Wednesday, May 23, 2007

This may look like an ad....

Above, is a new promotional "Poster-Boy" for the detox.

His name is Blaise, and he learned about George's program through me, I guess, so I am flattered. I know it is tough to read, but look at the pictures.

I just finished my second time through the program, and I love it. I lost 15 pounds this time, and 17 last spring. I highly recommend it.

Here is his letter to George:


Below is an update on my progress since I started your Detox Program.

Prior to starting your Detox Program, I weighed 320 lbs. I played golf everyday, and on my way to the course, I ate fast food meals for convenience. During my 6 hours at the golf course, I drank about 4-6 beers and 1-2 mix drinks. I also smoked 2-3 cigars while playing golf. When I wasn't at the golf course, I drank 12 diet cokes a day. No one had worse eating habits than I used to have.

Two years ago I tried to lose weight by running a couple of miles and lifting weights every day for 2 months. During that time I stuck strictly to a low fat diet. After 2 months I lost 20 pounds and decided it just wasn't worth the effort I put into the program.

After listening to you talk to Bob Sturm, I ordered your program. On May 26, 2006 I started your program. The results have been amazing. I won't deny that the first 2 days were miserable because of the pounding headaches. However, I survived and have lost 110 lbs. I now weigh 210 pounds. I have lost 12 inches around my waist. The first 2 months I lost 65lbs. The pictures I included are 1 year apart. The first one was taken right before I started the program on May 22, 2006 and the other picture was taken a year later on May 14, 2007. I can't believe how your program has changed my lifestyle. I look forward to my vegetables, fruits and salmon/chicken. I knew your program was working when I tasted a tomato and I thought it was the best tasting tomato I had ever had. This is the easiest program I have ever tried. I can't believe how much better I feel.

Before I started your program, I had a terrible problem with hemorrhoids. I was scheduled to have surgery to relieve the pain. Since I started your program I have had no more problems with hemorrhoids. Other health issues have also gone away since I started your program. I was constantly taking Advil for headaches before I started your program. Since I started your program I have not had one headache and have not had to take one Advil. Also, during the course of a normal year I would get sick a couple of times. Since I started your program I have not been ill whatsoever. I sleep better and feel 100% better. Your program is truly a lifesaving program. My goal is to weigh 200lbs. With your help I know I will reach that goal.

Thanks George!


Blaise Walker

Make sure you go to to check it out.


Adam said...

Wow....I know Blaise. I went to college with him. Good for you Blaise. Keep it up.

mrowlou said...

fyi folks, you don't have to pay the almost $300 for georges program (and to get him a new BMW), just google 21 day detox, you can buy the supplements online for cheap.

bryan said...

Here's another FYI for you. You cannot get these sups from on-line They have been changed because too many people were getting knock offs and the program was not working the same. Some people had issues and no support system.

In addition, there are doctors that answer questions and take you through the program seven days per week for 21 days and there is an eating program that comes with it. No other doctor or on-line source who sells the 21 day program does has the eating program and support every single day.

In addition, some docs are charging $325 for the same program.
Learn about the facts first.

Always ask questions then make an educated decision.

bryan said...

OH.....and by the way.....I saw him the other day...George drives a Jeep Wrangler!!

CottonMcKnight said...

bryan = George, no?

bryan said...

NO....I am NOT George....I did the program at the begining of this year.