Thursday, January 26, 2006

Shoot-Outs are Great

Have I mentioned that the NHL addition of the shootout might be the finest addition a sport has made to it product since football added cheerleaders? The Stars win again in a shootout …despite having to work its butt off to beat the absolute worse team in hockey…I am not sure what the plan in St Louis is, but I don’t think it is working very well…

The Stars couldn't make it easy on themselves Wednesday, so they made it entertaining for the fans.

Staring down a potential loss to the worst team in the NHL – the St. Louis Blues – the Stars tied the score on a Philippe Boucher goal with 46.4 seconds remaining in regulation, then went to their patented shootout formula to win the game, 4-3, before 17,523 at American Airlines Center.

Those fans were booing earlier as the Stars could barely dent Blues goalie Curtis Sanford, despite putting 21 shots on goal in the first period. However, they were ecstatic when Stars goalie Marty Turco made three key saves in overtime and pushed the game to the shootout, where the Stars have yet to lose this season (6-0).

And just like clockwork, Turco stopped Blues shooters Mike Sillinger and Dennis Wideman to improve his shootout saves streak to nine.

Meanwhile, Sergei Zubov scored for Dallas after the Sillinger miss, and Jussi Jokinen put the game in the win column by scoring for the sixth time in his six shootout attempts.

Jokinen, who also had two assists, including the key steal on the goal that tied the score, went back to his wrist shot instead of the spectacular one-handed move he used to beat Boston on national television Jan. 14.

Jokinen quipped that he didn't want to use that move. "It's been on TV too much. I didn't want to do that."

But one disturbing trend continues: There were two goaltenders on the ice last night, and Marty Turco took home a silver medal for finishing 2nd…

Mavericks pound Golden State with a dominating 4th Quarter

The reserves cleaned up a mess, took control of the game and pushed the Mavericks to their sixth consecutive victory: 102-93 against Golden State at the Arena. The bench finished with 43 points and 17 rebounds.

"The guys off the bench gave us a big lift," Johnson said. "We were fortunate to get out of here with a win. We looked like a team that had been relaxing for two or three days."

The win guaranteed that Johnson, in his first full season on the job, will coach the West in the All-Star Game, on Feb. 19 at Houston. The Mavericks trail San Antonio by ½ game for the best record in the West, but Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is ineligible because he did the duty last season.

"To be fortunate enough to be in this situation shows the guys who play for the Mavericks won some games and we're in the heat of the race," Johnson said. "It's a nice honor, but we're just thinking about getting ready for (tonight's game at) Seattle."

But, one piece of bad news: Devin Harris injures himself on Mike Dunleavy …It does remind me of my fears when they drafted him, is he too fragile to be a success in the NBA? Not saying he is soft, because Devin seems very tough, but with that frame of his, the number of poundings he receives would seem to really beat his body down…

Harris had to be helped to the locker room and did not return for the second half.

An examination found that Harris had a sprained right shoulder in addition to a sore jaw. Harris said he probably will not play against Seattle but hopes to return for Saturday's home game against Seattle.

Harris never saw the pick and therefore had no time to brace himself.

"I don't expect to get hit like this," Harris said. "Normally, I see him coming. I
hit him kind of awkwardly."

Harris injured the right shoulder during summer-league play. During Sunday's win at Portland, Harris landed on the shoulder after being driven to the floor by Steve Blake on a crucial overtime layup.

Houston decides to continue the MLS practice of the Euro nicknames

The city's new Major League Soccer franchise is called Houston 1836, commemorating the year the city was founded.

The unusual moniker for the former San Jose Earthquakes echoes the practice of some German clubs, which include the year of their founding in their names: TSV 1860 Munich, Hannover 96, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, FC Schalke 04 and TSV Mainz 05.

"From this day forward, the Houston 1836 logo will be a symbol of a hardworking team," team president Oliver Luck said. "This is a team for Houston. If you live in Houston, you must like it here. If you like Houston, come out and support another Houston franchise."

Houston also becomes the fourth MLS team with a European-style nickname, joining CD Chivas USA, Real Salt Lake and FC Dallas.

Dear MLS-

What are you doing? What is the point of trying to confuse your audience? Is the idea to liken your product to Europe? If so, why do you have a draft (that you insist on calling a “Super Draft”? Why do you have playoffs? Why do you have divisions? These are all far more practical things that you could imitate from Europe that would make more sense for your product.

Instead, you are trying to imitate all of the things from American Sports that you want, and then decide that naming your teams “Real”, or “FC”, or “Houston 1836” is enough to set yourself apart. Sadly, all it has done is confuse people, and cause others to continue to mock your product. How can you call your league, “Major League Soccer” and then call your team “Football Club Dallas?” Which sport is it? It really makes little sense, and it suggests that the marketing people aren’t all on the same page.

Go Soccer (Football),


Ameriquest appears to be strug-gel-ling ….Lucky the Ballpark has their name until 2034…

That California-based home mortgage loan company, with its name covering everything at the beautiful ballpark in the city of Arlington, had met up with the Feds.
The Feds won.

In a settlement with the government, Arlington's new best friend agreed to pay a $325 million settlement of allegations it deceived borrowers, falsified loan documents and pressured appraisers to overstate home values.

Where I come from, we call that ripping off people. White-collar crime, and slime. Coast-to-coast slime, since 49 states and the District of Columbia will get a cut of the 325 mil.

It also hit close to home. Those home buyers jilted in Texas will receive an $18 million slice of the settlement.

Makes you proud, doesn't it, Arlington?

No way! Mike Vick thinks Va Tech was too tough on Marc Vick …Shocking…

Mike Tirico defends the Super Bowl in Detroit

Daily Show Comedy

Alex Ovechkin highlight film

Is this a Good Aggie?


Anonymous said...

Dear Bob,

The only people we're trying to confuse are our Houston fans, most of whom obviously arrive at our games by the truckfull. We just through it'd be funny if we got them rooting for a team named after the year we stole Texas from their motherland. Giggle!

Hugs and kisses,

nick said...

ovechkin is my leader

AttnyDan said...

I have debated for years the bit of dressing up in my old game warden costume (kinda looks like an INS officer) and walking through the stands during one of the mexican hat dances a.k.a. soccer games over in Frisco.

Can I get any funding?

Chris said...

on VERY RARE occasion, Grandpa Urine has a good column. Today is one of those days, he hit the nail on the head about the Temple and that stupid mortgage company.

The question is, why does the Ticket call it Ameriquest field during the Tickers, and some shows?

Tommy Callahan said...

Surely Mike Vick isn't that stupid. He's not that kind of kid? Mike, I know he's your brother, but look at his track record. This kid is EXACTLY the kind of kid who would do that. This si teh same kid, who they have footage of, giving a forearm to the back of an opposing coach after having run off on their side after a play. This kid, is unstable, and needs to be kept away from the NFL.

Bob: Does Turco get no credit for realizing how to stop shots during the shootout? He may have been questionable, during the regular time, but he was GREAT in overtime,a dn the shootout. A silver emdal, really???? said...

On Gov Good Hair -

Funny how low an Aggie would stump to get votes.

Ryan Oswald said...

Neither a good Aggie nor a good governor.

Luis M said...

has a dirty hispanic mexican i'm offended by the INS comment...nah not really.

any failing companys that jerry jones can name the stadium arlington after?

Anonymous said...

I've heard him referred to as Grandpa Urine forever, but I've never known why. Does anyone have the story?

Anonymous said...

screw Good Hair. I'm backing Kinky for guv.

Luis M said...

is there such thing as a good aggie?

Big Fred said...

The Aggie Corps prefer it if you call them "Bad Aggie" while spanking them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob,

After the diatribe yesterday about Juan Dominguez, where is the story about him showing up to minicamp overweight?

ChozSun said...

I disagree with Bob about the MLS nicknames. I kinda like 1836 and FC because it separates MLS from NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL (where all the good nicknames have been taken). If you stick with names like San Jose Earthquakes, is that a) an Arena League Team or b) Minor (insert sport here) Team. But with names like FC Dallas and Houston 1836, that is so obviously soccer.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love the pic on the front page of the BaD radio site? Genius!!

Anonymous said...

The drop: "Thats a....thats a tought thing"
Where does that come from?
Thanks in advance.

P1 Anon 10:49

rentz said...

12:32 PM, Anonymous ... the drops from the jimmy kimmell show, when he had katrina survivors on

Luis M said...

anybody know where to get transcripts of that old sound clip that bad radio would sometimes play during their open....the one that would end with something like "i reached my opinion by not stating my opinion". i probably got that wrong but hopefully someone knows, where thats from, so i can look it up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks rentz.
My friend thought it was Dick Vermeil, I just won 10 bones.

P1 Anon 10:49

eric in keller said...

Yeah, I was at that UT celebration and Perry was kissing some major UT butt.

cracker1743 said...

Someone earlier got it right: Perry's neither a good Aggie nor a good governor. He does have good homosexual hair, though.

Vote Kinky. Why the hell not?

Anonymous said...

Kinky for governor

Wes Mantooth said...

Kinky...giggle :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was at that UT celebration and Perry was kissing some major UT butt.

He did the same thing at the UT baseball celebration.

Click here for him doing the hook 'em in image #6.

Rick Bentley said...

Governor Jefferson Darcy