and Greg are not just talking to themselves in their sleeping bags at a sleepover.. Bring something interesting to the table boys!! No guest interviews...EVER. When was the last time they interviewed anyone worth talking to except Kevin Mench?? (see worst producer). Never take calls from the P1's. NEVER. Basically, I am sad to report that the only reason we listen from 3-7 is out of habit. It is time to add spice to this show. Change things up a little.. make us want to tune in like you used to back in the old days... you have a bag right now Hardline. Sorry.

5. Finally, Most underrated Ticket personality: Gordon Keith. Absolute brilliance. This guy has new bits, brings different ideas to spice up the morning boys, now includes female P1's (great idea), and obviously the fake characters are without question, the funniest bits on the Ticket. If he was in NYC, he would be on SNL. Comic genius.

Here are my observations about 1310 The Ticket as we see it now.. Now back to my TPS reports

Fake Big Mac said...

That should be printed off and passed around to Ticket management. You hit the nail on the head!! Hardline is basically sports commentary and not sports talk radio anymore. Danny is a total jerk to the callers & Corby is getting very, very old--even though he is the only thing on the show that has some variety.

Anonymous said...

couldnt agree more. bad radio and the musers are the best, the hardline used to be, but its just the same thing day in day out now. i think i even enjoy norms show more these days, and thats sad.

Anonymous said...

get greggo in the dunk booth!

big smooth said...


couldn't have said it better myself....

Anonymous said...

While the Hardline might(?) be slipping a still kicks the crap out of anything else in the area. Danny's a whip, but otherwise, its still pretty solid. Sure, they don't care about you, but that's their whole bit.

Couldn't agree more about Gordo...greatness! Gribs gets major props for getting groinkicked by the BaD boys on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Well put Andy. Mike and Greg have me unfortunately back to Galloway on my ride home from work. But I do think Danny is funny (I have never tried to call in so I dont know anything about that). Gordon Keith is a genious

Fake Sturm said...

Best blog ever and the worst blog ever in the same day.

ChozSun said...

College Football Bad Idea: I threw it out and see what stuck. Essentially, if they are not going to a playoff system, they need to move the voting from people who don't have an allegiance to one school or another. I just get beaten down during the Hockey season with College Football talk and ratings. If they go to a playoff system, then there will be far less crap to talk about.

Robert Bentley said...

Don't overrate the Musers, boys. No one makes less convincing sports arguments than Jub.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't gagree more with Andy. I've had several conversations with my friends (all of whom are huge P1s) and we have decided that the following is the typical P1 progression:

Embyonic Phase - Huge Hardline fan. You find Corby hilarious, Greggo fun to laugh at, Mike the MC, and Danny amusing with his non sequitur comments. BaD radio is confusing and scary, as there are so many inside jokes and hockey talk that you have no idea what is going on. Norm is appreciated for what he is, the sports guru that lends credibility to the station, however, his show is avoided at all costs unless you are a super stat freak or 78. The Musers are recognized as greatness, providing relevant sports conversations, with hilarious bits and impersonations from Gordo. The Musers are not revered quite as much as the Hardline.

Adolescence - The Musers and Norm's roles remain the same, with their stock neither rising nor falling. The bitterness of the Hardline becomes less and less charming with every caller that is treated like an absolute idiot and loser. You become aware that Greggo really means what he says, and that realization scares/amuses you. BaD radio begins to resemble Arrested Development in that once you sit down and realize what they are talking about, the brilliance shines through.

Adulthood - As before, Musers and Norm maintain the same role, with both being slightly more appreciated. Concerning the Hardline: shut up with this non-stop baseball and bitter talk. The Hardline talks about baseball during the offseason more than most other normal shows do during the season. Beating. Greggo is revealed to be a horny, dumb redneck whose only redeeming radio quality is his ability to win e-breaks and provide great drops. Mike is exposed for the bitter old man he is. Corby's arrogance becomes incredibly obvious, but continues to be the only reason to listen to the show. BaD radio's awesomosity is now completely appreciated (with the obvious exception of Tom). Homer Call of the Week, Gay or Not Gay, and Daily Donovan are all don't miss segments. The nuances of Bob, Dan, and Donovan's humor is fully illuminated, and radio nirvana is achieved.