Friday, April 28, 2006

Draft Time

2006 NFL Draft time is 25 hours away as I type. I have been asked about what I think the Cowboys will do, and here are just a few short thoughts-

• One of my guys who knows what they are saying in the meetings tells me that the Cowboys would prefer a Demarcus Ware clone to line up on the other side of Ware in the 3-4. Kamerion Wimbley and Manny Lawson come immediately to mind. Bobby Carpenter might make sense if the Ware clones are gone, but I am pretty sure he is not the type of guy they really want. If they take Carpenter, my guy tells me they have settled for him.

• Tackle is a very big concern, but they just don’t seem to be in a spot where one will make sense in round 1. I just can’t talk myself into Winston Justice.

• Guy I might most like? I will admit that the guy I have always thought would be a wonderful addition to the team is Virginia Tech’s Jimmy Williams. Jimmy is thought of as a world class jerk, but since when has that been a deal-breaker in the NFL? The fact is he is big, fast, and physical. He can play Corner and Safety. I would have no problem with them taking him.

• Watch Minnesota which is one slot ahead of the Cowboys. They have many of the exact same needs (except OL) and could screw up any falling picks. Cutler slides? Vikes will take him. Wimbley slides? Vikes will take him. You may have to find a way to deal to #15 or #16 if your guy is still there to jump ahead of Minnesota.

My List of 6 – (guys who could be around that if the Cowboys grab them, I will be very happy).

Above, Lawson touches the top of the backboard, like I used to.

Manny Lawson – As close to a Ware clone as there is. I am bothered by his stock rising in the Combine, and I am also concerned about him playing on a line with two other NFL top picks (including Mario Williams). Doesn’t that suggest that he was the player who was not double teamed? But, upside is what the draft is all about, and a guy who can touch the top of the backboard and run like a lion, seems to be the apple of the Cowboys eye.

Jimmy Williams – Like I said, could play Safety right now, and grow into another top CB is you want.

Kamerion Wimbley – Will likely never fall to them, but if he does, good times.

Bobby Carpenter – He would be the solid stay-at-home LB that everyone could use.

Jason Allen – Dropped value because of injuries, but very strong player at Safety.

Santonio Holmes – Deep threat that could grow into Glenn’s role.

My list of guys I don’t want the Cowboys to touch.

Winston Justice – perhaps I am discriminating based on Jacob Rogers, but his scouting report reads like Rogers played. Lacks mental toughness and brute strength.

Antonio Cromartie – HAS STARTED 1 GAME IN COLLEGE!

DeAngelo Williams – Interesting player, but gets hurt every single season.

Cordero Out; Otsuka In

The Rangers have tried letting Francisco Cordero work out his problems on the mound while remaining the team's closer. Now, they'll try to let him work them out in a different role.

A club source confirmed Thursday that the Rangers will move Cordero, who has blown three consecutive save chances and four of his last five, into a less-pressurized role.

Cordero, who has converted just three of eight save chances this season, will be replaced by setup man Akinori Otsuka.Rangers manager Buck Showalter declined to comment on the matter Thursday as the team was getting ready for a flight to Cleveland to begin a five-game road trip.

Fraley wants the plug pulled on Turco

Trailing the best-of-7 series 3-0, the Stars have nothing left to lose. They have gone as far as they can for the moment with starter Marty Turco doing his impersonation of Tommy "Just Good Enough to Lose" Salo.

Tippett on Thursday said the question of a goalie switch is legitimate but that Turco will start. Tippett acknowledged the Stars need more from Turco, who has lost a lead in the final minutes of regulation in each of the last two games.

"I wonder how the whole series has affected him," Tippett said.

It has raised questions.

Is it fair to place all the blame on Turco?


Players such as forward Jason Arnott, who has gone from a quiet 32 goals in the regular season to a quiet zero against Colorado, have contributed to the shocking slide.

Has the specter of the playoffs left Turco frazzled?

Let the facts speak.

A 4-3 overtime loss on Wednesday night was Turco's fifth consecutive playoff defeat. He has lost nine of his last 14 decisions, allowing 47 goals in that span.

Starting with the 2003 playoffs, Turco is 7-13 with a .869 save percentage. Of the 15 goalies with at least 10 decisions in that span, Turco has the lowest save percentage and second-worst record. Chris Osgood is 4-8.

The playoffs are all about goaltenders. The Stars profess unflagging confidence in Turco and look for him to set a tone. When Turco made a strong save during a penalty kill in the first period of Game 3, the Stars immediately scored a short-handed goal.

"That was one of those the players really grasped," Tippett said. "We need some more like that from him, and our team will rally around that."

A slumping goalie makes an entire team nervous.

I take issue with Fraley making Arnott a target. He dominated game 1, Hit the pipe in Overtime of game 2, and you want to call him out? How about Modano getting dominated by Sakic the whole series? Or 19 other guys?

Add the Stars to this list barring a miracle of miraculous proportions….

The Stars had 112 points and won the Pacific Division this season, but, if they lose to the Avalanche, they'll join a dubious club. Since the NHL went to its current three-division alignment in 1997-98, these teams have amassed more than 100 points, won their division and lost in the first round:

Year Team Points Seed Lost to
2000 Blues 114 1 Sharks
2001 Red Wings 111 2 Kings
2003 Red Wings 110 2 Mighty Ducks
2001 Senators 109 2 Maple Leafs
1999 Devils 105 1 Penguins
2003 Avalanche 105 3 Wild
2004 Bruins 104 2 Canadiens
1999 Senators 103 2 Sabres
2000 Capitals 102 2 Penguins
2004 Canucks 101 3 Flames
2002 Bruins 101 1 Canadiens

We go to Memphis for Game 3 tomorrow, with the Mavericks in full control …now, they must not let down their guard…

Gosselin’s Top 100 …Print and use tomorrow…

Vikings change uniforms …Welcome back the Purple Pants….

Yesterday on the show, I was wondering about the dude at the Mavericks game that has a bit that annoys me more than pretty much anything these days. Here he is:

Well, the P1’s did the research, and here is what we have found from DMagazine’s blog

One of you thinks the crazy-dressing Mavs fan is Don Carter's brother. Another thinks it's Don Carter's brother-in-law. Both good theories, but an enthusiastic FrontBurnervian drops some knowledge:

His name is Don Knobler and he runs an apartment leasing company. You can find his office on the southbound service road of 75, around Henderson. Look for the sign with the two blue arrows…can’t miss it. The only reason I know him is because I am a former funslinger and Don knows everyone.

Don Knobler used to be my landlord. Wow. To think: my rent check most likely paid for at least one jumpsuit and two wigs. I feel like I should apologize, or something.


Look for him with a wacky hair-do, wacky clothes, and those wacky clappers right across the court from Avery at the next home game. I don’t know why he affects me like he does, but everytime the camera catches him, it makes me as crazy as Vlade Divac taking a flop used to make me. I might need a vacation.

Incidentally, rumor has it that he uses no wigs. All his real hair. If you care. Rich people get bored easily, I suppose.


MrSimic said...

I can't decide: if the Stars win tonight, does that just prolong the agony, or do I need to see at least one win from this club in the playoffs?

I couldn't comment on this yesterday because my soul was crushed, but watching game three, one goal up in the third, I actually had confidence that we would win. Marty looked good, we were controlling the puck, and we were hitting bodies. That'll teach me to believe.

Dick24 said...

Bob, pay no heed to Fraley. He is a bitter moron. He knows so little about baseball, which is supposedly his strength, that it should come as no surprise that he wouldn't know how to analyze a hockey game.

Fake Sturm said...

Fake Sturm's Bold Weekend Predictions:

With the 18th pick in the 2006 NFL draft, the Dallas Cowboys select...Jason Allen, safety.

The Stars will be down 3 games to 2 and heading back to Colorado to even the series on Tuesday.

The Mavs will be up 3 games to none.

Vince Young will be a Tennessee Titan.

Anonymous said...

VY will be a spare, Houston said no, haha.

MrSimic said...

God I'm such a homer. Fake Sturm, just reading your third prediction lifts my big green heart. I think I read it three times just to convince myself that there exist people that believe that the Stars can win in this series.

You've got me believing. Onward! Excelsior!

Big Buckin Chicken said...

BBC also read Fake Sturms fearless predictions and I agree that the series is going to at least a sixth game. Yes I'm serial.


P.S. Watch out for Manbearpig.

MrSimic said...

Holy macaroni...strange to post three times in one day, but I had to respond to the BBC. I saw that South Park last night too and was surprised at Al Gore's little running gag. I went to a Bowling for Soup concert a little while ago and the band was kind of bantering back and forth between songs. One of them (the giant guitar player, I think) said "I'm cereal!" and, for some reason, I thought that was the best part of the show.

So for the last few months, I've been whipping my friends to death with that stupid little expression. Now that South Park has done it (or was it a replay? probably was...), it won't be as funny anymore.

(Btw: is it "I'm cereal," as I pictured it, or is it "I'm serial," as the Chicken wrote it? The world may never know.)

Anyway, go Stars, go Mavs, go Sports.

Anonymous said...

That Lawson picture is an optical illusion. He's not touching the top of the backboard, he's several feet in front of it touching the vertical jump things (wtf ever they're called).

Anonymous said...

I believe!
Go Stars.

Jay Clendenin said...

the cowboys should trade up and pick vince young!!! i'm totally seriallll!!!

Shawn in Lville said...

I haven't been able to listen all week until today. What happend to Gribble?

Todd said...

A question......has a #2 seed EVER been swept in a playoff series in the NHL. EVER?

Neil Payne said...

I think the Cowboys will take an OLB like Lawson or trade down.

Vince Young will be a Raider (and he will be good).

I don't care about the Stars - as long as the Mavs keep winning.

chaz said...

The Cowboys will and should trade out of the first round.

Rick Bentley said...

On a serious note, the Boys should take Danieal Manning if he's there in the 3rd. CB/S/KR/PR from Abilene Christian (my humble alma mater). Not just because he's got sweet Wildcat pride, but because he's one of the best athletes I've ever seen. Nose for the ball.

MrSimic said...


Come on man; this is the NHL. Seeding isn't as reliable a predictor of postseason performance as other sports.

To answer your question, Ottowa comes to mind. The second-seeded Sens were swept from the first round in 1999 and 2001.

Sorry for the all that awful alliteration.

Jay Clendenin said...

if anyone has mel kiper's stats on the draft...let us know. i'm curious as to how many picks he's hit on, cause i doubt it's many.

cracker1743 said...

Kiper's worse than Ribby.

Ross Verba

Anonymous said...

it's "cereal" in

I'm cereal as frosted flakes

Anonymous said...

"F" Turco