Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Hate Goodbye

Since it is the day before Thanksgiving, I am giving myself a bit of a breather for a few days from full blogging. Given that this is my “for the sheer joy of blogging” job, it often is the first survivor voted off the island when things get compacted for various reasons. Regardless, keep checking back, but don’t expect anything substantial save for a Cowboys breakdown on Friday before the new week begins.

That being said, I must give you a quick thought on the finale of my favorite amoral show. The Shield. Despite the emails that seemed to rule that it was disappointing, I must tell you that I thought the finale delivered in a huge way.

The Shane death – with the eternally disturbing images of his family in the next room, the Claudette rant on Vic in the interrogation room with Vic in the perp chair, the Ronnie bust, and the final conclusion which had Vic in a far worst place than either death or prison. Everything was gone and taken. Everything caught up with him. But he is still free and alive to exist in his own personal Hades, knowing he is to blame for everything.

It is enough to drive him insane, and I thought it was flat-out perfect.

But, it is subjective, and you have a right to be disappointed, but what did you want? I pile of bodies as everyone killed everyone like the end of the Departed? This was perfect.

The following are two brilliant pieces from my favorite tv critic, Alan Sepinwall:

His breakdown of the final episode is must read

His extensive interview with Shawn Ryan
Enjoy those.

If I had to choose, I may recommend this show to you stronger than any other. Check your conscience at the door, suspend your disbelief, keep your family away from the DVD’s, and brace yourself for 88 hours of unforgettable television.

Rest in Peace, Strike Team.


Mark C said...

Couldn't agree more. The finale was epic, maybe the best series finale ever. The Shield will be missed.

Big Anthony said...

Holy shite Bob!!! This was an almost 2 hour emotional roller coaster. Never saw any of this coming

bevo said...

WOW..I submit that anyone who didn't get the final episode is new to the show..or..just can't be satisfied..
The guys we got to know over the years just kept tumbling more and more into the abyss..I knew something horrible was coming but not this..Shane..murder/suicide..I sure didn't see that coming..
I do think they telegraphed the Vic situation in previous episodes..but it was still chilling..
The greatness of this show was they never let us get too close to the characters..When we started to feel some empathy..they were always there to bring us back to earth..
I will miss the show..It was nice to have a show so effective..that it made you want to take a shower after most viewings..

Spank! said...

Incredible ending the the greatest show ever. The scene with vic looking at the photos of shanes death was so tense. Michael Chiklis performance= Emmy! This was one of the slower paced episodes they have ever done with a lot of silent moments and it took the intensity through the roof. So sad to see it go, but glad that it ended the way it did. I can't stop thinking about where Vic was going at the end with gun in hand. Sad day for my Tivo.