Thursday, April 20, 2006


I like to be right most of the time. I would be lying if I denied the idea that I go home and actually enjoy seeing things happen exactly as I predicted. Most of the time.

This Cordero mess is one time where I hope I am wrong. When I have been saying for the entire spring that he scares me, he is not very good, and he hasn’t been dominating consistently since 2004, I am half hoping that he will shove it up my rear by looking like a man who can not be hit.

But, time after time, Francisco Cordero looks like the same guy, but nowhere close to that guy he used to be.

Is he hurt? You almost hope so, so it would explain what is happening with him.

If last night was a rare occurrence, you could look past it. Trouble is, he has 2 types of appearances it seems like recently. Blown saves, and nearly blown saves.

This is very, very bad.

Rangers lose again, despite a great performance for 8 innings

The Rangers do not – repeat, do not – have a closer controversy on their hands.
At least not yet.

In the wake of a 9-6 bottom-of-the-ninth loss to Seattle, Rangers manager Buck Showalter was adamant Francisco Cordero is still his closer even though Cordero was yanked with the game still on the line. It was the second blown save for Cordero in eight days.

"It wasn’t his night,’’ Showalter said. "He’s pitched three of four days and I’m not going to overextend him. He was scuffling out there, and there was simply no point in doing it any more.’’

Showalter replaced a surprised-looking Cordero after he’d allowed four of the five batters he faced in the ninth inning to reach base. The Mariners had erased a two-run deficit with three hits, a hit batter and a sacrifice fly. C.J. Wilson came on and surrendered a game-winning, three-run homer to Carl Everett.

Asked afterward about who would close the final game of the road trip tonight if the Rangers have a chance to win, Showalter said he’d like to give Cordero a day off. Cordero has thrown 62 pitches over the last four days.

Asked who would close after Cordero had a day to rest, Showalter said simply: "Cordero.’’

So there’s no questions about the closer’s job?

"What did I say?’’ Showalter responded.

I also wanted to share some email from you guys. The first two emails were here this morning:

Trade him while you can get something for him! I saw it begin last year where he walks at least one batter, or if the Rangers have more than a run lead, he'd allow at least one run just to make it interesting. But it's all ok because at the game we can play the music and highlight reel and yell, "Cocoa!"

I'm tired of it and he's to the Rangers what the kicker's been to the Cowboys. Trade him while you can get something, put Alfonsako out there, and give me a PR break. It's about winning....there's your PR!

Pissed off Die Hard Ranger fan,



What up. I thought you were being over critical of Cordero but after low and behold after watching him give up hit after hit to Seattel I see you are way ahead of me on his skill prediction. I thought he did an above average job last year but wen you can't get an out with the bottom of an order in seattle something is definitely wrong.

Why in the heck does Buck not leave Hosuku?? in to open the 9th when he only pitched to one batter. Better yet why did he pull Millwood? Was Mench slacking on one of those two shots in the eigth over his head? I thought he should have definitely played the second ball much differently and then I see he did not return to the game in the 9th.

What a shame! Just as I was starting to believe in the rangers again they pull off a horrible loss like this. How does M. Young allow a strikout with a man on second and then Tex a strikout with a man on third? Of all players to strikeout in such a critical spot. ??

Maybe buch has taken this team as far as he can. I'd love to see Busk take this team to the world series but he needs to change his management philosophy to make that happen with the rangers.

And then these two were from Monday, after he almost blew the game on Sunday in Oakland…

Thank you Bob..I have been arguing with a buddy of mine for 2 years how Cordero can only save games if he has a 3 run lead in the 9th with 2 outs to get and will even make that interesting..Is there a way to find out how many legitimate saves he had last year or for fun, lets define the save opportunity as it should be and keep track this year..I say track any game he comes in to only when the lead is 1 with none on and no out or 2 with 1 on..In other words he has to face the tying run at the plate with less than 2 outs..I bet he will hover around 50 % in those opportunities..

Kevin in Arlington

Hey Bob, I've been a listener since day one,(in fact my birthday is Jan 24th too). I just heard what you said about Cordero and I can't believe that SOMEBODY finally recognizes that he's a spare. I wish ya'll would look back at his saves while the Rangers' closer, and see how many saves he had with a one run lead when he came in the game. He Rarely goes 1,2,3 and out. He usually walks at least one and seems to always get into trouble. I can't stand him, and get so tired of him being lauded as a great closer by the media. Thank you for your recognition.


For the Rangers’ sake, let’s hope we are all wrong…Padilla tonight.

After a night in which the Mavericks just tried to keep breathing, and all the fans got plane tickets, They can now turn their attention to Memphis

The Mavericks expect their first-round playoff series against Memphis to look a lot like last year's opening round against Houston – except without the two opening home losses.

The Grizzlies allow the fewest points per game in the NBA (88.4) and with the Mavericks focusing on defense, the series figures to fall into the grind-it-out variety.

That's great news for the Mavericks because it will be a better primer for a possible second-round date with San Antonio than had they faced the up-tempo Los Angeles Clippers.

"We think a lot of the things that happened in the playoffs against a tough, hard-nosed Houston Rocket defensive team, we're going to see some similar things in this playoff because Memphis is really tough-minded defensively," coach Avery Johnson said Wednesday. "The more you watch them on film, the scarier it gets.

"They sit on all your plays. You got to move the ball against them. They can shut down our offense if we don't play well offensively. It's going to be a very, very tough series."

What the Grizzlies don't have is Tracy McGrady, who confounded the Mavericks in the first round last season.

Here is the full schedule for the series, as the NBA demonstrates the ability to drag the first round out for 15 days…I believe the finals wrap up in August.

Game 1 - Sun April 23 Memphis at Dallas 8:30PM TNT
Game 2 - Wed April 26 Memphis at Dallas 7:00PM TNT
Game 3 - Sat April 29 Dallas at Memphis 4:30PM TNT
Game 4 - Mon May 1 Dallas at Memphis TBD TBD
Game 5 * Wed May 3 Memphis at Dallas TBD TBD
Game 6 * Fri May 5 Dallas at Memphis TBD TBD
Game 7 * Sun May 7 Memphis at Dallas TBD TBD

Weekly Buccigross Hockey ..

If it wasn’t for bad luck in Green Bay…. Aggie great Terrence Murphy to be released

Look for this on WHY TODAY DOESN’T SUCK in the near future, The full Berman nickname list

Today’s “you will laugh or your money back” link: White Rapper Demo Tape

Arsenal wins in 1st leg of Semifinal

Arsenal showed the maturity of a team that belongs in the Champions League final. Having scrambled Villarreal's wits in the first half with a high-speed approach that achieved the breakthrough, they assumed a more contemplative style to protect that lead. It might well have been increased, but a 1-0 win, thanks to Kolo Touré's first goal of the season, is a better result than appearances suggest.

Too many minds were inflamed by dreams of grandeur, supposing that Arsenal would devastate the Spanish side in the last European fixture at this stadium. A semi-final is rarely like that and a weighty advantage was established here. No one will find it easy to overhaul an Arsenal side that has strung together nine clean sheets in a row in the tournament.

For the record, of the “Big 4” in England, I love Liverpool, don’t mind Arsenal, loathe Manchester United, and wish total and utter failure on Chelsea. Having been to Highbury twice, I have never had a big issue with the Gunners. Good luck closing the deal…

And we end with this, giving you an example of what my email looks like:

To the idiot Green bay Fan, I was listening to your show the other day, the show you were talking about "Die Hard Fans"

I am a Die Hard Viking Fan, I love the Vikings with all my heart and soul, If it came between The Vikings and my Wife, I would get a Divorce Tomorrow.

I agree there can only be one love, only one love for a Team, you can not have two or three Teams you love, I ask the ? "If you would die tomorrow ,What Team would you like to see play before you go?"

if you ask me that ? It would be the Vikings" Vikings -4-Life"Vikings -4-Life"Vikings -4-Life"Vikings -4-Life", I love the Vikings so much that would not care if they were the only team in the NFL, they would have to play Purple against White to see who wins the Superowl ( of coarse the Vikes the only team in the league) If they were the only team I would still watch the draft to see who we draft, Man I just love everything about the Vikes, The Moss trade " STUPID" the Daunte trade"STUPID",,The Herschel Walker Trader;"Doulble Dog STUUUUPPPIIIDDDD"but no matter what my Team Does " I love Them, They can do no wrong in my eyes, In the big light The purple and Gold is God,,I have a Vikings Tattoo on my Leg and Dress as a Crazy Vike Fan every Chance I get"I love the Vikes",,,.And yes your right you have to have a team you hate"I HATE THE FONKING COWGIRLS" Dallas Cowboys make is vomit , I am the #Cowboy Hater , Last year at the Cowboy Draft Party I had on my "#1Cowboy Hater Jersey" no kidding I have a #1Cowboy hater Jersey,some guy was out there and wanted to Fight,,I laughed it off tho,But I was Funny,but to you I ask,,will you be writing the Guide to be a True fan ,, if so send me a copy or even better you can put me in the book,,,Because I am the definition of a "Die Hard Fan"

P.S. FONK the PACKERS!!!!!

Thanks Charles Morgan #1 Viking Fan

My Response:


You sound like my kind of guy. And just think, if the Vikings were the only team in the NFL, then you would be sure to finally win your title!



QB Bowl tonight. I just don’t want to let Troy down. Hope to see you at Reunion.


rentz said...

Leading off the blog with the rangers? I thought you wouldn't do that anymore.

I think cordero has got to be injured or something, but I said before the season the rangers needed to trade him while he still had any value as a "top closer".

Closer is the most overhyped position in baseball.

cracker1743 said...

BOB, what up? Im knot shur why Buch lefft Hosuku in the Seattel game, but I do no yoo haev sum reetardid

Ps, kin Viking fans realy spell there own names?

Pps, thanks for tossing this softball to Arthur. Between his "Rangers sucks" and your constant Aggie baiting, why don't you just go ahead and shove that stick in my eye? Thanks for the impending powerdown.

Jared in Irving said...

Wow, 7 games in 15 days. Horror of horrors. What do you want them to do Bob, play back to back????

15 days is perfect for 7 games.

Anonymous said...

Well, well well. Screw it. The Rangers don't deserve the effort it takes to rip them. I love how Buck defends Fraudcisco. Hey Buck, this isn't your decade.

On to the Mavericks schedule. I love how on weeknights they play late (8:30 or 9:00) and then on a Saturday they play at freakin' 5:30!!! As a guy who has to get up at 4:00 am every morning, I'm kinda pissed. Thanks TNT!

How long until training camp?

This isn't my morning,


AttnyDan said...

Uh...Charles Morgan sounds like the kind of guy that needs to stay out of gun stores, move back to Minnesota and get a Viking small of the back tattoo.

Good Lord, there are Islamic terrorists less fanatical than this guy.

How can you say Closer is overhyped? How many games have the Rangers lost (and won) in the last 2 innings lately?

Anonymous said...

Did the Star-Telegram give me the games in Eastern Time? Those fargin' iceholes! But still, a 4:30 game on a Saturday?


rentz said...

I say closer is overhyped because teams seem to have the mentality that because a guy is named the closer, he has to go into every save situation no matter how bad he sucks, or how tired he is... because he's the closer. If the rangers got that kind of performance from a starter like ra dickey, ryan drese (or even good performances, but a nutcase juan dominguez) they would be yanked and sent to AAA or released.

Luis M said...

Yes the 7 games in 15 days doesnt makes sense. I dont like to see back to back games in the playoffs, part of the greatness of the playoffs is the day after, the knee jerks, etc. it helps set up the next game and adds more hype to it. the schedule isnt too bad except for the two days rest in between the first three games.

coco sucks like vito.

chuck the damn viking, maybe its just vikings fans that are strange.

Anonymous said...

To say i am dissapointed may be a understatement. No mention of 4-20 on the blog? I thought you represented the PS2 Pot smoking generation. Dan needs a blog.


Anonymous said...

Bob, serious question...Will alcohol be sold during this thing tonight? Or do I have to flask it. Thanks for your help.

P1 Mike

vslicebornborn said...

Do you honestly think the ticket would host an event like this with no alcohol?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

4:20 on 4/20....

Anonymous said...

Ryan C says....

enjoyed the article on "Crosby Foresight". The kid is for real and will only get better with the supervision of Lemiuex (as long as he doesn't take up smoking like Mario). Ovetchkin and Crosby both deserve the Calder and I'd like to see the NHL give a co-rookie of the year award out at the end of the season.

AttnyDan said...

Estimated Time of Friday's blog after watching Bob last night.....11:30.