Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Greg Ellis....Again

Full marks to Channel 8 for finding another Cowboy star who may say way too much about how he feels. Over the weekend, Greg Ellis visited with Ted Madden, and man, for a guy I like so much - he now truly makes me crazy.

According to this , Greg has been compensated to the tune of $25 million + since 2000. I would imagine if I could locate his salaries and bonuses back from the time he was drafted in 1998 (over Randy Moss) the total goes above $30 million.

This could just be me, and I am not normally one to belly-ache over an athlete being over-paid, but I think citing the "take care of my family" routine should be exempt the first time an athlete crosses the $10 million barrier. After your first $10 million, let's all assume the kids can get school clothes and a warm meal.

And, this also as an unnecessary qualifier, Greg Ellis is a class individual, who I defend at most turns. He has demonstrated a professional work-ethic, character, and drive that would rank him awful highly in this particular era of Dallas Cowboys.

But enough.

If the Cowboys are serious about re-inventing this thing into something that resembles a productive NFL team, and we don't know that they are, then they need to start dismissing those who are not part of the solution. In my estimation, either you are part of the problem or part of the solution. And although it give me great pain to suggest it, after several of these "pay me now" outcries from Greg Ellis over the last few years, I am here to tell you that he is part of the problem.

I cannot have my team leaders dividing the room anymore. Otherwise, I would still have Owens here. With that in mind, Greg has had every chance to stop doing this, the whining about his money, his future, his position, his security. These are all things that face us all in this world, but if we discussed them publically all the time at the expense on focusing on the tasks at hand, then others would grow tired of it very quickly.

He complained about the 3-4. He complained about his position change. He complained about his contract in 2007, and did not return from injury until he was extended. He complained about the LB's that were taken. And, he certainly did not like his role reduced last year. So now what?

I think you may have to say good-bye.

Here is the video below. He actually seems to connect the losing in December with the contract issues that he and other players face. As in, if they paid us more, we wouldn't lose as much. Really?

I think that is NOT the message I want my veterans spreading around the room.

I hate to say it, but enough is enough from #98.

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