Monday, January 30, 2006

Looking to Leave

Live from Detroit, here is the lead NFL story of a slow sports weekend, Favre is leaning to getting out

"I love the game too much and I love my legacy too much to have that just be OK," Favre said, "and I don't want to be just OK. I want to be good, and I don't know if I'm committed enough [right now] to be good on an everyday basis."

All right. I have avoided this topic as best as I could for the last month. Let’s get to it.

Favre has always been too honest for his own good. Some of the stuff he told Mort in that interview I knew he was going to get pounded for. He said that he wasn’t sure if he still wanted the ball with 2 minutes to go. It was the truth, but it is also something that media folks are trained to pounce on if someone says it. He will get pounded for saying his heart isn’t totally in it. It is the truth? Most likely, but it also is under the category of “things you should not say out loud”.

Here is the deal: Last season, he played with Wide Receivers #2 and #5 on his team, because #1, #3, and #4 got hurt. He ended the season playing with Running Back #6 because they went through RB’s #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5 with either injuries or in Rashard Lee’s case, fumbles. He is beaten down. Last season, with all the cap room in the world, the Packers did nothing to help him, and even drafted a QB when the team appeared to have one, but needed big offensive line help and huge defensive help. They sent the message that they need to start looking ahead, and he received that message loud and clear.

Can he still play? Not as well, but yes, he can still play. His arm is still top notch, his legs are still allowing him to avoid big contact, and he still is able to make plays even with his silly supporting cast in 2005.

But, he also looks terrified of being hit sometimes. He wants to leave the game in one piece. In fact, he flings the ball in the air to avoid a blitz, and those are passes that get picked off. You really can’t play QB like that.

No one will make excuses for Brett like I will. I am probably to Brett Favre what Dale Hansen is to Troy Aikman. You won’t hear me rip the guy most the time, but after watching this season, and watching the distraction of 24/7 “will Brett retire?” talk, I have certainly come to terms with the idea that the end is near.

Is he done? I am not convinced he is, but clearly after seeing this interview, the road is paved.

Here is my major concern, though, and mark my words: If he retires this off-season, I am 100% sure he will be back. He is wired to compete, and despite the fact that he is so beaten down, that will turn when football season arrives, and he may sit a year out, maybe two, and he will be back. But, with the salary cap and the planning of a franchise like it is, when Favre is ready to return, the Packers may have turned the page. This, will drive me crazy, as Favre ends his career with 1 or 2 more seasons in Miami or New Orleans or something. I hope I am wrong, but I have seen this guy compete for every snap of his life. He may want to go out like this now, but I promise he will be back if he does. I also hope I am dead wrong.

There. I know you have always been surprised with how little I write about the Packers on this blog, but I made up for it today by pounding it.

Rick Gosselin argues for Troy in the HOF

I want to write more about that column tomorrow, but enjoy it today…

Here is quite a concept, Steelers show that patience is good when dealing with a coach

Stars are 8-0 in shootouts …would we love the shootout the same if they were 0-8? The people up here in Detroit on the Red Wings post game show were talking about how, “that isn’t hockey” after they lost….

Gil Lebreton remembers Super Bowl XVI in Detroit

Don’t tell Dan, but the guy who he once suggested, “will rip Elway’s arms off, and spit em out in yo face, Carl “Big Daddy: Hairston joins the Packers staff…

Hairston registered 94 sacks in a 15-year career as a defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles under Vermeil and Marion Campbell from 1976-'83, for the Cleveland Browns under Marty Schottenheimer and Bud Carson from 1984-'89 and for Arizona under Joe Bugel in '90.

As a player, Hairston's teams posted a record of 124-118-1 (.512). He played in Super Bowl XV for the Eagles. They drafted him in the seventh round in 1976 from Maryland-Eastern Shore.

Janet Reno sings RESPECT

Is your coach a jerk?

Aggie vs. Seahawk ….

Remembering Tim Tam and the Turn On’s …a band we never heard of, but their picture overlooked our table at dinner Saturday night, so I thought I would google them…

Raise your Aggie the right way ….

Rasheed vs Stewie

The Super Bowl is gay …Now we know who that dude, Andy Milonakis is….

Keeping track of the all of the “next Jordan”s

I watched “Grizzly Man” Saturday…That might be the single best documentary I have ever seen. Clearly a top 3 documentary for sure. So how did it get left off the Oscar Nominations? …Sorry, but this movie is better than “March of the Penguins”…

And now, email:

Hey Bob,

I don't know if this is on your radar screen yet but John Daly has a new reality show called "The Daly Planet" on the Golf Channel. So far I've seen the episode where he tries hitting a golf ball over Niagara Falls in front of a huge crowd. The next was w/ him flying to Scotland for the British Open @ St. Andrews on a G5 Private jet. They show him hauling his Miller Lite all over and smoking like a chimney. Worth checking out. Probably be able to catch up this weekend if you Tivo it.



Sounds very promising. Here is a response to the “Top 5 overpaid/underperforming” team from Wednesday’s blog:

Hey Bob,

I heard your top 5 list and I agree that all of those were bad. However, there are 2 that stand out in my mind that did not make your list. Jeff Zimmerman signed a 3 year/$10 million contract with the Rangers following the 2001 season and never threw a single pitch during the length of the deal. Rusty Greer signed a 3 year/$21 million contract that same off-season and played in a grand total of 51 games and hit 1 home run.


And then these responses about 12th man talk:

Hello three headed monster;

The 12th man was all walk-on until 1989. In 1988 Rodney Blackshear ran a kick off back on the 12th man, which was the first time the all-walk on team had ever had one returned on them. How do I know I was there on the sidelines as a member of the Texas Tech team that accomplished this. The following year, Slocum went to only one walk-on on the kick off team, and he wears #12. This year I believe that they reinstituted this all walk on team.

By the way, check with K Scott he can vouch that I was a part of the team.

Darrin Carpenter

The Ags used one walk-on, John Ray, all season on the kickoff coverage. But against OK State, where in the fourth quarter and we were up by like 35-40, Fran did put in an all 12th Man kickoff team – twice. The crowd erupted both times and the coverage team did a standout job. Kinda like the Rudy of Aggieland for some of the walk-ons. A great move by Fran. I went to all the home games but two, and witnessed this first hand.

Fightin Texas Aggie Class of ‘99
Bryon Ingermann

Thanks, guys. Don’t forget today we are on for Norm 10-12, and for ourselves from 1-3…


cracker1743 said...

I bet Favre gets a pass from the media for admitting he's not committed enough. It's not like he's Kerry Collins...

Re A&M's 12th Man, I'm purely going off faulty, aging memory, so I'm sure Fake Sturm or some other Horn will do some digging to disagree, but I think when the kickoff team was all walk-ons in the '80s, they were annually one of the leaders for fewest yards allowed on kickoffs. Or somesuch. I kinda lost myself in those run-on sentences.

And thanks for feeding the t-sip nation, Bob. God, I hate you.

Cracker '89

AttnyDan said...

I am not a Faithful Ag, but have to side with them on this 12th man controversey with Seattle.

If they do not pursue and protect their trademark, they lose it. Period. If you think because Seattle is a pro team and the Ags are college that makes a difference, then please see Pat Riley's cease and desist threat to USC for "three-peat". That was not only different levels (pro vs college) but different sports all together.

Legally, Aggie is doing the right thing. (shudder).

Anonymous said...

Judging from the results this year, it looks like the Ags went all walk-on for their defense too.

Anonymous said...

Good bye and God bless Brett. Please don't go out like Dorsett or O.J. or even Montana to a certain extent. (images of Montana's elbow still give me the creeps)

Brett, quit, take your $, become a broadcaster. You'll be thought of much classier if you do.

Anonymous said...

Aikman's HOF credentials can't be up for debate can they? I hate the Cowboys but it would be a complete sham if he weren't enshrined (this year even).

Anonymous said...

I agree that Aikman's first ballot enshrinement should be a mere formality. If Steve Young gets in on the first ballot with only one ring, then Aikman certainly does since he has 3.

Anonymous said...

stewie is awesome....

brotha please, you're the one that's tripping. go on cry home to your momma, she's waitin for you....haha

Anonymous said...

C'mon Bob. Something about you tells me that you like the term "Fair and Balanced." So I present this.

cracker1743 said...


Oh, you made my brown eye turn blue.

Jay Clendenin said...

Attorney Dan, consider yourself an honorary Aggie!!!

All of you who are talking smack about the Aggies right now probably didn't say one word about Phil Jackson's trademark of the Three-peat phrase. Get off of your own spin machine and stop slagging the Aggies.

A&M has every right to stop Seattle from using the term. But wait...the timing is kind of suspect since Seattle is in the Super Bowl!!! I can't believe an organization is using the media for publicity!!! I've never heard of such a thing.

Wes Mantooth said...

Hey aggy, it was Pat Riley who trademarked (is that a word?) "Three-Peat" not Phil Jackson. Atty Dan even referred to Pat Riley (not Phil Jackson) in his post above.

They don't teach you to read at agricultural school though do they? Aggy is still aggy. All is right with the world.

Jay Clendenin said...

congratulations've won this round.

and yes "trademarked" is a word. since the word trademark is a verb as well as a noun, "trademarked" is permissible.