Wednesday, July 19, 2006

About Freakin' Time

The Rangers' offense wakes up late against Toronto Tuesday, helping the team put an end to their 3-game losing streak.

Kevin Millwood goes for win number-10 in the series finale tonight.

The great Buck O'Neil becomes the oldest person to play in a pro baseball game.
The Seattle Supersonics could be on their way to Oklahoma City.
Little Danny Snyder getting into the sports-radio biz.
Some wheels-off things going on with the New York Islanders, as they hire their second GM in just over a month.

Is that a boa in your mailbox or are you just happy to see me?
German dude steals bike, then wusses out.
Did you know that Darth Vader had a brother?


Anonymous said...


AttnyDan said...

Quick question:

Do any of you know what is the genesis, context of the "I will beat yo' ass" fight drop I hear on the Ticket "Happy Fun Sports" promo's?

Love ya' Ty!!!

Anonymous said...


Isn't that from David Robinson Also when he was about to wring the neck of the Corra Snake after a prank gone bad? Don't recall ever hearing from him again after that episode...


Anonymous said...

It did make me giggle thinking about it again though...

Anonymous said...

I just have the biggest f-ing question mark over my head every time I hear it.

Who is David Robinson and what was the prank?

Anonymous said...

You don't know who David Robinson is and you read a sports blog? Pitiful!

MrSimic said... anon 9:12 and anon 9:18...not "David Robinson" the Admiral, but "David Robinson Also," late of the Hot Spot.

Their damn theme song still reverberates in my skull. At the hot the hot (hot hot hot) spot (spot spot spot)...

Kill me.

vr said...

I think that drop is from Johnny something. That was David Robinson also's friend who got a job as an intern with the Hardline. Corby's prank idea was to get this Johnny dude to tell David Robinson (host of a show from 7-11pm after the Hardline) that he was going to start working full-time for the Hardline and he was turning his back on his friend David Robinson. Well the prank went a little too far and Johnny started getting WAY too serious and it got so bad that during the mix and mingle at 7pm, David Robinson started to attack Johnny and all the guys from the Hardline and David's co-host (whose name escapes me right now) all had to get in the way, calm everyone down, tell them it was a prank, etc. It was radio gold because it was a prank that went so wrong... It was awesome!

Paulie said...

Nice summary vr. I agree it was radio gold... especially as the prank went on and you could tell the point that it turned from a joke to being serious. :)

DR also's cohost was Keven Blanford, by the way. Funny thing is, I heard him not long ago on KNON in the morning. Not sure what either of them's regular gig is anymore though.

Anonymous said...


Brandon at GSR said...

David Robinson also is producing at ESPN 103.3.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, The Hot Spot. Another ill-conceived show in the 7-11pm time slot.

It's too bad "The Ender" never really caught on. Aside from the original Bob Sturm show, nothing else in that slot has ever been worth listening to. But then again, old man Followill has moved on to much bigger and better things.

Meanwhile, poor Doogie simply sits in Euless with a knife in his back (with Mark & Bob's fingerprints on it). Last time I heard him, he was doing a traffic report for Sirius satellite radio's D/FW Traffic & Weather station a few months ago. C'MON!!!!!

Brandon at GSR said...

Was he hopped up on goofballs in a state of hooby gooby?

I, too, miss The Ender. It got me through many a night when I was working in the ops department of a call center from 1999 to 2001. And if it wasn't for their Musical Ender segment, I would never been introduced to the greatness of the Bone China Boy by King Missile!!

I'm lighting a candle and placing it in my window in The Ender's memory tonight.

Anonymous said...

The intern that provoked DR Also was "Showtime" Johnny Barnes.