Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sunday Night and I Blog You Very Much

Day 1 of the vacation has me at the FC Dallas Annual Golf Tournament. Yes, that’s right, I will attempt to play the role of celebrity this Monday Morning at Castle Hills. Trouble is, I am far from a celebrity, and I am far from a good golfer. Put the two together, and there is little reason to get me in your group – Other than to answer “what is Gordon really like?” or “Do you hate Dan?”. By the way, for answers to both of those questions, you have to get me in your foursome.

Anyway, I cannot hardly be a good sports man if we don’t scattershoot a bit about the Cowboys pre-season victory over the Houston Texans.

- DeMarcus Ware cannot be blocked. I won’t go on and on again about the guy, but once again you saw on Saturday night that your garden-variety Left Tackle cannot deal with his speed around the corner. I am willing to put the over/under at 2 ½ for “how many QB’s does Ware knock out of games in 2005”. Bet carefully.

- Tony Romo looked fine to me. I have no problem with cutting bait with Henson sooner rather than later. Look at the Broncos. They spend a 3rd round pick on Maurice Clarett, see him for less than a month, and cut their losses by cutting him once they realize he has nothing for them. Go Vinny #2, Romo #3, and let’s get ready to rumble. Heck, go Romo #2, and Vinny #3 if you want. I am fine with that.

- Roy Williams demonstrated with several different plays why my bar is so high for him. Pound for pound, he can be as dominant as anyone on defense, and yet he showed up so seldom on huge plays last year. But, against the Texans he was disruptive and destructive. Causing an interception, and just laying the smack down. Do that more often than not in 2005, and I will stop asking you to do better, Roy. By the way, I will try to write a Roy Williams essay this week, and explain the whole debate for those who are not up to speed.

- The Defense is not too bad against the pass. Their work against the run is most disturbing, but you have to hope that Jason Ferguson (remember him?) makes the difference there. And as for the OL running the football? Let’s hope Marco Rivera makes the difference. Isn’t that something, Maybe Rick Gosselin’s premise that older players tend to get hurt appears to be already making an appearance in Dallas.

- Patrick Crayton might be the 3rd best WR on the roster. Is that good news or terrifying news?

- Kevin Burnett will be a starter by week 8.

Broncos don’t need Clarett

Mike Shanahan surprised the league by using a third-round draft choice on the former Ohio State running back in the final selection of the round. The Broncos coach thought he had the cutback style of running that fit in one of the league's best running systems.

As it turned out, Shanahan made a mistake and didn't want to waste time admitting it. With Tuesday's deadline for cutting the roster to 65 looming, Clarett, who never made the field in three preseason games, was let go.

Chutch benched, Orton to start ….Where is Richmond Flowers to play a song and cheer Chutch up?

Scott Speizio gets tattoo, gets waived

Official HS Football team of Bob’s Blog – Celina (why? Because they reached out to me. Lewisville HS had 5 years to reach out to me, and they had no time, therefore I signed with the fighting Bobcats) - Celina shrugs off Royse City 35-0…So much for a tough 3A road test from RC…I have tentatively scheduled my first trip to Celina for September 9th when Pilot Point comes calling.

In other news, if the season ended today, Jeff Gordon is in the top 10, and Chris Young pitched great immediately after being on our show, so there must not be a BaD Radio curse, after all...

Talk to you Tuesday. I think.


P1 Eric in McKinney said...

Bob, Sunday Blogging?!?!

Be careful as to not set precedent for future Sunday submissions, lol.

I really like your insight into the Cowboys so far this year. Keep it up.

As always, F Dan.

P1 Eric in McKinney

Random P1 said...

GREAT job Bob, good commitment. Thanks

Random P1

p1Dean said...

Sunday, blogging, sunday. It's like a Muser's blog.

I heard you call in to Sports Sunday yesterday, Bob. Did I detect a bit of "this is no vacation" in your voice already (as little Bret yelled in the background)?

I agree 100% on Spears...he's a beast. I don't think you were here yet, Bob, but a long time ago (in a galaxy...) the Cowboys actually did have a defensive player that other teams had to gameplan for. His name was Haley something...and he was the baddest man on the planet. I refuse to tap the brakes on Spears...I've got the pedal to the metal, good buddy...gigigigi.

Have a nice "vacation". As a stay at home father (not gay) I'm betting by tomorrow you'll have a razor to your throat and be 3/4 through a bottle of Absinthe.


AttnyDan said...

Celina v Pilot Point? St. Marks PRIVATE school beat the crap out of PP last Friday.

Bob, you might want to pick another game unless you just want to watch the slaughter. I'm a PP fan and would love to talk crap, but seriously, it's going to be a total $#@ kicking.

Change those diapers and get those chores done. We'll just have to get by with "The Throwdown"....which is fine in small doses...don't know if I can stand a week though.

Mark in Las Colinas said...

Wasn't it ironic that the "05" jersey Clarrett held up at his opening Bronco press conference represented his spot on the depth chart? Hello CFL!

Cap It said...

So, Bob. You Write

"Because they reached out to me. Lewisville HS had 5 years to reach out to me, and they had no time, therefore I signed with the fighting Bobcats)"

They had to reach out to you? That you are such big time now, they have to come to you? Wow.

Let's all say it together shall we: "SCOREBOARD"!

Masta Chrisite said...

I'm worried about Celina's punt coverage. What do you think, Bob?

Sturminator said...

Cap it-

I guess my point was, I have made it no secret I live in Lewisville, and yet I have never received email #1 from anyone affiliated with the football team in any fashion. This is quite odd given the 100's of sports causes that I am sent daily. Skateboard teams, wheelchair basketball, cross country, but never Lewisville Football. I have no hard feelings, but those who were the squeakiest wheels showed they most greatly desired the grease of Bob's Blog.

Of course, the fact that this is a item of interest is really shocking. Anyway, Go Bobcats.

steve said...

hey bob,

i reached out to you about my high school football team back when i was a freshman in high school. all i got was somehting like "i don't care about high school football." that was five years ago now. i guess you've come a long way from the high school football hating yankee you once were

p1dean said...

"the grease of Bob's Blog"? That sounds a little gay maybe.

What is all this high school football talk? Let me express all of my interest in high school football between the following paranthesis ( ). That's it. Nothing.

btw I meant that Ware is a beast...not Spears...I mean Spears might be a beast, but maybe he isn't a beast and while that is not sure at least we can all agree that Ware is at least a beast and I'm glad we can agree on that. What are rain?

Speaking of gay/not Saturday's game my friend and I were walking toward our seats when he decided to make a pit stop. I was left with the uncomfortable choice of waiting outside the restroom for him (like I would do with my wife) or taking a pretend leak. Which is gayer?

also what about Chris DiMarco?

I miss you Bob. Please hurry back from vacation. I want things to be back the way they were. Except without Dan. And no Dale on Mondays and Fridays. And maybe a little less Gribble. Also, if you want, I could sit in Dan's chair and maybe wear his headphones a little?