Monday, November 12, 2007

Week 10: Cowboys 31, Giants 20

8-1. What amounts to a 3 game lead in the division. Despite the risk of jinxing this whole thing, if there isn’t a playoff game at Texas Stadium this January, we should just stop playing football in this city. Never has the table been so set for these guys, so despite the real questionable Decembers this team has put on the table the last several years, I am willing to suggest that the NFC East has been won in the last 8 days with two poundings of the Eagles and Giants in their own yards. Yes, the Redskins can still have something to say about it, but I surely don’t find their quality high enough to sweep the Cowboys this season.

The win last night in New York signified a few simple differences between these teams; not the least of which is the guy who has the ball in his hands to start every play. The fact of the matter is simple, Tony Romo is a superior QB to Eli Manning. It isn’t even close. Tony Romo owns Eli, and Eli knows it.

The following is this week’s notes from another impressive treat….

• With less than 2 minutes to go in the 2nd Quarter, the Cowboys trailed 14-10, and received a punt at their own 32 yard line. The Cowboys got the ball, scored a Touchdown. Then got the ball, and scored a Touchdown. Then got the ball, and scored a Touchdown. 3 possessions, 21 points, and the Giants had no answer for the Cowboys passing game. By the end of those 3 straight possessions, there was 10 minutes left in the game, the Cowboys led 31-20, and the game was essentially over. When this offense gets going, there seems to be very few answers for the opponents.

• 4 more Touchdowns for Romo, by the way. That gives him 23, which is Aikman’s career high. I’m just saying.

• Kevin Burnett is not smart, apparently. He seems like a smart enough guy, but how could a smart guy make such a dumb, unnecessary mistake? To taunt Brandon Jacobs when they were simply content to run out the clock is something that might get a backup linebacker cut in some cities. I think he is developing nicely, but let’s not let that happen again, Kev.

• In the last two weeks, we have spent a lot of time prior to each game talking about how big the sack total will be, and how important that will be to the success of the Cowboys. Well, they go into Philadelphia and allow 0 sacks. 4-0, Dallas in Philadelphia, and they won the sack battle in New York, 5-2. So, you go on the road in the division and in 2 weeks, you “out-sack” the Eagles and Giants 9-2. Is this the Cowboys? Wow.

• Eli’s quote on the Giants game plan: "We tried to move him [Shockey] around, put him outside and get the matchup with him on Roy Williams," Manning said of the Cowboys safety. "We had a good plan. You have to do what the defense is giving you and what they were doing was opening up some routes to Shockey." Shockey had a real big day, and I don’t know if Roy is going to approve of this, but the media did not make this one up. Eli actually said they were looking for you, Roy.

• Terrell Owens is so majestic in full sprint. He almost seems well worth the headaches that go with him. Patrick Crayton is a nice 3rd receiver. But, man, when he talks, I believe he thinks he is Owens. I wasn’t crazy about him running his mouth after New England whipped Dallas, didn’t care for his Touchdown reach yesterday, and then he was barking again in the room after the game. I am not sure what it is about Wide Recievers that require them to make complete fools out of themselves, but here is the bottom line…If you are unstoppable like Owens or Moss, then it is your right to be a fool. But, if you are Patrick Crayton, put a skin on the wall before you imitate those who will be in the Hall of Fame.

• Jason Witten was asked to be a glorified Offensive Tackle yesterday, in on pass protection for much of the afternoon. But, like the good soldier that he is, he accomplished his mission, and didn’t have a discouraging word all day. What a pro.

• Speaking of pros, Bradie James just keeps getting better and better. I think he is just now becoming a dominant player. He is really starting to make plays. And, I think he is pretty clearly the emotional leader on this defense.

• Brandon Jacobs looks like the real deal. If he doesn’t eat himself out of a job, he is not the Runner I would want to deal with in the playoffs. Once the Giants get behind, they cannot use him much, but when the game is close, he is the type of runner who can close a game rather well.

• Why can’t Nick Folk get the kickoff past the 10 yard line any further?

• I don’t know who all deserves credit for Plaxico Burress not being a factor. Would it be Newman or Henry or Hamlin or Eli or Plaxico’s ankle? Whatever the reason, he was hardly dominant. 4 catches for 24 yards is not going to concern you, especially given that the lack of depth the Giants have at WR.

• Speaking of earning skins, boy those Giants talk a lot of noise for a team that has yet to accomplish much of anything. Although Sam Madison doesn’t seem to talk as much after he gets his rear torched by Romo and Owens.

• Owens has 21 Touchdowns in 25 games for the Cowboys. That is money. I also enjoyed the Soulja Boy after the Touchdown. It is so goofy, and yet, amusing.

• How would you like to have Eli as your QB? He just looks so lost sometimes. Those repeated delay of game penalties were phenomenal.

• Don’t look now, but the Cowboys may actually have an above-average offensive line.

• 8-1, and now with the Giants, Lions, Saints, and Redskins all losing, the Cowboys and Packers seem to be building a bit of a cushion. This is going to be fun down the stretch.


Andy D. said...


The 1992 Cowboys were the greatest of my lifetime.
The 2007 Cowboys aren't that, but they are special. Romo is just flat out good. T.O. is again, top 3 receivers in the league.
13-3; first round bye
W against Detroit in the second round
NFC Championship game at Texas Stadium: W against Green Bay


Jay, Christi and Andrew said...

Good thoughts, Bob. Some extra stuff I'd like to hear some opinions on...

Should there be some sort of "flop" personal foul in the NFL? I thought New Yorkers were supposed to be tough, Jacobs.

Seriously, for most of the game I'm trying to figure out who the returner is for New York and why we were so scared of kicking to him because there was NO WAY those were real kick offs, was there?

If the game plan is to eliminate deep balls, of course Shockey will have a good game. Good for him. Nice numbers in a loss.

I can't imagine Washington outscoring us. It just can't happen.

Lastly, good thing the Cowboys covered up the rest of the Dallas sports weekend. How about that Stars game, eh?

Jay said...

I agree with the statement that Owens looks majestic in full sprint. He has been the dominant player Jerry payed for the last couple games. We fans expected him to "take over" games with his ability and we're finally seeing that. The last 2 games the Eags and G-men have had no answer for Owens. He's too big, too physical and too fast. Did you like when he was one on one with Sam Madison and just shoved him out of the way and caught the lob from Tony for a touchdown?

And when catches the ball deep and breaks the first tackle is there any doubt he's making it to the endzone? He will either outrun the safeties if they're there or if they get an angle on him he'll laugh and shove them aside. Love me some TO right now. He is so money.

I still think Manning is not that bad, I think he's an above average QB at least the games I watch him in which are usually divisional games. Letting the clock run to zero is dumb but that can be fixed and dumb-face can't be fixed but I think he's solid. They probably need a coaching change there. I don't think he's close to being our little undrafted Romo but I'll take Manning over probably 20 other QBs in this QB-poor league.


The Engineer said...

I thought Hollywood Romo would bust. Guess I was wrong.

Eli looks like Jim from the Office in that photo.

Jonathan said...

And Bob's football pants go wild.
If this continues, Bob may spontaneously combust on Nov 29, when Green Bay comes to town.

One stat that concerns me: while Dallas has scored the most points of all the teams in the NFC East, they have also given up the most.

And I think it may be time to trade Roy Williams before he becomes completely exposed as a linebacker that wears #31. At this point, I'd be happy to get 2 free tickets to Finding Nemo on Ice.

Poncenomics said...

A quick check of the Cowboys Online Pro Shop shows that Roy Willy's jerseys are available at a deep discount:

Even Julius Jones is still regular price.

Any message to be taken here?