Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hello, 3rd place!

And this morning, the standings look like this:

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of California 7-7
Oakland 7-7
3rd Place Texas Rangers 6-8
Seattle 6-9

Rangers get some help from the helpless OF

Perhaps the most encouraging thing about the Rangers’ win Tuesday was that they got significant production from folks beyond the usual suspects. Yes, Rangers RBI leader Nevin (14 on the year) drove in a pair of runs. And Antonio Alfonseca, Akinori Otsuka and Francisco Cordero closed down the final three innings in the bullpen, as they often do.

"It’s been solid so far," Showalter said of the trio of end-game relievers. "It means a lot to the team’s psyche to be able to shorten a game up."

There were other stars of the night for Texas, though. They got five RBIs from outfielders Wilkerson, Laynce Nix and Gary Matthews Jr. That group had combined for just 10 RBIs in the previous 13 games.

"We know that we have the talent to produce and to be productive for this ballclub," Wilkerson said. "I was so happy for Nixie, to come up with a big hit, lefty on lefty. That was big for us to tack on a couple runs there."

The outfield has been a virtual black hole offensively for Texas. But Wilkerson now has RBIs in consecutive games, and the contributions from Nix and Matthews were much-needed. Nix’s RBI came off left-hander Jake Woods in the sixth inning. With the bases loaded via walks and one out, Nix singled up the middle to drive in two runs.

Meanwhile, Seattle tries to figure out King Felix

Of all the scenarios foreseen for Felix Hernandez this year, struggling and frustrated was not high on anyone's list.

Mortality was not supposed to be an option — not for a 20-year-old wunderkind with a skill-set that made grown scouts weep with joy.

Yet, three starts into a season that was supposed to mark his coronation as baseball's next pitching superstar, Hernandez is undeniably struggling, and undeniably frustrated.

His 97 mph fastball still lacking in command, Hernandez gave up a pair of two-run home runs in the Mariners' 7-4 loss to the Texas Rangers on Tuesday that dropped them into the American League West cellar.

His body language after those two blows — by Phil Nevin in the first, and Brad Wilkerson in the second, both on 3-1 fastballs — and throughout his outing displayed Hernandez's impatience with his inconsistent start to the season.

"I was frustrated with myself, not the team," he said.

But asked how concerned he was after watching his record fall to 0-2 and his earned-run average rise to 6.14, Hernandez replied quickly, "I'm fine."

Cowboys sign a safety, and get this: He once played for Parcells! ….

Coleman, who attended Lake Highlands and Texas Tech, entered the NFL as a cornerback and moved to safety two seasons ago.

Houston released him in March with two years remaining on his contract. He was supposed to count $2.88 million against the Texans' cap this season.

The Cowboys have signed eight free agents – the most in franchise history – and have filled all of their off-season needs. That should allow the Cowboys to focus on drafting the best player with the 18th pick of the first round instead of drafting for need.

Coleman fell out of favor in Houston last year, in part, because he was ineffective. He also was deactivated for a game for the second time in three seasons for violating team rules. He missed a Saturday morning walk-through before a December game against Baltimore.

He played three seasons under Cowboys coach Bill Parcells as a member of the New York Jets.

It is springtime in Dallas, which means the Avalanche are coming to town

The Stars and Avalanche will open their best-of-7 series at American Airlines Center on Saturday at 2 p.m. (Ch. 5).

That five-game loss to Colorado in the first round in 2004 is more of a footnote to this series, rather than a preview, they said.

"It's definitely in the back of our minds that we lost to them the last time," center Jason Arnott said. "They are a different team. So are we."

Of the two, Colorado has changed the most with the departure of Peter Forsberg and Adam Foote, the hiring of coach Joel Quenneville and the acquisition of goaltender Jose Theodore.

The Avalanche can still score.

Only Detroit had more goals in the West. Six Avalanche players scored at least 21 goals. Colorado ranked ninth overall on the power play.

Brenden Morrow said the Stars must be disciplined.

"You give them a power-play opportunity, and they're going to hurt you," Morrow said.

The Stars also must avoid the postseason problems that plagued them at American Airlines Center.

In a 2003 loss to Anaheim and in 2004 to Colorado, the Stars lost the first two games at home.

The home-ice advantage they had received for 82 games of hard work turned into an uphill obstacle course.

Guerin is back; just ask ….

Hey Bob

I was just wondering if you could post GBL rosters on the web or throw them out over the air. I had a job interview when they were supposed to be officially announced, and haven't heard an update....................Love the bit, how else would i know what that Perma-stoned guy on An American Movie was up to.

You got it: Here is the Official GBL Page …Big props to intern Sean for his fine work, again…

A SMU Football blog? That is right! Bookmark it if you pull for the Ponies

Cool Slideshow of the new Busch stadium

Dan’s IMDB page is growing …just remember this next time you read something on the internet.

Watch the Fonz jump the shark

And finally, I was sent this sports picture to end today’s edition.


AttnyDan said...

The Fonz link is blocked as a "Sex" I'm waiting for my pink slip as we speak.

Also, the sports pic didn't format.

Not a good day for the blog!!

Please God, don't let the Mavs and Stars crap out in the first round...please get us closer to Training Camp before making us focus on the Rangers for that miserable 45 days or so.

Anonymous said...

Fake Sturm...please comment on the Aggie dvd, we're all waiting.

Luis M said...

what do you think we can get for julius? 1st rounder, 2nd rounder, 3rd rounder??? what about julius and a 2nd rounder this year...where would that land us in this year's draft if we traded them?

fake_eric_in_keller said...

Again with the double-reverse Pull the Aggies offsides bait. The Aggie highlight video from last year is about 3 minutes long and prominently features Stephen McGee.

To answer your question from yesterday, Fake Sturm: I would still be a Cowboys fan if they drafted VY. I would just be a disappointed Cowboys fan since he is going to fail in the NFL.

How's that for a double-reverse?

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting to see someone actually pull off a double-reverse in football. Most of the time when the announcers say that, it's just a reverse. I bet Fran tries it though, as it's pretty much guaranteed to fail.

Anonymous said...

Gay or Not Gay?

Out of the 36 "celebrities" chosen for the Guest Booking League - only one is a woman.

gunner said...


No mention of the Arsenal?

Some soccer fan you are!


Fake Sturm said...

Game out of first with the ace on the hill tonight...good time to be a Rangers fan baby. Lance Nix for MVP.

Guest Booking League = gay
Nobody gives a crap about interviews with spares unless something goes terribly wrong.

I didnt know you could come up with a 3 minutes of highlights when you only started one game.

chaz said...

Al Pacino, Gandolfini, or Dali? Which is the hardest to book?

Anonymous said...

Wow! (said in retarded Sturm voice)
When do Rangers playoff tickets go on sale? After tonights game they will slip comfortably back into their rightful spot in last place again.

What is up with the "Man of God" always giving us links that get firewalled? I don't even click 'em anymore because my Websense blocks them so often. I'm afraid I'm going to get called into my bosses office and asked about all this "questionable content" I've been directed to via the blog. Is Bob a secret squint-eyed whacker?

You told me you were combing your hair!!,


eric in keller said...

"How's that for a double-reverse?" best. 2 yard gain.

not that bob said...

no wonder no one watches hockey . the start times for this weeks playoffs are crap. Game 1: Saturday, April 22nd 2:00 PM Colorado at Dallas NBC
Game 2: Monday, April 24th 8:00 PM Colorado at Dallas OLN, TSN
Game 3: Wednesday, April 26th 8:30 PM Dallas at Colorado OLN, TSN
Game 4: Friday, April 28th 9:00 PM Dallas at Colorado OLN, TSN
Did I miss Colorado moving to Pacific time? what the hell a 9pm start time for a game in DALLAS?

Anonymous said...

Even money it's the 2nd half of a double-header.