Wednesday, March 25, 2009

NFL Draft Junkie: Aaron Curry

If there are two things I like, it is the NFL Draft and YouTube. So, it gives me great joy to prepare for the NFL Draft by using YouTube. I think we all should.

Last week, at that old blogging home, I tackled the controversial case of Alabama OT Andre Smith, which I think you should consider.

Well, today, after Wake Forest had its pro day on Monday, we must get comfortable with LB Aaron Curry as the player with the label "player in the draft that appears to be flawless in the eyes of the NFL scouts."

But, why should you listen to those guys? Do what I do. Watch the film.

Thankfully, some NFL Draft junkie/psychopath decided to cut up the game film of Aaron Curry and Wake Forest in several of their games this year. I can live without the music that accompanies it all, but the film is very compelling.

Charlie Casserley suggested the other day that he is the best LB in the draft in a decade. Better than Lavar Arrington who went #2 in 2000, and better than AJ Hawk who went #5 in 2006.

Watch the video for yourself:

I'll say this. He closes on the ball like a DB, but hits like a LB. He is certainly capable of being that rare LB that is on the field for 3 downs. The USC LB, Brian Cushing, who is also a 1st rounder, was only a 2 down LB in college!

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