Monday, April 17, 2006

A Case of the Mondays

I was asked this weekend if I was brave enough to lead the Monday blog with UFC 59. After all, there was sports this weekend of the normal variety, with baseball and basketball and hockey. But, there was Forrest Griffin vs. Tito Ortiz. So, to that guy (Hank) who didn’t think I was brave enough, here you go.

Ortiz beats Griffin in a decision
I hoped and hoped that Forrest Griffin would have the ability to slay one of the big giants in the game, former champ Tito Ortiz. After all, Forrest had been on our show, and therefore is our favorite UFC Fighter. But, he is also the winner of a reality tv show, and therefore people question the credentials of him compared to a fighter who worked his way up the ranks the traditional way.

Anyway, Round 1 was a domination of the highest order and Ortiz just got Griffin on his back and administered the ground and pound. Heavy elbows rained down on Forrest who tried many solutions to the problem, with none of them working. He remained active, but the damage was being done. At the end of the first round, it looked like a miracle was going to be necessary for Griffin to survive the onslaught. And, it also seemed obvious that he was outclassed, and winners of a tv show are no match for the big boys.

But, as the fight moved to Round 2, Griffin figured out the important strategy of staying on his feet. On his feet, the two fighters were equals and Forrest frustrated Ortiz by using a sprawl well to avoid takedowns. Griffin clearly won round 2 in my mind, by landing far more punches and looking far more active as Ortiz appeared to tire.

Then, it came down to the third and final round. This is where the fight turned back to the veteran, Ortiz, as he did get one key takedown with less than 2 minutes to go. But, this time, Forrest Griffin, who had demonstrated his heart by this point, actually issued quite a bit of punishment from his back. He then got back to his feet in the final seconds, but was unable to mount a flurry that could get more support from the judges. It went to the cards, and two of the three judges did not give Griffin a single round. Ortiz won on a split decision, but Griffin earned all the credit in the world from the public who saw he had a heart like Rocky. Our boy is a little green, but he is indeed a bad man.

Sylvia shocks the pitbull

I thought there was about a 0% chance Tim Silvia could beat that maniac Andrei Arlovski for the heavyweight belt. If you have seen Arlovski destroy most of his opponents, you would most likely feel the same way. But, there was the question of his one loss a few years ago when he got tagged on the chin and dropped like a ton of bricks. And in the first round on Saturday, with Arlovski looking to be dominant again, he was caught once in the chin, and fell on his face looking completely out cold. And he evidently was. Sylvia pounced, and the fight was stopped immediately. In fact, I thought the ref got a bit carried away, but most agreed that the right call was made, and we have a new heavyweight champion. He is the old one, too. Tim Sylvia. Look for a rematch pretty soon.

The lesser fights were so/so, but that Ortiz/Griffin fight was awesome.

There, it took a lot of courage to do what I just did, unless you consider that this is Bob’s blog, and I am Bob.

Sherdog’s review of the PPV

Rangers win 2 of 3 in Oakland, and pitching is looking pretty good

The starting pitching? Try not to dwell on Vicente Padilla's three straight gopher balls last Saturday, and you'll notice that Rangers pitchers have logged five solid starts in a row.

Take away the three Padilla pitches, in fact, and Rangers starters have a 2.08 earned run average over those five games, with only four walks and 21 strikeouts.
Kameron Loe performed like the No. 3 starter that the Rangers -- for now -- need him to be. And Millwood was the better pitcher Friday night in his battle against Barry Zito.

Mavericks win, await opponent for playoffs

Getting healthy, honing a playoff rotation and working on the "system" are the goals this week. Johnson did accomplish one key with his lineup against the Jazz.
For the first time since March 3, Johnson started Nowitzki, Jason Terry, Josh Howard, DeSagana Diop and Griffin. Not only is that lineup the most used this season, it's also 19-2.

No other starting combination has more than eight wins.

"It's been awhile," Terry said. "With us it doesn't matter. Whoever is out there is able to get the job done. It's our system."

The Jazz (40-40) had its five-game winning streak snapped and was eliminated from playoff contention. The eight teams in the West are set, with the final seedings being the only mystery.

Memphis (47-33) or the Clippers (46-34) are the candidates to face the Mavs as the fifth seed. The Grizzlies have the upper hand, but the two teams meet Tuesday in Memphis.

"I'm assuming if both teams stay the course," Johnson said, "whoever wins that game, we'll play."

Meanwhile, The Stars play out their string …awaiting their opponent, too…

The Stars should know their playoff opponent by the stroke of midnight tonight.
Dallas, which will play at Detroit, is locked into the second seed in the Western Conference and is waiting for the seventh seed to be determined. The only two teams that could land in the seventh spot – Colorado or Anaheim – each play tonight, with Colorado at Edmonton (8 p.m.) and Anaheim hosting Calgary (9:30 p.m.).

If Colorado (43-29-9, 95 points) loses to Edmonton in regulation, the Stars will play the Avalanche in the first round, starting Friday at American Airlines Center. But if the Avalanche gains two points for a win or one point for a loss in overtime or a shootout, then Anaheim (42-27-12, 96 points) could fall to the seventh seed by finishing with the same amount of points as Colorado.

The first tiebreaker in the seeding process is number of wins, and Colorado holds that advantage. In any scenario where the teams finish with the same amount of points, the Avalanche wins the tiebreaker.

If Anaheim wins, it clinches the No. 6 seed and would play No. 3 Calgary. If the Ducks lose or gain only one point, then they'll need help to remain ahead of Colorado.

Either choice is an interesting one for the Stars. The Avalanche knocked Dallas out in the first round in 2004. The Mighty Ducks eliminated the Stars in the second round in 2003.

So, it appears that the 1/8 series is Detroit and Edmonton, and the 4/5 series is Nashville vs. San Jose. All that is left is placing the Avalanche or Ducks in Dallas or Anaheim. Good pairings it appears.

Wild need to figure out how to resign Gaborik

In Minneapolis, Dirk has a supporter for MVP

That leaves Nowitzki as the choice here. Dallas' roster, when healthy, is fine but not eye-popping, and the Mavericks have not been healthy for much of this season. Nowitzki is on pace for career highs in scoring and all three shooting categories, has found ways to deflate defenders big and small and truly has become a leader in his locker room.

What ever happened to Alonzo Spellman? Arena Football

I am always asked to explain European Soccer to various people that are interested, but confused. Well, here is something you should print and save. It is a nice summary of how it all works: World Football 101

Hansen leaves the Ticket …Now get off my radio station!

I have been asked my thoughts on this quite a bit, so here it is. I like Dale. I consider Dale a friend, and if he thinks moving somewhere else makes sense for him, than good luck. Of course, now we are mandated to beat him, so consider it like Finley heading to San Antonio. Well, that doesn't work, as the Spurs are the Champions. How about Pierre Turgeon to the Avalanche? Hmmm. Kenny Rogers to the Tigers? Forget it.

Anyway, I would describe my feelings as the following (and look for this on the radio today): It is like when your mother leaves your house after an extended stay. You love her and all, and you likely had some great times, too. But, boy, is it ever nice to have that extra space back! Noon to 3!!! Dirty, Noon to 3!!

Hansen is leaving The Ticket, his radio home since 1999, because he says he felt unwanted at the Cowboys' new flagship station. Hansen is a frequent critic of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. He preceded Laufenberg as Cowboys radio analyst and was fired, with Jones' blessing, with two games remaining in the 1996 season.
"It was obvious to me they [The Ticket] were pushing me off the postgame show," Hansen said Sunday.

Hansen had been a regular on The Ticket's Cowboys postgame show, which aired after game broadcasts on KLUV-FM (98.7). Hansen also hosted a year-round show Mondays from noon to 1 p.m. on The Ticket and a one-hour show on Fridays during the football season.

Hansen had been negotiating a new contract with The Ticket, but it got bogged down by the recent sale of the station. Hansen met with ESPN Radio management last week and accepted an offer.



AttnyDan said...

Hansen has always ranted about the negotiation process. Guess Ticket management was either not paying attention (doubtful) or used this to piss him off enough to make him leave (probable). I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I'll miss hating Hansen.....for a while. Just don't give Norm another hour..please God, no!!!!

Rangers 5-8.....snzzzzzzzzz.

Leading off the blog w/ UFC...well, it ain't soccer, college hockey or marathon I don't see how brave it was to post if first.

By the way, surely there is some numbers game you could play to figure out who wins UFC related to the number of turnovers by a fighter!! Sorry Bob, couldn't resist.

Anonymous said...


Is there any truth to the rumor that Dale was the guy that TP'ed the compound? Or did that never happen since you guys never mentioned it on the air? Uh...

Love always,

Mr. Q

Anonymous said...

Can Dale possibly be the most arrogant host on ESPN???

Luis M said...

hansen's show is the only show on the ticket i will not listen too. as soon as he comes on, i turn the radio off or switch to another station. as a big bad radio fan, i have been waiting for this move for years. bad radio has earned the right to broadcast their show from noon to three, they should havent to give up an hour and worse 2 during football season to some spare ass like hansen. hansen is actually not that bad on tv, but thats because he is timed, only a minute or two at a time of him. give him 10-15 minutes of unscripted time and he is the biggest beatdown in radio.... hey hansen, welp see ya later!

Anonymous said...

When i was a kid, Hansen was great. I'm 33 now. He's not so great anymore. If i wanted to hear someone talk about themselves for an hour, i'd call my wife at work. (insert rimshot here)

And don't get fooled people, the Rangers suck! The kings of last place! Hail to the Kings, Hail to the Kings.

Hey, i didn't get a hurumph outta that guy!

Double wide coffin,


Dick24 said...

I wish it was under happier circumstances, like Dale getting fired or leaving for the sports anchor job in Greensboro, NC, but this is still a great day for P1s everywhere.

Hypocrisy Police said...

So Dale is leaving the Ticket. I for one am shocked that the most vocal critic of the Cowboys has found his way to another station. A more cynical person than myself might put those 2 things together.....

Anonymous said...

Wow.. Hansen leaving the ticket?? how will the station ever survive?? Who are they gonna get next?? Elf? station collapse warning!

Anonymous said...

Can Dale possibly be the most arrogant host on ESPN???

Not as long as Dan Patrick draws breath. Oh wait, he's taking Dan's spot? Then maybe. He and Estridge can have a slapfight over the title.

Anonymous said...

Good job Ticket! I will never have to hear the phrases, "Again...", "The lovely Mrs. Hansen..." "At my party..." "I'm not a stupid guy..." "Beautiful Waxahachie"

He made the Cowboys post game show intolerable to listen. His only agenda was to complain about the Cowboys.

Good job ESPN...whatever time slot you're putting him in just lost more ratings.

Fake Sturm said...

They should pair Hansen with about the ultimate power down. I really dont care where he is as long as he is off the ticket.

Did anybody else see scenes from next weeks Sopranos? It looked like the kid from Doogie Howser hits Tony???

Jackie said...

I feel actual joy in my heart this morning! No more powerdown Hansen taking time from my Bad Radio boys! Life is good.

DeeeezzzzNutz said...

Hansen signing with ESPN is just the first sign of the Ticket sucking the Cowboys nuts with the new contract. We are going to see Greggo and Rhynes telling us everything Parcells does is pure genius, and we are going to see Sturm get a Cowboy tattoo.

Brandon at GSR said...

Scott Masteller for radio station GM of the year.

No, not because I have any intention of listening to Dale on 103.3. But so I don't have to hear him for two hours a week during football season.

cracker1743 said...

Fake Sturm -- I think he's hitting Arnie (in slow mo you can see bald head and mustache).

Arthur -- (harrumph) watch your ass. Take these paddles, pass 'em out to the boys in lieu of pay.

Bye bye Dale. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

Anonymous said...

i messaged grubes on myspace, he had a good idea. fill hansen's hour with compound style roundtable talk. i love bad radio. and you bob, are my favorite host on the little ticket. but every roundtable is always gold. anyway, i actually enjoyed hansen, but i wont be switching over to espn to hear him recycle his same rants every other time on the air. this is probably a good pick up for espn, but i doubt it hurts 1310.
stay hard.

Anonymous said...

What kind of a pussy do you have to be to quit your job by voicemail? Dale, be a man next time.

Anonymous said...

just a thought. Is there any connection to the Erin Hawksworth incident from the compound. Did Hansen get pissed and leave the ticket. Just a thought

Anonymous said...

Hansen gone - Good Frickin' riddance.

He has NEVER been smart enough to grasp the big picture. He ALWAYS gets bogged down in the little details and can't see the forest for the trees. For instance, his rant on the NCAA Tourney not actually crowning the best team, just the one that happened to win 6 straight games. Give me a FiretrUCKING break.

Those 75 or so hours a year would be better spent on the sound o Griss in a urinal than listening to Hansen. The further upshot it that it'll be Bad Radio.

Rick Bentley said...

see you in hell, Dale.

Anonymous said...


"these frickin' things are warped. why do i always get a warped one?"

the quarterback's nearer?


Anonymous said...

Hahaha...Bob is the man...good write-up on the fights, BTW...

P1 Hank

steve said...

"All that is left is placing the Avalanche or Ducks in Dallas or Anaheim."


Clint in Arlington said...

The Ticket loses Hansen? I call that addition by subtraction, BUDDY!!

1 or 2 more hours of BaD Radio a week makes me smile. Thank you ESPN.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Sylvia won the HW Championship with a broken arm.

Anonymous said...

"Work, work, work. Work, work, work. Work, work, work. Hello boys, have a good night's rest, I missed you."

Here is to the Cowboys running a #6 on their schedule.

Andy Douthitt said...

9:46 anon...

When i was a kid, Hansen was great. I'm 33 now. He's not so great anymore. If i wanted to hear someone talk about themselves for an hour, i'd call my wife at work. (insert rimshot here)

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Dale is just like my relatives.. bitter at the world for progressing, while wishing for the good old days. His Cowboy hatred is so old now, it just pisses me off. I have never been so annoyed by someone's voice like Dale's. Stay on TV where no one knows who you really are. Just report the news dude. Bye Bye

DrewJ said...

My mom and Dale grew up together in the thriving metropolis of Logan, IA. As a kid we always watched Channel 8 (or was it 5 back in the day?) We moved away to Houston and I moved back a decade later and became a P1. When I first started listening to the Ticket I would schedule my lunch breaks around Dale being on the air. I ran into him at the bar a couple of years ago and we had a good long chat about Logan and family and such. He was like an old family friend.

And then I realized what a complete powerdown he truly is. I went from scheduling my lunches to catch him while I was in the car, to going to lunch early or late to avoid him.

I guess somehow we'll all have to struggle on without knowing the paticulars of how Dale's poker game went last weekend or which is the best bank in the beautiful city in Waxahachie.

Farewell my egotistical, overweight friend.

Robert Bentley said...

Not to get all ombudsman on anyone, but the Ticket is in need of a Cowboys opposition voice, preferably one who doesn't sound like a hen. I'm a Cowboy fan and I won't miss Dale, but we need Rhynes to step up and fill those shoes to prevent KTCK from becoming for the Pokes what NESN and the Globe are for the Red Sox.

Well, I'm off to my log cabin...

chaz said...

anon 9:46,
That's funny and right on.

Somebody needs to stick up for Dale.
Galloway? Dale and Galloway complaining about the ticket, wishin' it was 1993.

p1dean said...

A couple questions...
1)Who is Gribble going to fake laugh at?
2) Is Dale going to work the "I'm a leg man..." bit from '82 into his open at ESPN?
3) Speaking of ESPN...could they add anymore part-time radio hosts?
4) What does this have to do with the staion being sold? Who bought it? How much did Rhynes pocket from the deal?
5) Maybe Dale's hour could be given to the random black guy from the Compound Photo Shoot.

I think ESPN should put Dale, Galloway, and David Robinson Also on a show it Ticket Trifecta one.


cracker1743 said...

Hansen snatch, Hansen snatch...see, the Ticket 7, ESPN radio 0. I told you it could be done!

Of course, since I was out drinking golf and playing beer all day, I is a bit late for anyone to witnesh my comdeyizing.

Oh well, more Mongo beatdown tomorrow. Welp, night night everbody!


Rick Bentley said...

fuck you, Andy

AttnyDan said...

Wow!! Such hate...this should be a glorious time of happy, happy, joy, joy. Ding, Dong the Dic# is Dead, the Dic# is Dead.