Thursday, July 27, 2006

CoCo to the Rescue

Well, the Rangers unraveled right before our very eyes last night, yet again. The big bullies from New York came into Texas Monday, and stole our lunch money and pushed us into the dirt. The Yankees have now won 7 straight in Texas, and 10 out of 11.

But at least we can boo A-Rod really loud.

Bullpen betrays Texas

It was the Rangers' fourth consecutive loss overall and the seventh consecutive loss to the Yankees at Ameriquest Field. Texas has lost 10 of its last 11 home games against the Yankees.

Most painful: It dropped the Rangers 1 ½ games behind AL West leaders Oakland and Los Angeles.

The bullpen duo of Francisco Cordero and Akinori Otsuka allowed six runs in the final two innings. Of late, though, they have been the two most reliable bullpen pieces.

Here's the thing about bullpen pieces: The more you have to use, the more likely one – or more – is going to crack. They were the fourth and fifth pitchers of the night; manager Buck Showalter pulled starter John Rheinecker with one out in the fifth after he allowed a one-out single and a walk.

"There are so many steps and so much passing of the baton involved," Showalter said. "There is more likely to be a breakdown."

The most painful blow was Jason Giambi's two-run homer off Otsuka in the ninth. It came after Derek Jeter led off with a single. Otsuka has blown three saves this season, and two have come against the Yankees.

Coach Fran on the hot seat in 2006?

Franchione is 16-19 with one bowl trip at A&M. By comparison, all three of his years at TCU resulted in bowls. The last season, the Horned Frogs were 10-1 with him.
The best his Aggies have done is 7-5. But just try getting him to talk about his lack of success at A&M on the eve of a new season.

"I'm not worried about that right now," Franchione said. "I'm focused on getting ready for this season and moving forward."

Franchione's history of quick turnarounds is what got him hired at A&M – but it's also the standard to which he's being held.

"We definitely need to get it going," linebacker Justin Warren said. "The sense of urgency is very high. People realize that we've had only one winning season out of the last three. ... We just want to get back to being the old Texas A&M."

The old A&M had players with star power. The current A&M did not have a player named
to the media's preseason All-Big 12 team.

Franchione is the focus of Aggies' frustration, but it isn't like a lot of talent is being squandered.

Meanwhile, the news of Tuesday was the ESPN Firing of Harold Reynolds. It appears the rumors of harassing girls may have been correct as The New York Daily News snoops around

While responding to inquires concerning his demise at ESPN, Harold Reynolds presented a variety of answers, which only led to more questions.
Questions that will follow him for quite awhile.

Reynolds told the New York Post he wanted his job back, explaining he was fired for "giving a woman a hug" that he felt was "misinterpreted."

But Reynolds told USA Today he was ousted because: "They (ESPN suits) made a decision to have a change in direction. I respect their decision, but I don't necessarily agree with it." Reynolds added he already was considering several job offers while his attorney was working on a financial settlement with ESPN. This would seem to indicate he either does not want his ESPN job back or already knows ESPN won't take him back.

When I asked Reynolds what happened, he said something about a difference "in philosophy" that he might talk about in a "couple of" days. "Don't press me," he said. "I'm a nice guy."

3 years later, Freddie Adu progresses ….

At only 17 years of age, Freddy Adu is establishing himself as a legitimate force in Major League Soccer. The versatile midfielder/forward is maturing into the impact player the league dreamed he would be when he was signed as a 14-year-old. Along with his team-leading six assists, another sign of Adu's advance was being named to the All-Star team by coach Peter Nowak, who also coaches Adu with D.C. United.

"Adu's getting better every year," said Chris Albright, a fellow All-Star, national team defender and L.A. Galaxy player. "He's certainly a lot stronger. He was able to be knocked off the ball his first couple of years."

The great Brian McBride retires from international soccer

I got this email from a good strong:

You have to listen to this podcast/mp3. It's a whole bunch of Mike James sounding off about the greatness that is and that will be Mike James. Edited from some Toronto radio show. Dude is completely nuts. Mavs dodged a huge bullet here.

Click Here to listen

Keep up the good work.


Wow. He loves me some me.

Speaking of loving me some me, here is the My Space page for TO ….

And Newy’s 1 on 1 with Owens

In other news, Heika does a chat on the Stars

LA Times decides to drop hockey coverage

Alright, Alright, Alright: Buy this car ….

BaD Radio,

Someone mentioned that Donovan should be named Employee of the Month for giving up part of his vacation to interview Will Ferrell.

Screw, that. He should be named Cumulus Employee of the Year for getting Will Ferrell to join him in a duet of "Dust in the Wind."

At the very least, Donovan gets the Guest Booking League points.

Stay BaD,




I'm checking out the Ticket top 10 and Donovan's interview with Will Ferrell, freakin Will Ferrell, was number 8? WTF?


Are you kidding me? #8? Turley needs more cowbell.


backsliding bob said...


Bruce Dickinson said...

I need that interview with Will Ferrell to crack the top 5 at least, and I need more Cowbell!!!

Frank The Tank said...

that interview should have definately been top 5.
and give donovan the points!

Wooderson said...

"I call her the shark."


Scott Fletcher Fan said...

This is great marketing. Visiting teams get 2 late rallies in one game! And win! Genius. Since the home town fans don't show up, what a great way to get the away fans, besides Red Sox and Yankees, into the stadium. Hopefully we can use the revenue to purchase a new team to replace the Rangers! Thanks for the creative solution Tom.

Anonymous said...

Coco sucks.
Rangers suck.
Fran sucks.
Soccer sucks.
TO sucks.
Stars suck.
Ron Burgundy good.

P37 Mike

Anonymous said...

You forgot the mavericks.

Anonymous said...

Bob didnt mention the Mavericks on the blog today but...

Mavericks good.

P37 Mike

Anonymous said...

The Mike James stuff is certainly Mavs related.

cracker1743 said...

You're with me, leather? Underground? Not so much, 3 months after the fact. Stay tuned this fall for BaD's take on Harold Reynolds.

Brad said...

Excuse me but if you're going to say the Stars suck...I think I might have to take offense to that.

You're with me Cow Bell

Jay Clendenin said...

this will ferrell interview i'm reading about better make it onto the podcast.

houston radio sucks!!!

Anonymous said...

Stars suck

cracker1743 said...

Jay, how do the podcasts work? I just got an iPod and am going to download a podcast tonight to listen on the drive to work tomorrow. Are they copies of entire shows, or condensed versions? Also, I'm guessing you're not allowed to listen at work via the miracle of the internet. Because that's the only way you'd catch me listening to that crap they call sports radio down here.

Jay Clendenin said...

the podcasts are just 5-10 minute clips from the "best of" each show. like every day there will be one clip from the musers, one from BaD, and one from the hardline, and the #1 moment of the day (podcast norm if you dare). so it's a good alternative if you miss a day or something.

i do get to listen online. i'm going to law school here, so i listen whenever i get a chance. give me gallaway and co. over houston radio ANY DAY.

Sam said...

Donovan deserves some points on the GBL for his interview with Ricky Burgundy. Give him some love, he earned it.

Nut Butter said...

Cowboys training camp tomorrow. Finally signalling the end of sports apathy. I haven't cared anything about sports since Zidane's cranium passed through that Italian's sternum.

Jay Clendenin said...

but donovan's black.