Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Watch More TV

Taking a few days to get my spring break on, but I wanted to remind you to watch a few things besides college basketball in the next few days:

MLB Network's excellent breakdown of the Rangers called 30 in 30 - it will rerun about 10 times before Thursday night. Check it.

And NHL Network has a 30 minute profile of Ralph Strangis that debut's Thursday night.

Both should be wonderful.


fickle said...

The replays of 30 in 30 last night were of the Indians for some reason. I caught most of the Rangers episode. . . it was interesting to hear Mitch Williams, Eric Nadel, and John Hart give their opinions on the club, since all of them are or were associated with it.

Eric predicted the Rangers for another second place finish.

Mitch said he thought the rest of the AL West passed them up and that the middle bullpen will be weak if they don't use it as an opportunity to get the young flamethrowers some experience.

Hart just put on a Rangers jersey.

The Jastrom said...

Twice the NHL Channel has pre-empted the Ralphie show for the same Broduer Special. D'oh!