Monday, November 03, 2008

Steve Ott will never be mayor of Boston

I found this today, and the gold is in the eye and ear of the beholder. You may enjoy the fights of Stars-Bruins, but you may also enjoy the Play by Play voice of Jack Edwards (formerly of ESPN). An ugly game, but 8 minutes of joy for you.

I think a Boston fan wrote the following summary:

Ference vs Avery, Thornton vs Barch, Hnidy vs Niskanen, Savard jumping Avery, Ference's great hit on Ott and more on 11/1/08...

0:00 Steve Ott goes low on Stephane Yelle, won't fight
0:46 Steve Ott cheapshots Mark Stuart, won't fight
1:45 Andrew Ference destroys Steve Ott with an open ice hit
1:55 Sean Avery challenges Ference and gets beat down
3:12 Marty Turco elbows Phil Kessel
3:18 Ott goes low on Lucic after the whistle, won't fight
3:43 Shawn Thornton fights Krys Barch
5:13 Steve Ott and Mark Stuart get misconducts for yapping

5:40 Line Brawl
Sean Avery boards Milan Lucic
Marc Savard jumps Sean Avery
Shane Hnidy fights Matt Niskanen

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Michael said...

Its incredible how much better Ralph and Razor are than all the other commentators in the league. These guys just flat out suck. You could play any one of those clips on homer call.

"Who's career is going to end when that guy gets away with one. He's a knee seeking missle"

"he takes the cowards way out"

This guy sucks. I want to see Razor dominate him 1 on 1.

Al said...

Would have been nice to see this game. FSN was just that dumb USC game.

Jenny Z said...

Ugh. I didn't get to see the game on Saturday, and wondered what all the crying was about.

Ott was quite a bit dirtier than he usually is, and I can't say that I'm proud of it. I think I probably would have turned the game off. It seems they're all pretty frustrated, and just said "to hell with it."

This isn't the Stars team of last season. This is just ugly.

Douglas said...

I saw it on the FSN alternate channel...and glad I did.

I haven't watched a ton of hockey over my life, but that is the best open-ice check I've seen on a non-highlight reel. I jumped up out of my chair, shouted "Holy S***" and my hockey pants shot off and blew up.