Thursday, January 19, 2006

Jan 19th, 1972

I have no lie to tell. Today is my wife’s birthday. Tonight is Guy’s Night Out. That’s right. I will be at Sneaky Pete’s while my wife is watching the kids on her birthday. So who pays the price? You. The Blog reader, because I am now taking her and the little ones to breakfast to save my skin. So, please accept this half-hearted blog today.

Yesterday’s blog was all about the best NFL franchise since Super Bowl 1. The response was impressive, and I really appreciate the feedback. Seems like many people love the debate of that type of thing, and I love to provide that. Anyway, I wanted to make the spreadsheet available, and thanks to intern Sean who builds our website, Here it is …Check it out…

Rockets JV team crushed by Mavs

Actually, Houston had the look of a pretty good playoff team all night, as long as it was the players in street clothes you were looking at. Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, Bob Sura, Stromile Swift and Derek Anderson would be a playoff-caliber starting lineup. They were all out with injuries, as was Jon Barry.

"We know Houston isn't the team they are right now, but I appreciate the focus we had," said Jerry Stackhouse, who had a season-best six assists. "We came out and did what we needed to do, and hopefully, set the tone for the trip."

The Mavericks approached this game with no sympathy for the wounded.

They opened up a double-figure lead in the second quarter and never let things get interesting. Any fear of taking things for granted with the manpower advantage was unfounded.

Antonio Davis goes into the stands in Chicago

"I witnessed my wife being threatened by a man that I learned later to be intoxicated," Davis said in a statement issued after the game. "I saw him touch her, and I know I should not have acted the way I did, but I would have felt terrible if I didn't react. There was no time to call security. It happened too quickly."

Davis ascended about 10 rows of seats to reach his wife. There was no physical confrontation after he got there, but several people were pointing and shouting for a few moments before security arrived.

Davis, president of the NBA players' association, returned to the bench and took his seat before being ejected with 1:04 left.

Stars play like it didn’t matter too much to them last night, Get pounded at home by Atlanta …Ouch. That sucked. While I am at it, can I just say that crowd was as disinterested as I have ever seen. Not a good night for Dallas hockey….

"When you start making excuses, that's when you're in trouble," Tippett said. "There's no reason for not competing hard, no reason for making soft mental plays. ... We've thought there's some cracks in our game for a while. They're starting to show a little bit."

Revo wants to know if Guerin is over the hill

The oddity of this impressive Stars' season is that the 35-year-old Guerin, who has averaged 35 goals over the previous four seasons, has scored just eight goals in the Stars' first 46 games.

After Wednesday night's ugly 5-2 loss to Atlanta, he has put in more than 205 minutes on the Stars' power play with just one goal to show for it.
This is the same guy who led the Stars with 34 goals in 2003-2004. He can't figure it out. The Stars can't figure it out.

"I'll be honest with you, the first half of the season has been tough," he said, leaning against the wall just outside the locker room door. "This is not someplace I'm used to being.

"But I'm at a point now where I just kind of have to focus more of my attention on how the team's going, and we're doing really well. We're in first place, we're winning hockey games, and some guys are having career years. That's what's most important."

Shaun Alexander is in on Sunday

Sports Guy on the NFL playoffs

Not to be outdone by the underwhelming hires in Minnesota and Green Bay, Detroit makes an underwhelming hire

What has gotten into the Steelers?

My Wife thanks you for your understanding. Actually, my wife thinks this blog is a waste of time, since there is no blog payday, but you know what I am saying. So, Here is to Sally.


Chris said...

Happy B-Day Bobs wife.....

And, I REALLY wish it was possible to buyout Guerin right now. How about a trade? please?

AttnyDan said...

Happy Cinco De Mayo Sall, have a taco and margarita on me!! (I kid)

Bob, as a former waiter, please don't let the kids make a huge mess unless you tip 25%!!! Food belongs ON the table, not scattered around like deer feed.

On a sports note, two questions.

1. Who is going to run the ball for the Panthers? The spread is 5.5 which seems high.

2. Anyone know what the weather is going to be like in Denver on Sunday? 3 points seems kinda low unless it's going to snow buckets.

As Bob says, NEVER bet on football.

Wes Mantooth said...

No blog payday? I assume these adds were not put up out of the kindness in your heart. Advertising = blog payday.

Anonymous said...

attnydan = racist with a gambling problem?

Just seems like there have been too many racial jokes followed by "(I kid)" over the last few months. And WAY too much talk about point spreads.

But, I am sure I'm wrong. It is all light hearted humor, right Dan?

rentz said...

i know you dont get paid extra for the blog, but i for one greatly appreciate it, reading your daily sport rants is part of my weekday routine.

also, anyone know if peppers will be playing this weekend? i never heard much on what his injury was

AttnyDan said...

Anon, your half right. I don't have any sheets in my closet if that's what you're asking.

However, I would like to point out that the two dudes in "Brokeback Mountain" were sheep herders, NOT cowboys. So BaD Radio needs to quit saying they were "gay cowboys".

Which begs the question, if they had sheep, then why did they need each other. Guess it proves they weren't Aggies.

Point spread talk is for entertainment purposes only. Just like Norm.

Anonymous said...

So the Lions hired Vizzini from the Princess Bride as their head coach?,%20Wallace

Fake Sturm said...

Anon at 8:51, dont be gay. They wouldnt publish point spreads in the DMN if it wasnt meant to be discussed.
AttnyDan, you were right about the Carolina spread being high because the current line now is 3.5. I am putting 50 "units" on Seattle and 50 on the under (O/U 43.5) because it has rained in Seattle for 174 straight days and Jake Delhomme is an asshat.
Happy Birthday Sally.
Bob we appreciate the effort.

Robert Bentley said...

Lots of underwhelming hires around the NFL.
I know nobody wants to say anything that might be construed as agreeing with Kevin Blackistone, but look at it on paper: wouldn't you rather hire the Bears' DC than positional coaches for San Fran and Tampa?
Some pretty qualified coordinators (coordinators, people!) are being passed up this off-season. Somewhere, something is not adding up.
By the way, thanks for all you do, Bob.

Luis M said...

did some one say margarita?...{ insert plug here }

nick goings is going to run the ball for the panthers. he did it last year when davis and foster were injured and he'll do it again! he better damn it i pick carolina to go the super bowl and there is money on the line here!

no comments on davis running into the stands? he deserves an applause, everybody knows the fans in the north east are drunk idiots and he was protecting his familia.

on why today doesnt suck is sally's birthday shoutout be given by dan or bob with the spare birthdays?

Rob said...

I'm sorry, but Blackistone lost absolutely all credibility with me when he cried racism over Notre Dame's firing of Willingham last year. Well, a year later, we see how that has all worked out. Anyone (that is color blind anyway) can see that ND obviously made the right choice.

rentz said...

blakistone has his moments, but he does tend to play the racecard anytime he gets the chance. but he is right, somethings up when there are qualified minority candidates being passed up for less qualified white guys.
but from watching around the horn, ive come to agree with jay mariotti, the nfl is getting better at minority hiring, its the ncaa that really needs to be looked at.

Robert Bentley said...

I inserted a qualifying statement about Blackistone so that we could forgo attacking him and look at the legitimate issue he raised in his column. Nobody seems to have an answer, so he might be on to something.
By the way, Weis and Willingham both finished 10-3 their first season at ND. Weis gets a ten-year extension halfway through the season, but Ty doesn't get to finish his contract. Maybe it's not racist, but it should raise more eyebrows.

Fake Big Mac said...

See, AttnyDan was ahead of his time when he brought up the race thing.

By the way, how many hispanic coaches are there in the NFL and NCAA? Blackiston is only homing in on African American that racist?

AttnyDan said...

Please take this as an observation, not a social comment, but: Under a certain theory (percentage of ethnic players vs percentage of ethnic coaches)Then why isn't there a majority of ethnic defense attorneys, judges and jailers?

This is not solely a sports issue and when you try to apply social issues to a sports framework, I think you end up with unintended consequences.

Luis M said...

tell me man...
hispanics are too short to coach any sport...
the racecard gives me tired head.
we still live in a world of racism and prejudice. the number of black coaches will rise over the next decade because players will begin to retire and get offered head jobs. its a slow process, i dont know the ratio of black to white athletes, but i predict in 20-40 years the will be mainly black coaches because they will retire and go into coaching. that will be true in football and basketball, less in baseball (look for hispanic managers) and will never happen in hockey.

Jay Clendenin said...

I watched some of Cold Pizza this morning (kill me), and I almost laughed at Woody and Skip's transparent attempt at acting outraged at the lack of minority hirings.

A little sincerity, please.

Anonymous said...

Blackistone gives me tired head. (Cue Norm "He's Black.")
Racecard gives me tired head also.
Lets talk Sportzzzzzz.
Give me the Seahawks and the Broncos in laughers and what will be the worst televised superbowl in history.

P1 Anon 10:49

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bob's Wife.

Nice to know there are still guys out there who think of other people other than themselves.

Luis M said...

I really cant see two teams winning 3 straight road games in the playoffs. Pitt has all the hype with them, the big win over the no. 1 team, the refs trying to screw I think they are the team will be suffer the let down, Broncos 27, Pitt 13.
Carolina has just went about their business for two games. Seattle...ah not that great buddy. Give me Carolina 31-27.

Luis M said...

sorry for not proof reading...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ND was headed in the wrong direction under Tyrone Willingham, anyone can see that. The guy had one good year there, that's it. He followed that up with 5-7 and 6-6 seasons. We'll see how Weiss does over the next few years, but I didn't see ND in any BCS bowl games before he got there.

And the reason Weiss got the 10 year extension is simple, they didn't want to lose him back to the NFL. It's the same reason that Pete Carroll got a huge raise and extension this past month as well. It had nothing to do with race.

Robert Bentley said...

P1 Anon 10:49,
It's easy to get tired head when you're not the one being discriminated against. But when you blow off the social dynamics of Sportzzz, the games lose their cultural significance.

Brad C said...

Somebody blow me up.

Robert Bentley said...

After ND's experience with Willingham, you'd think they'd be more likely to wait a few years to give a guy an extension based on the first year.
Ty wasn't any less likely to be offered an NFL job in 2002 than Charlie was this year.

Tommy Callahan said...

Haven't we already learned that the contract extension in the college ranks means NOTHING!!! Come on it is just a recruiting tool. If Tyrone Willingham had anything mroe than a big bag, he'd have gotten an extension. ND wants wins, plain and simple. If we're going to play the race card, tell me why I don't hear more rumblings about the lack of diversity in the brocasters booth. Fox's main 2 teams are white. The Monday night and Sunday Night crews were all white. Yeah they may have a black sideline reporter, but why is no one complaining about the lack of diversity there? Why is it just the HEAD COACH job that gets complained about? Just wondering.