Thursday, April 27, 2006

Game 2: Mavericks 94, Grizzlies 79

The Mavericks won Game 2 by about as easy a margin and effort as I can ever remember. They have never won a Best of 7 series in 4 or 5 games, but I think we might be quickly approaching that status in this series.

Game 2 Notes:

• After the playoffs of 2005, we all wondered when exactly Dirk was going to play like he can play. In fact, I recall during the Houston series that I kept predicting that he was about to go off, simply because he had not gone off during the entire series. Well, it pretty much never happened last season. Now, Dirk has done it in Game 1 and Game 2. He had 31 more in Game 2, and could have had 50 if the game required it. He had 21 at the half, and Memphis really never even put on a run.

• 2 games into the series, and Memphis has had more turnovers than assists in both games. That, kids, will get you beat.

• Somehow, though, The Mavericks were outshot in both of the first two games, and have managed to win both of them. Stats are for losers, they say.

• I have said before and I will say it again. I am not sure I understand Pau Gasol. I really think he is everything that people say about European players. Indifferent and not really meaningful numbers.

• Better minutes from Devin Harris. Don’t underestimate his contribution to beating the Spurs.

• Loves me some DJ Mbenga. Big props to Donnie Nelson for finding Diop and Mbenga for nothing, really. Athletic big men. Interesting concept that eluded the Mavs for decades.

• Dancing Grandmas? Mark Cuban, you are a freaking genius! Wow.

• The bottom line here is the simple. The Mavericks are better. This series goes 5, and then it is time to gear up for those Spurs. I still think the Kings make things very tough at Arco for the San Antonio.


GoldenAdam said...

Picking the Mavs in 5 in the safe pick, but honestly, I dont see how the Grizz can possibly win a game.

I get the feeling the mavs are absolutely coasting to wins.

The grizz are turrrrrrrrible.

The Polit Burro said...

The best thing about the Stars debacle last night was being able to flip the channel and see a Dallas team that is handling their business. It's too bad that the Stars didn't have an earlier start time...the Mavs would have made it a lot easier to cope with the end of the Stars' game!

Gasol is an enigma in this playoff series. I've followed his regular season numbers the last couple of years and the guy tears it up but he looks lost on both ends of the court and his overall game so far in this series reminds me of a great big shoulder shrug. As you wrote, indifferent.

I dare say DJ Mbenga is probably shooting better from 15 feet than Gasol is in this series. Has he really always been this bad a face-up shooter? He looks like he's lucky to hit the rim on half of his shots.

The Mavs look great right now; I'm really glad to see Dirk stepping up and even happier to see the two-headed monster of Damp and Diop grow into the potential three-headed monster of Damp, Diop and DJ.

Maybe we'll get lucky and Ron Artest will toss Mano a meaningful elbow before the Spurs and Kings are finished.

Fake Sturm said...

I even think Avery had it on coast giving DJ and Powell minutes in the first half. This is so much less stressful than last years first round.

Anonymous said...

Spurs at Arco (Sac) = AT MOST one loss. They win in 5, just like your Dallas Mavericks.

Will they start the Mavs/Spurs right away, or do must we wait until the end of the two weeks alloted for the first round?

Anonymous said...

I just hope this slop we've engaged in with Memphis doesn't infect us as we head to San Antonio. We should have won last night's game by 50, but we started playing just as halph-hazzard as the Grizz. Avery really needs to keep the thumbscrews tightened and not let these guys think that they're better than they are. Confindence is one thing, but stupidity is another. We've got to fire on all cylinders to beat the Spurs. Bob is 100% right about Harris and his role in beating the Spurs. Duncan doesn't kill us when we play SA. It's always that goofy french dude. Devin's speed is an asset that we cannot underestimate. I pray he stay's healthy. We need to wrap this series up in 4, to continue resting guys that need it. Also, to gameplan for SA. Lastly, we don't need to expose our guys to injury any more than necessary. Close this thing up!