Friday, November 02, 2007

There Is Only 1 Oklahoma, Right?

Short Blog today. Time to drive to Norman. Show is there today, at Logan’s. Come see us, Sooner!

Roy’s feelings are hurt

At times, Roy Williams sounds like a thespian upset with the reviews of theater critics instead of sounding like a football player.

To say Williams, the Cowboys' Pro Bowl strong safety, is sensitive would be accurate.
And who could blame him?

All Williams hears from fans, scouts and the media is that he's a liability in pass coverage. He also hears that he's not making as many impact plays this season.

"I'm in a lose-lose situation," Williams said Thursday. "I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't. You guys get paid to criticize us, and a lot of viewers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are reading that, and it makes me look like I'm a bad person, as far as not doing my job on the field. It's not cool."

To the Cowboys coaches, Williams is doing his job.

"He's played fine," defensive coordinator Brian Stewart said. "I'm excited. We get a chance to do more things with him once we get into [the NFC East]. He brings a wallop when he hits people, and he's concentrating. He's getting progressively better."

Lose-Lose? How do you lose if you make plays and do your job? How is that a “lose”? He is funny.

McNabb and Roy exchange bold claims

It started innocently. Donovan McNabb said earlier in the week that anyone's plans to win the NFC East have to go through Philadelphia. And most Cowboys agreed with the quarterback, based on the five division titles the Eagles have won in the last six years.
Until, that is, Thursday.

"Right now, they are in no position to talk about everything going through Philly," Cowboys safety Roy Williams said of the 3-4 Eagles.

"Some teams went to Philly and beat them. No one is worried about 'You have to go through Philly.' You have to go through Dallas, you have to go through Washington and you have to go through New York, too. Everybody feels they are the best."

McNabb certainly does. After reiterating his feelings to the Dallas media Wednesday, he took things a step further on his blog at Thursday with an open letter to the ravenous Eagle fan base, while also addressing the health of his reconstructed right knee.

"I feel every week that health-wise, I'm getting better," McNabb said in a post entitled 'It's On.'

"I will continue to strengthen and rehab to get to where I once was and better. I also will make sure my guys are ready, prepared, and fired up to get this WIN."

Colts – Patriots Preview

Sunday's matchup between New England and Indianapolis is really rare. This is a game where someone actually may have a point when he says of the two offenses, "You can't stop 'em, you can only hope to contain them."
Both teams are led by Hall of Fame-bound quarterbacks in their prime, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. And that's as good a place as any to try to start finding answers to the question: How do you (try to) stop them?

Bob’s Fearless Predictions-
Sooners 38, Aggies 14
Longhorns 34, Cowboys 30
Eagles 24, Cowboys 20
Patriots 38, Colts 35
FC Dallas 2, Houston 1 (agg)

I leave you today with a Youtube video my kids are obsessed with. See if you enjoy the Gummy Bear song:


Jay said...

McNabb has a big mouth for a 3-4 and last in the division. I think they'll finish 3rd. But as usual I think the Dallas leave Philly empty handed bc those darn Eagles are tough to beat.

Andy D. said...

There's only one...
Keith Jackson
Brian Bosworth
Billy Sims
Mark Clayton
Adrian Peterson
Barry Switzer
Bob Stoops..
There's only one, There's only one, There's only one, There's only one
OKLAHOMA!!!! Best promo ever

Lance said...

I hope Sooner has fun steamrolling Fran one final time. Maybe he'll be back again in Norman someday as the coach of some random Mountain West team or something.

Jake said...

^ Or SMU for Fran, that's be great.

Don't see UT winning their game against OSU, hope the Cowboys can pull it out in Fresh Prince's hometown.