Friday, May 18, 2007

Join Us - May 23.

Soccer Fans, Unite!


Phil K. said...

I don't get it. How did Liverpool fans swing this? Is it real? And if it is, why couldn't Dallas Arsenal fans get this same setup last year? I realize the 1000 ft. screen wasn't put up then but, still. AAC??? At least we packed out Trinity Hall.

Bob, you callin' in sick next Wednesday?

Michael said...

I am a ManU fan, but I will cheer on the English to beat the dirty Italians.

Bruce said...

Im there!

Jonathan said...

Phil, it might have something to do with Tom Hicks being a part-owner of Liverpool.

Not sure which jersey I should wear. Should I represent Chelsea, who just pulled off the double? Or should I wear my Milan jersey that got me into Euro soccer in the first place? Or should I just wear red in support of the English?