Monday, November 05, 2007

Week 9: Cowboys 38, Eagles 17 (7-1)

The Dallas Cowboys are a real good football team. Now, we know, the Philadelphia Eagles are not. What a glorious change has taken place in the NFC East. The Giants and Redskins can still say something about who wins the division for sure, but yesterday, it was Eagles-Cowboys, and there can be no dispute about who the best team in that tangle was.

The simplistic nature of last night’s win was shocking. You just don’t go into Philadelphia and take candy from babies. But, perhaps it demonstrates the ability of the Cowboys. And, the inability of the Eagles right now. I would imagine the natives in Philly will be wondering what the Reid boys distraction did to the Eagles season. Too bad for them.

The following are the notes and observations from a most impressive night of football from the Boys:

* Of all the impossible to predict elements of last nights game, here is the most unlikely of them all: Philadelphia Sacks: 0. Are you kidding me? That big, bad Eagles defensive line had no sacks at all? Can’t you even get a sack by accident during garbage time? I must tell you that I spent a lot of time pontificating about the matchup that I thought would cost the Cowboys last night, Colombo and Adams versus Kearse and Cole. Don’t you remember when Jevon Kearse was the most unstoppable force in football? Do you realize that he didn’t register a stat of any kind last night? In fact, he now has 2 tackles in his last 3 games. I guess Mark Colombo did well. As for Adams physical domination of Cole, I think the Eagles may soon realize that he is a 3rd down pass rusher, and not a DE who can stand up against the run. Flozell just beat him down on run plays.

• Tony Romo was great again. I guess the contract did not screw his head up. He is also continuing to learn that the dump off to the Running back is a great way to attack teams that are dropping everyone deep into coverage to stop the home run. Take what they give you most the time, and then pounce when they cheat up. His blitz read of Dawkins on the Owens 45 yard Touchdown is something you expect from Brady, Manning, or Favre. Romo is playing as well as the best QB’s in the game right now. He is no mirage. He is no fluke. He is a Pro-Bowl caliber QB, and the Cowboys now have him locked up for many years. And this is funny .

• I thought Bradie James had about a good a game as he has had in a while. There is nothing more stressful for a LB than chasing Brian Westbrook around the lot, but James did very well. The boxscore will indicate over 150 combined yards for #36, but anyone who watched the game knows that he did not dominate that game at all. It is called garbage time stats. James did a wonderful job.

• Jim Cramer was rocking the Brian Dawkins jersey last night. That hurt me to know he was a Philly fan. He should know better.

• Donovan McNabb should be discussed for a moment or two. I really wonder where his level of play is. On one hand, his stats aren’t bad, but his big plays seem quite rare these days. His body may not be right, but also his confidence looks low. That interception he threw to Hamlin was inexcusable. Romo just threw his pick, and the Eagles had a chance to salvage something from that first half. But then, McNabb tried to drill it into coverage, and if Hamlin didn’t pick that off, Roy was right behind him. That pass had no chance, and turned the game right to Dallas. A few plays later it is 21-7, and a few minutes into the 3rd Quarter, it was GAME OVER. What a horrid mistake.

• Jason Witten is a man. That play will lead off the 2007 NFL Films video, I should think. Of course, in a season where Romo had his absurd play (Rams), and when Barber had his escape of a safety (Vikings), there is no telling what amazing play is waiting for us next week. But, wow, to take that blow to the head and just keep running down the field without a helmet could have only been made better had he found the endzone.

• Don’t know that I have ever heard of LaJuan Ramsey until his cheap shot late hit on Julius Jones, but I now consider him another knucklehead in an Eagles uniform. What a classy move.

• How about Romo’s pin-point touchdown throw to Witten? Or his throw to Curtis? For a guy to look that solid in his first ever start in Philadelphia is really beyond anyone’s realistic expectations.

• Nice to see Isaiah Stanback on the kickoff return. I think his burst is a real weapon, and frankly, Tyson Thompson’s performance has not been much to write home about.

• Terrell Owens should not be down this far in my notes. He picked a great night for his most dominant effort in a Cowboys uniform. To see him do whatever he wanted out there makes you remember that he generally plays his best when the lights are bright (at Chicago on Sunday night, at Philly on Sunday Night). The Eagles had no answer for him, and his celebration in the end zone was altogether classless and classic. He is fun to watch, and he surely could have had 200+ yards had the Cowboys needed it.

• Didn’t that 3rd and 4th quarter feel a bit like a pre-season game? You watch it because you love the team, but you are just hoping nobody gets hurt. I cannot imagine an easier trip to Philadelphia ever.

• So, without hardly breaking a sweat, you prepare for the New York Giants. Something tells me that they have a little more dangerous afternoon planned for the Cowboys. This season has the makings of a very memorable one.


Andy D. said...

It has been a long time since the Cowboys have been this much fun to watch.

We have so many ways we can beat you, it is ridiculous.

Dump off: check
Deep ball: check
Crossing route with the tight end: Check
MB3: Check

Hell, even JJ had a decent game. It is our turn now. Beating NY on the road will set the table for a great year.

David said...

The Barber near sack was against New England (breaking like seven tackles) Unless I've forgetting something about the Vikings game.

Lance said...

Going into last night, I figured if the Cowboys could split these 2 division road games, and then beat the Redskins at home, they would be damn near uncatchable in the NFC East race. Last night certainly puts them well on their way to accomplishing that. What a great performance all around, probably their best of the season.

Jay said...

MBIII needs to be looked at as one of the best backs in the NFL. Up til now we've thought of him an a really great role player type but this kid is becoming a star on 16 carries a game. He's clutch. He's juggernaut. He's a stinking torpedo and I love it.

Joe said...

Did somebody double dare Romo to mimic the ref? Genius!

I had to rerun that on Tivo just to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.

Jake said...

Romo's mocking was brilliant. A couple Mavs wins, a Fran buyout and Cowboys win = great week.