Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Running the Numbers

I was messing around with numbers again last night, and with help from super-intern, TC, we have assembled a table demonstrating ball distribution to each of the Cowboys offensive weapons on a game by game basis…

Targets Per Game

GameOwensWittenCraytonRoy 11Barber

Somewhat interesting data that seems to show no correlation between Owens targets and wins. And also, the dramatic drop in Witten’s role since his ribs were busted up. Also, see how the balls are beginning to go from #84 to #11 a bit more…

Now, on to the 100 yard rusher numbers from Week 12:

Clinton Portis WSH SEA 143 Win, 20-17
Matt Forte CHI STL 132 Win, 27-3
Michael Turner ATL CAR 117 Win, 45-28
Justin Fargas OAK DEN 107 Win, 31-10
Maurice Morris SEA WSH 103 Loss, 17-20
DeAngelo Williams CAR ATL 101 Loss, 28-45

4-2 this week, for the season: 59-19, 76%

300 yard passers:

Matt Cassel NE MIA 415 Win, 48-28
Kurt Warner ARI NYG 351 Loss, 29-37
Chad Pennington MIA NE 341 Loss, 28-48
Tony Romo DAL SF 341 Win, 35-22
Drew Brees NO GB 323 Win, 51-29
David Garrard JAC MIN 317 Loss, 12-30
Shaun Hill SF DAL 303 Loss, 22-35

3-4 this week, and a season total of: 35-20, 64%

And the turnover data: The winners of the turnover battle were 9-4 again this week, to take the season total to: 109-32, 77% - those teams that were able to beat the odds (lose the turnover battle, win the game) included 3 road teams, the Jets, Patriots, and Giants and the Falcons at home.

Below is the current Wildcard race. 2 teams will make it. And the Vikings, Bears, and Saints all sit at 6-5 so they are not out of it either…

WeekDallasTampa BayAtlantaWash
14@ Pitt@ Car@ NO@ Balt
16BaltSD@ MinnPhil
17@ PhilOakST L@ SF

Tonight is the finale of the Shield. Very happy and very sad all at the same time. Tom and the crew have celebrated this fine day by putting most all of the Shield interviews that we have ever had in the same place at the same time for your listening pleasure right Here …please enjoy….

Another Walt Goggins interview ….he will be on our show again on Wednesday….

Meanwhile, the Stars lose again…here is what I wrote at dallasstars.com:

The pain continued in Philadelphia on Monday night as the Stars appear to be getting plenty of effort and fight, just not any results to show for it as they drop another one, this time 4-3 to the Flyers. It is taking all of the energy and resolve of this team not to get defeated with the lingering and looming thoughts of “this just isn’t our year” that has to be rearing its head every time another bad result or unfortunate development comes their way.

Yesterday, they piled another injury on top of the Morrow/Lehtinen/Lundqvist list, and this time it is Steve Ott’s turn to miss a month with a broken hand. Another soldier down, those who can march on.

In the game, it is just more mistakes in defensive zone coverage that seem to remain
the Achilles heel of the 2008-09 Dallas Stars. On both Knuble goals, there is just no reason for a player to have that much space in the Stars end. Especially on the final goal, which was surely a killer, it is not lack of effort, but rather lack of communication that is doing in the Stars on night’s like that.

Then, your big guns continue to be asked to do more. Mike Modano with 2 goals takes a nice step forward (that should not shock anyone after 20 years) and Brad Richards I am sure lost a little sleep after his late chance looked like a no-brainer, but certainly turned out to be a chance missed.

The last two games are extremely frustrating because when you lose 5-1, you just admit that you are horrible and try to fix it.

But against the Ducks and Flyers, I believe everyone is really digging. And everyone is doing everything they can to break out of this cycle. But the piano on the back is heavy, and despite playing well enough to win both games, they end up with 1 of 4 possible points, and they continue to feel badly about where they are.
Another game lost, and another few days of head shaking in Stars land.

But, since misery loves company, check out the rough night for Canadians’ defenseman Ryan O’Byrne as he shoots the puck into his own net to cost his team a win over the Islanders. Bill Guerin with the cheapest goal he has ever scored!


Nathan said...

hey Bob, super easy way you can add colors to your table cells:

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nice tables bob.

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Kipper said...

hey bob, nice tables.

if you don't want to type all those tr's and td's check this site out: